Blog Against Hate: We Can Do Better

This weekend, I am joining with other bloggers to blog against hate. I’ve been writing quite a bit about hate lately–in response to the hate that resulted in the murder of Dr. George Tiller, in response to the hate against the GLBT community in America, in response to the hate directed at women in Afghanistan, and most importantly, in response to the hate that destroys the lives of girls around the world.

Reading the above, it’s easy to believe that the world is full of hate and to forget that there is much more to the human condition. To do what I do, to be a critic of hate, I have to believe we can do better or there is no point. We can do better, but how do we so this on an individual level?

1. Don’t Ignore It
We cannot ignore hate, but we must be honest when confronting it. Most importanly, we have to bring attention to hate in a way that is productive, spawning honest discussion, not just more hateful rhetoric.

2. Be Empathetic
Hate is not always the product of hateful people.  Most often, hate is a product of fear and ignorance that is then exploited by someone in power.  It is the people who use hate as a means to an end that deserve our emnity, not those who follow them our of fear.

3. Act
Don’t stop with identifying hate, act against it. Participating in this Blog Against Hate is one small example, attending a candle light vigil is another. Recruiting friends to join you at a candle light vigil or a protest, or organizing your own action against hate really makes a difference.

And always remember:

“Hate is too great a burden to bear. It injures the hater more than the hated.”
Coretta Scott King

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Myke B.
Margaret B8 years ago

What Tiller did actually for late term abortions is pull a baby halfway out of its Mother and stick scissors in the baby's head. We hear stories of babies being left in dumpsters and we are outraged but we condone this. I believe in abortions in cases of the Mothers health or that the baby would die soon after the birth. But there has to be a better way. Surely something better than scissors or a bleach bath. And not from a Dr who asks for $5,000 to do it. Does he ask that much because it is such a horrible thing to do? Why did he want $5,000 to do it. And this is not hate speech. I am open to others who disagree with me.

Myke B.
Margaret B8 years ago

I don't understand why all the talk about Tiller and none about the brave warrior that a madman terrorist killed. A lone gunman killed MLK, JFK and RFK. And all these were without Oreilly, Beck and Hannity. What some people are calling hate is simply at times someone just telling the truth they don't want to hear. When I put comments in here I don't call people names or tell them they are stupid if they don't agree with me. I simply add the truth that I have carefully researched and can offer proof of.
But I agree that hate does not belong in conversations between people. I have friends who are Dems and Reps. I have friends of many races. We are able to discuss each others opinions without hatred. Us hating each other is definitely not good for any of us or the country.If we are to save America we need to stick together and discuss our differences in opinion in a sane manner. We can all learn from others. And if I am proven wrong in something I write I will gladly apoligize and take the heat for it but calling me names is unnecessary and does not prove or help anything. We need to get back to human decency among people.The love of your fellowman and country. Simple manners and decorum. The left wing calling the right wing haters. But I have never seen such a display of hate as the hate that exudes from Joy Behar, Drew Barrymore and Garadofor? So who are the haters? Some of all of us but not all of us.

Crystal Mckee
Crystal M8 years ago

Loved your blog because of the points you brought out about doing something positive about it not just adding more hate. I personally beleive that every action, or emotion can be traced back to two root emotions; Love or Fear. And I beleive hate comes from fear. Fear can be overcome with knowledge. Education. It's a long journey to take because we don't always learn fast, but I do beleive many are trying. Hopefully someday we will all get to a place where we recognize these two base emotions and be able to deal with them befor we crack and hurt anyone or thing. I am not there yet, but I am working on it. It's a constant battle to keep love in front of me and I often fail. But I will keep trying. This violence is just not about one person being shot in a museum, it's not about one race being targeted, I see it everywhere, even in my small rual town. As people become more fearful the violence will continue and grow. We must fight it with education, not the school kind, but teaching our children, freinds and anyone we come across that will engage in conversation that there is a better way. If we don't I,m afarid we will end up destroying not just each other but also our mother earth. There is ENOUGH for all to be able to live, and love will help us to understand people who may not have our paticular beleif system, and that's okay because there is something to learn from all beleifs.

Jan Strain
Jan Strain8 years ago

Fear and Hate-mongering have always ben used to control and manipulate the masses - From the Crusades that saw the slaughter of Muslims and Jews throughout the Middle east by European Christians to the claims of Hitler that the Jews cxeated the Depression in Germany after WWI which led to the Holocaust of the 30's through the 40's.
We just went through anpother decade of fear mongering here in the US that allowed the opening of Gitmo, Bagram and 100 Black Sites, special renditioning and the torture of HUNDREDS of men and boys (as wll as some women at Abu Ghraib); led to a war in Iraq based on lies and a continuation of fear of anyone Middle Eastern or Islamic, without much of a whimper from 300 million citizens for 5 years (some of us tried but mostly not so much).
Now we have the overly zealous zealots preaching intolerance and hate which will always lead to the acting out of the fringe and act out they are doing...the murder of Dr. Tiller, the attack on the Holocaust Museum, the on-going preaching of violence as the answer to everyone's ills...
It is up to the citizen to stop reacting and start educating........One can only combat fear with knowledge but unless the population has the WILL to learn, we can't change a thing....We have to start in our corner and instill curiosity in those around us

Mary Roberts
Mary Roberts8 years ago

If you judge people-you have no time to love them,Peace begins with a smile,Mother Teresa.In everthing deal with others as you would like them to deal with you.

Mary Grace D.
Mary Grace D8 years ago

Thanks for this calm, sensible article on "hate'.

It's sad to see how much "hatred" fills so many of the responses here ... and in response to so many other articles online.

Valerie P.
Valerie P8 years ago

I am puzzled that there is so much hate, I know times are hard but we need to stop and smell the roses, and fill our minds with pleasant thoughts.

Renny M.
Renny M8 years ago

The real understanding of hate is contained in theis statement: ..."hate is a product of fear and ignorance that is then exploited by someone in power." Maintaining peace within while speaking truth to power helps defuse that dynamic.

Yolanda Leaird
Yolanda L8 years ago

What I don't understand is why there is not more outcry by all of our Politicians in both parties over this horrible crime. If ever there is a time for "Homeland Security" to take action, it is now.

Tierney G.
Tierney G8 years ago

Acceptance kills hate. If someone is yelling at you and angry and you are quiet,it is hard for them to continue to yell.
The best thing to do is have an open mind even if you disagree, still listen and learn in fact listening to the opposition makes you wiser in your own battles. You learn more, which gives you more ammunition to win the arguement. The pen is mightier than the sword.
This takes a lot of strength and time to learn to do.
Unfortunately there are some that are just too far gone from reality to even bother with.