Birthers Now Target Romney. Sort Of.

A group of birthers are suing the state of California demanding the California secretary of state check the eligibility of Mitt Romney before he gains a spot on the November ballot. Gary Kreep, a lawyer representing the group who includes the Republican primary write-in candidate John Dummett Jr. clarified that the lawsuit was inspired in part by reports that Romney’s father was born in Mexico.

But the lawsuit doesn’t just target Romney and in many ways is an extension of earlier suits filed by the conspiracy group shortly after President Obama was inaugurated in 2009. The U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals threw out that lawsuit in December, holding that none of the plaintiffs could show that they had been harmed by the Obama presidency and that any allegation of unfair competition posed by an ineligible candidate would need to be brought during an election.

Enter this latest lawsuit filed by Dummett, a candidate in this year’s presidential election.

Kreep, who heads a group calling itself the United States Justice Foundation, was also the attorney who brought the 2009 suit against Obama by the Rev. Wiley S. Drake, a Buena Park minister who once called on his First Southern Baptist Church flock to pray for Obama’s death.

Well, at least they’re consistent. If there’s even a hint of non-white authenticity these folks will challenge it proving once and for all that birtherism is simply a new incarnation of the same old tired racism that plagues this country.

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JACarlton Author
jill c5 years ago

Maybe one of the reasons Romney refuses to show more of his tax returns is that he took exemptions for other wives and children living out of country... hmmm interesting thought.

How many wives does Mittens have?

Linda C.
Linda C5 years ago

To me the biggest irony of the birther thing is that those folks seem to have forgotten the reason that Mitt Romney's father was born in Mexico and therefore not able to run for the presidency: his parents as Mormons practiced polygyny (yes, folks, that's right: 'polygyny' is the correct term because it means one husband with multiple wives; 'polygamy' is incorrect because it indicates that both spouses have multiple spouses) and therefore his parents by United States law were not only not married but his father could have been arrested for bigamy. Thus the 'multiple' families lived just across the border in Mexico.

Eternal Gardener
Eternal G5 years ago


Philip Amos
.5 years ago

This item is the biggest waste of time since the weekend, which I spent merrily writing messages to Care2 friends, utterly unaware the site was crashing piecemeal and nothing was transmitting. Steve R., by the way, apart from being the most useless pile of protoplasm on this site, is a libertarian, a devotee of Ron Paul, as he declares on his page. When libertarians descend from their planet it's nigh on impossible to know where they will land, which is why he never makes any sense. And has never bothered to redeem any of his amassed 76 000 plus butterfly credits. Care2 is just a political blog to him -- his political blog.

Nancy L.
Nancy L5 years ago

Thanks for posting.

Cody Robert J.
Cody Robert J.5 years ago

Why is it so funny to anti-birthers to make fun of other people's names? What's really funny is while making fun of other people's names they don't bother signing their post with their full names. ;) that's... FUNNY!

Cody Robert J.
Cody Robert J.5 years ago

Don't know if this link will publish, but if it doesn't you can run a Search on SCRIBD and CRJ PETITION FOR WRIT OF CERTIORARI U.S. SUPREME COURT JUDY V. OBAMA and see a real condensed informative argument that covers a lot of territory.

Cody Robert J.
Cody Robert J.5 years ago

If you've made it down to this level you'll recognize there have been a lot of mud slinging of which few have managed to rise above. Of course we all must realize Obama's natural born citizenship hasn't made it to first base in Judicial Branch 101. Why were all those law suits dismissed? "Standing", "Jurisdiction", any thing else the Court deemed necessary to improve the education of those bring the law suits, or as some may see it, to avoid deciding Obama wasn't eligible. Point here, is there haven't been any suits brought by Birthers, incidentally started by none-other then Democrats, who enjoy the Constitution like all others, that in fact were ruled upon on the merits of Obama's Eligibility or non-eligibility.

Celebrating Obama's sneak attack into the election, and the late battle between Hillary and Obama running clear into the Summer in 2008, no one knew he would be the Nominee until very late, making challenges very difficult. Is it any wonder to anyone those challenges now would come the form of early Ballot Challenges in 2012?

The 14th Amendment doesn't remove the distinct qualification for a "natural born citizen" demanded for the Office of the President. "Citizen" is the demand for U.S. Reps' and U.S. Sens'.

The rage of discrimination or 'racist' from most of the remarks, would also be flung as mud by anyone calling themselves "American" instead of like "World Citizen". The idea that America cannot reserve the right to qualified candidates, accordi

Josha N.
Josha N5 years ago

LOL this is hilarious. What a couple of idiots.

Ron B.
Ron B5 years ago

The "birthers" need to recheck their own birth certificates to determine just what planet they are from---and then please go there. Leave us sane people alone to undo the damage that you morons have already done to this one.