Bieber’s Mom Uses Justin’s Fame to Back Anti-Abortion Film

Justin Bieber’s mom is cashing in on her son’s celebrity to further the anti-abortion cause, and this could mark the escalation of a wider anti-abortion campaign that aims to use the big screen to make an impact on young women.

Pattie Mallette, the mother of Canadian-born Bieber, has signed on as Executive Producer for the film Crescendo and is taking a lead role in promoting the film. You can see a trailer for the short film below:

The film, innocuous and labored though it appears, has already won awards for its apparent “pro-life” message. Crescendo comes attached to the Mexican (all-male) triumvirate behind the 2006 anti-abortion film Bella, directed by Alejandro Gomez Monteverde. It appears set to follow a similar life-cycle of being screened up and down the U.S., and eventually abroad, with the goal this time of raising some $10 million for what Mallette and associates are calling “crisis pregnancy centers.” Such centers in America have been taken to court in the past for shaming women and offering dubious medical advice.

Bella, one among several recent so-called pro-life films, was panned by many critics for clubbing viewers over the head with the “abortion is murder” message, and pro-choice groups chalked it up as an anti-abortion propaganda piece. Still, the anti-abortion lobby was able to win it a slew of “people’s choice” awards, even seeing it receive an award at the White House. That Crescendo will receive similar tumult seems guaranteed, if not only by virtue of its themes but by Bieber’s mother’s deft marketing.

Mallette has even recorded a special video message to go with the film, and makes aggressively clear that she is supporting this film “As Justin Bieber’s mother.” This a direct quote from the video’s opener.

“My hope through this involvement is to encourage young women all over the world, just like me, to let them know that there is a place to go, people who will take care of you and a safe home to live in if you are pregnant and think you have nowhere else to turn,” Mallette is quoted as saying.

Mallette, whose troubled childhood led to a suicide attempt and a stay in a mental institution, conceived Justin when she was 17 and has since revealed, or rather sold to anyone who would listen (either through her 2012 autobiography or many personal appearances), that she had previously been “pressured” into having an abortion, something she resisted by fleeing to a crisis center. This a story that has become like divine inspiration among the anti-choice faithful. They do, however, entirely miss what Mallette leaves unsaid: that she ultimately was given the choice whether to have a child or not.

Were this all Mallette was doing, however, it would not seem so objectionable. If a woman wishes to keep her child, there should be no demand even uttered that she do otherwise, which should not need saying. Taken singularly, then, there is nothing to comment on or any objection to really be made.

However, with her son’s net worth at an estimated $110 million and legions of fans, most of them lusting teenage girls, her son’s clout, and by extension Mallette’s own, is undeniably great. Mallette seems to have worked to position herself as a media mogul with a message and, at the same time, remain “just” Justin Bieber’s mom. This is a feat that gives a sense of just how far one can ride on a child’s coattails without drawing too much attention, while at the same time accruing wealth and power. However, this is certainly not the first time Mallette’s antagonism toward the pro-choice movement has been detected.

Controversy was stirred among the Bieber faithful when in 2011 the pop star, still with a side-sweeping helmet of hair, said when asked by a Rolling Stone reporter on his view of abortion, “I really don’t believe in abortion. It’s like killing a baby.” What about in cases of rape, he was quizzed. “Um. Well, I think that’s really sad, but everything happens for a reason.”

At the time Bieber was only 16 and, without wishing at all to sneer but rather to give a better impression of the general level of his political awareness, when asked what political party he would support, he replied he didn’t know but, in a soundbite reminiscent of Mallette’s radio pal Sarah Palin, “Whatever they have in Korea, that’s bad.”

The Rolling Stone was criticized at the time for asking questions that seemed to hinge on them having caught a whiff of a story we had until then only gazed at through hints and tidbits.

Whether Mallette is knowingly pushing an anti-abortion agenda with Crescendo is debatable but, even taking her at her word that her involvement is simply about raising funds for crisis pregnancy centers, the naivety of her solipsism — that she seems to believe her story is the norm and not an exception — is startling. Furthermore, this doesn’t eradicate the overriding concern that the anti-abortion lobby will capitalize on this. After all, how could they pass up the opportunity to reach out directly to their prime audience: teenage girls who may find themselves in the position of staring down young motherhood.

The behind-the-scenes machinations to make Crescendo a reality and Bieber’s mom’s involvement as the marketing tool seems a synergy that is almost heaven sent, but it is not the work of a god but rather the anti-abortion wing of the religious conservative industry, whose very effectiveness in bringing this about proves they are a credible threat.

There is, however, a bright spot in this. Justin Bieber himself is said to be disquieted by his mother’s activism and is unlikely, after the 2011 fracas, to dirty his hands in the fight. If Bieber does manage to resist — and that position will likely be bolstered by his management team who will want their star to stay cash-earning for as long as possible — it may be that Mallette’s campaign will fail to garner the reach it requires to be a truly devastating gateway for anti-abortion propaganda. However, the formula for how to do this, it seems, is constantly being refined.


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Sarah Hill
Sarah Hill5 years ago

If she had been doing the opposite, y'all would have been praising her. I think that she is doing the right thing.

Heather G.
Heather G5 years ago

Trying to make women feel guilty for NOT having abortions...that's a new one but probably not very effective.

Pat Patton
Pat P5 years ago

Norma J.,

Your testimony is food for my soul. Keep shining!!!

Norma J.
Norma J.5 years ago

pam w. said...."Pat P" sounds amazingly like "Albert"...yet another troll dancing happily in the light of the thread, trying to demonstrate intelligence and awareness when the opposite is true.
TO PAM W....I find the opposite that you mentioned to be lacking in wisdom.
It is evident that you have never lived on the sunny side of life.
It radiates a brilliance factor that the dark side can not view.
I know cause I have lived on both sides.
I also know that I refuse to go back to the dark side ever again.

So please be aware that wisdom trumps intelligence.

pam w.
pam w5 years ago

"Pat P" sounds amazingly like "Albert"...yet another troll dancing happily in the light of the thread, trying to demonstrate intelligence and awareness when the opposite is true.

Pat Patton
Pat P5 years ago

Sandra L.,

I noted that you're an atheist. A lot of atheists are pro-life. I've heard one make the comment that as an atheist how could he promote anything less than life since his understandings had propelled him to believe that only this life exists and since he did not believe in any after life how could he champion any cause that would cut off a human being from being able to exist so that he might experience something so wondrous as life.

Because if science has propelled your atheism and you are also an evolutionist then it would also seem to be quite contradictory that an atheist would promote abortion since the very essence of evolutionary theory is such that a species could not thrive and exist if it killed its own offspring.

I'm glad you consider yourself to be a woman not easily deceived and being such I am confident that over time you would change your position on this matter.

My best to you.

Pat Patton
Pat P5 years ago


The lines are drawn between those who promote life and those who promote death. I'm not here for you. You promote death. I promote life. We are opposed.

In your pride you would rather see a mother DIE in a "SAFE AND LEGAL" abortion in order to be able to kill a human being at 8 months gestation than to acknowledge your evil and turn from such wickedness.

Your darkness is exposed by the light of the truth. Anyone who can readily get the facts on abortion - as so many of you have had the opportunity to read and hear in this discussion - and yet can still sit and promote death - is proof positive that evil is not a static concept. It's quite the active force - ever able to find a ready made home in the hearts of those who refuse to love the truth.

I offered for you and I to put our money where our mouth is since you accuse me of not loving the living. I asked you to take up the cause of a child with me in our mutual State of Tennessee and you balked and couldn't even acknowledge nor agree to the commitment. Instead you defer to continually posting lies and deception. But it did not go unnoticed.

So don't preach to me about caring about children. Your hypocrisy has run amok.

I've also noticed that not one of you have commented on the death of Mrs.Jennifer McKenna-Morbelli.

Imagine that.

Sandra L.
Sandra L5 years ago


"I think you are wonderful and fabulous too. But I think evil people have deceived you and you love your son way too much to continue in their lies. I hope you'll reconsider your position."

Pat, I am not a woman easily deceived. I had an abortion when that was what was right for me, I had a family when that was right for me. I will continue to fight for the right for all women to make freely the best decisions for themselves.

Sandra L.
Sandra L5 years ago

Pat, I will answer your post to me:

"I'll ask you again. Can you look your son squarely in the eye and tell him that you believe with "all your heart" that you are glad that you had the right to have been able to kill him in the womb."

When he is old enough to understand the issue I will absolutely make my stand clear and encourage any and all conversations that will best prepare him to make decisions for himself.

"It's very important for you to own up to whether or not you can tell this son of yours whom you rightfully love so dearly. If you can't say it to his face then how can you look at that child and say within yourself, "yes, I am glad I was allowed to freely make the decision to kill him or to let him live.""

Again, he is too young for this but I have looked long and hard at this issue and can 'own up' to my stand.

"Because the implication from your last reply is that if you maybe didn't love him so much then it'd been great if you could have killed him. That somehow the fact that you loved him so much to let him live makes you morally superior."

Your interpretations of my post are odd and inaccurate.

"Well what about the mothers who don't make the choice you did. Then that means they would have KILLED your son and just look at him Sandra and consider what would have been taken from the world! Isn't he wonderful? Isn't he fabulous and beautiful? Then why on earth do you think it should be legal for ANYBODY to have killed him? Let alone his own mot

Pat Patton
Pat P5 years ago

cont' Sandra L.,

I think you are wonderful and fabulous too. But I think evil people have deceived you and you love your son way too much to continue in their lies. I hope you'll reconsider your position.

Blessings to you.