Bill Clinton Joins Wisconsin Recall Push

With this the final weekend before the recall election of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) the Democratic National Committee has decided it better start paying attention.

Former President Bill Clinton will be in Wisconsin Friday to campaign against Walker and for Democratic nominee Tom Barrett. Clinton’s presence could bring a much-needed boost in get out the vote efforts, and with polling showing the race in Wisconsin too-close-to call, every little bit helps.

The Democrats are largely believed to have a better ground game than Walker and his supporters, but Walker has had a seemingly endless supply of outside money and assistance. So the question remains: is this an election that will be won or bought?

It’s an important moment for Wisconsin. The state’s history of progressive, transparent politics has been ripped to shreds under the Walker administration. Republicans violated open meetings laws to pass unpopular bills, targeted university professors and other public figures who dared speak out, and shut Wisconsinites out of their own capitol. That is not how government runs in Wisconsin. Or it least it wasn’t until Walker took office.

Here’s a list of resources for those in Wisconsin who want to help with the final days of the recall effort. Live out of state? No worries, there’s even a virtual phone bank for you.

Tuesday’s recall election may or may not reflect on the national mood leading into November, but it will say a lot about the health of our democracy.

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Photo from World Economic Forum via flickr.


Ken W.
Ken W5 years ago

Go Bill Go your the Man !!!

Frank Y.
.5 years ago

I love it! Clinton is just about out of it. I think that he has forgotten who he is. Ok, Bill, I will vote for Mitt...whatever you say. That is strain on his face to find the next word or I hope he has at least remembered to put on his Depends. Barack is not far away...he looks terrible...he has been out of his league for sometime now. We are all mortal and that is one will last forever. Goodbye Bill...tah, tah Barrett...Alo ha Barack!

Charles P.
Charles P5 years ago

It is very good that Bubba is going to Wi. However, where the hell is Barry O. or at least Joe B.? This wouldn't even have been a necessity if Russ Feingold had run for Guv. I hope and pray (in my agnostic way) that Barret wins and that walker gets his walking papers. The cocky bros. need to be defeated in this case.

Robert Fitzgerald

If we allow money from anywhere outside the state for political ads within the state, then why not open voting to anyone anywhere for any election? I live in Washington, but I would vote for Tom Barrett if I could. What's the difference between the actual vote and the source of advertising money?

Robert H.
Robert Hamm5 years ago

Unions don't kill companies Steve. Just more bullshit from you as usual.

Carl Oerke
Carl O5 years ago

If anybody could help swing the election in the democrats favor against such an overwhleming onslaught of money from the Koch Brothers and Karl Rove it is Bill Clinton. I know that he cannot walk on water but I wish him the best of luck in his attempts to swing the election in Tom Barrett's direction. I hope he will come back to help Rob Zerban take out Senator Paul Ryan.

donald baumgartner
donald B5 years ago

4 more DAYS & it's Bye Bye, Walker { HOPEFULLY}!!!!!

ROLF P5 years ago

Considering the Clinton's close call with BK they are very familiar with the concept of spending more money than you have.

Phillip F.
Phillip Ferrell5 years ago

What we need to do is we need to all vote election day and make them waste their money. I would love to see that.

E A.
Ei R5 years ago

It seems to me that the Democrats should rally and do their best not to let Big Money win .