“Bigger-than-a-Man” Sea Turtle Returned to Ocean: Video Surprise


There is an absolutely†magical video in this story.†You won’t want to miss it. And please, please sign the petition at the bottom of the page.

Written by Marina Fastigi, Ph.D. Kido Foundation

In the beautiful Caribbean tri-island Nation of Grenada, Carriacou and Petit Martinique, unfortunately it is still legal to hunt, kill and sell (for local consumption) endangered species such as Sea Turtles. 11 years ago, the government approved a ban of leatherback turtle hunting, of all nesting turtles, of juveniles under 25†pounds and of turtle eggs harvesting. Unfortunately, Hawksbill (critically endangered), Green and Loggerhead (both endangered) are still legally hunted for eight months every year and there is no effective enforcement of the present laws.

Teams of local guides and volunteers of†Kido Foundation in Carriacou and Ocean Spirits in Grenada (both non-profit organizations) patrol the main nesting turtle beaches at night, discouraging the poaching of eggs and the killing of turtles, but the beaches outside of our monitoring range remain open killing fields for poachers of mothers and their eggs.

More than 300 Rescued Already

Our Kido Foundation Rescue Team has rescued 314 mature sea turtles from the slaughter and released them back to the sea. These rescues were possible because we were able to purchase the turtles from fishers willing to sell. The alternative was to let them suffer for days, upside down under the sun and be slaughtered by decapitation or to be chopped to pieces while still alive. Caring visitors, volunteers and some locals often contributed to pay for the turtlesí freedom.

We rescued another 1,000 pound leatherback a few days ago (see video). Fishermen who catch leatherbacks know it is illegal, but claim that these are by-catch in their nets while targeting other legal species.


Please sign the petition below

The State of Grenada could help saving the last remaining turtles of the Caribbean by adopting serious anti-hunting laws and promoting economic advantages in sea turtle watching for tourists. We need your help.† Please take just a few seconds to sign the petition below.

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Chrissie R
Chrissie R2 months ago

Thank you for posting.

Edmond Ciesielski


Loo Samantha
Loo sam5 years ago


Peggy R.
Peggy Reynolds5 years ago

Kido Foundation, keep up the good work. I hope luck is with you & the
turtle killing will be stopped. Petition signed.

Abbe A.
Azaima A5 years ago


Paul S.
Paul S5 years ago

Bless the rescuers and the turtles. Thanks for the heartwarming video.

Tammy K.
Tammy K5 years ago

signed. may the turtles be saved!

Cindy B.
Cindy B5 years ago

OMG.... WHAT A TURTLE! WHAT A VIDEO! WHAT WONDERFUL ANGELS FOR SAVING HIM! I was on the edge of my seat. I love turtles. 10 million years of noble existence.... then it takes MAN no time at all to wipe them out.

I pray for KIDO's continuing success and wish I could send them MUCH $$$$. However I cannot. At least not right now.

maria t.
maria t5 years ago

Signed. I a a member of The turtle hospital in the keys in Florida. They have also done wonderful work with rescue and release and I actually got to be at one of the releases, it was so amazing. I felt such joy for "goodie" watching him swim out to sea.

Carrie Anne Brown

signed, thanks for sharing :)