Bless the Whistleblowers

Is it just me, or is that picture giving anyone else a headache?  Either way, it’s just another example of the cruel and useless procedures that millions of lab animals are forced to undergo everyday behind closed doors. 

Yet another story came out this week, again conveniently during World Week for Animals in Labs, in which Tony Carr, a former researcher at Oregon Health Science University, came forward calling out “wasteful and flawed” experiments on animals.

Carr started out like many who go into science thinking he could make a difference, only to quit the job with the new attitude that “animal research can’t be justified ethically or scientifically.” The operative word there being scientifically.

“…I quickly learned that the reality of animal research is far different from the public opinion that it may be ‘evil’ but it is still ‘necessary’. After my time in the lab, I realized that animal experiments are not just horrible, they are scientifically unjustifiable,” he said.

Cheers for Carr, who is also now working for In Defense of Animals, for coming forward and calling out the cruel and unnecessary experiments performed on animals every day.

Please take a minute to check out IDA’s list of ridiculous animal experiments and take a minute to speak up for lab animals by contacting Obama through the Office of Public Liaison on the need to move away from using animals in research. It’s time for the new administration to pull the financial plug on this. 


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Kris H.
Kris H8 years ago

Rather than test on animals - why not test on people? There's enough people around in the world. Hell why not test on the criminals, the lifers - the ones who made their choice to turn to crime or otherwise flush their lives (and usually the lives of others) down the toilet?

Prison overcrowding? Here's a solution - experiment on 'em. Cue the 'human rights' people screaming out... "But they're individuals..." - But are animals NOT individuals? I will concede that some groups of animals are primarily 'pack' animals, but they too - are individuals. Why experiment on an animal just because it is a 'lower form of life'* - why not experiment on people... after all you want scientific relevance and data - use the very species you're trying to benefit.

* - This is NOT my viewpoint - just the general consensus that seems to exist in society in general. I see animals as equal to man and in many ways they are better.

Jenny H.
Jennifer H8 years ago

I have three beautiful pet rats in my home. They are affectionate, intelligent and lovely creatures that are so full of emotion and love. The picture connected to this article hurt me so much. It is well overdue for all animal experimentation to stop worldwide. It is totally immoral and I agree with Soodle B that experimenters should get a taste of their own medicine!

Sally D.
Sally D8 years ago

Everytime I see a picture of another animal being abused, tortured or slaughtered it breaks my heart a little bit more. It feels that somebody is ripping my heart and soul out when I hear of what these beautiful animals endure. There is ABSOLUTELY NO JUSTIFICATION FOR IT WHATSOEVER. It is archaic, barbaric and totally inhumane. I look into the eyes of these beautiful animals and it is as though their soul has been broken, they are in such physical and mental pain. I once watched a programme on television about a gorilla who had been caged for so long, that he had given up. When the cage door was opened and he was free to go, he just cowered in the back of the cage. It was as though he had no will to even try to escape, like he had been broken by years of abuse and captivity. I cried so much. Please help these defenceless animals and outlaw ALL FORMS OF ANIMAL CRUELTY, TORTURE AND TESTING. I think it is the humans who should be tested on, after all it is the human diseases they are researching.
From one who cares deeply and is sick to the heart and stomach of seeing animals tortured.

Katlin M.
Katlin M8 years ago

With all the technology and knowledge we have there are many ways we can figure out new treatments and cures without that of torturing animals. These animals shouldn't have to worry about what they are going to be subjected to next. Animal testing of all kinds needs to stop and stop soon.

lorii He
lorii He8 years ago

labs must not have animals

Red N.
.8 years ago

Helen: How on earth is the image taken out of context? The point is that the rat has been terribly mutilated against their will. That can never be justified; its a bully mentality that has no place in any civilised and evolved culture.
Rats are capable of metacognition, they are all individuals with preferences for taste, pastimes, aesthetics, etc, they make friends, dislike certain people, play, grieve, and laugh. We should not be subjecting them to cruel and pointless experiments. There are far more effective methods of drug/medical testing which do not involve animals.

Soodle B.
MeowFoul B8 years ago

Helen T, it will NEVER be worth it, there are other ways and means of going about this, and they have been proven far more effective. there are far more that die and go through pain than make a break through in the world of saving lives, they kill and harm more than they save.

Elinor Israel
Elinor Israel8 years ago

Sorry, I meant nano technology. Sometimes I type faster than I think!

Elinor Israel
Elinor Israel8 years ago

There is no justification whatsoever for torturing animals by experimenting on them. With modern technology there are far more superior ways to cure human diseases such as nonotechnology and computer imaging Many animal research "breakthroughs" have caused injury and death among the humans it was meant to save. Why? Because ANIMALS are animals and HUMANS are human. We are a different species, therefore react differently to medications and "cures".

Do I think criminals should be used in place of animals? Yes, I do. Criminals choose to rape, rob, steal and murder (among other heinous acts) and at least, by using them in research, their miserable lives might benefit mankind. Animals are completely innocent and are at our mercy. Perhaps those who are in favor of animals being used in research labs might volunteer themselves. They would feel the same pain and suffering that animals do. Maybe then they would soften their hearts and realize the torture endured by animals every minute, every hour and everyday.

For one minute, just try imagining the fear and bewilderment that those animals feel. Then try to imagine the pain.

Lori J.
Lori J8 years ago