Bloomberg Allowing Muslim “Conquest” of NYC, Says Right Wing Group (Video)


A recent Pew Center study found that the Muslim American community is for the most part “largely content with its place in American society and optimistic about the country’s direction,” despite still facing discrimination  after 9/11. But about a quarter report that they have been treated suspiciously, called offensive names and feel that airport security singles them out.

Nearly ten years after 9/11, hateful rhetoric about Muslims has become all too common and even gone “mainstream.” A recent email by Andrea Lafferty, the president of the Traditional Values Coalition (TVC), offers yet another example. Entitled “Islamists Continue Conquest of New York City,” the email makes a not-too-subtle reference to the Crusades, as if “Islamists” are knocking at the gates of Western civilization.

According to Lafferty, Mayor Michael Bloomberg deciding to exclude clergy and first responders from the tenth annual memorial service of the 9/11 attacks is a sign that Muslims are continuing their “conquest of New York City.” Bloomberg’s decision to make the ceremony “fully non-denominational” and to remove the” uncomfortable religion angle from the event” has not been without controversy. Lafferty takes it a step farther and contends that Bloomberg is doing nothing less than “exterminating expressions of faith.” Trumpeting her past success protesting the Ground Zero Mosque, she calls for donations so she can garner “media attention” to “tell the real story, to assert our values and let the world know that September 11th represented the very best of America — and the very worst of our enemies.”

Lafferty’s email is yet another sign of the Islamaphobia and “mainstreaming of hateful speech” about Muslims that have sadly taken root in the US. To take a stand against this, Unity Productions Foundation has started a new online project, “My Fellow American.” The video “juxtaposes voices of anti-Muslim hate” with those of “everyday American Muslims,” of Americans.

We’re all Americans and while there’s much we don’t agree about, on September 11th, wherever we are, all of us — of different faiths, races, ethnicities, walks of life — will be remembering the attacks on 9/11: That’s the real story.


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Photo of Ground Zero construction site taken in May of 2008 by _rockinfree


bob m.
bob m6 years ago

Once you veil the obvious and the truth ; the rest flows tickety a river of blood.

Ariel P.
Ariel P6 years ago

Alright, way to go Bloomberg! No clergy, what a great concept.

Religion always has, and continues to, instill fear and hate, and divide humanity. Now I am not saying that religion is bad, but it certainly breeds intolerance. The audio portion of the video attests to the intolerance preached by religious leaders.

What religion needs is more humanity, accept others that have different beliefs and view, be tolerant. Live and let live.

Ernie Miller
william Miller6 years ago


Alexandra Rodda
Alexandra Rodda6 years ago

How very unfortunate that people behave in this way.

Siusaidh C.
Susan C6 years ago

Until we have the whole truth about who did 9/11 - it's quite clear who benefited - things will get worse and worse.

“Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.” - A. Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes

Trailer for new documentary from Architects & Engineers 911 Truth:

Linda B.
Linda Querel6 years ago

It is very scary what is going on in people's heads.......the hate and insecurity and false ideas.
It is right and in the normal range to be suspecious of the muslims because of their history, their past and even what many are saying today. We did hear that 9/11 was deserved and what we didn't hear was an outcry from the muslims living here. It is definitely a faith of violence and domination, that is a fact. If they cry racism often enough then they can move undected. Of course airport security targets them, wouldn't they be stupid not to. You have a profile and you don't pay any attention to it, you target the person whose family has lived here for generations instead without any proof that any of them ever did anything. Not every German was a bad person but that didn't make any difference, it was the power brokers who made it all happen while good people stood around and did nothing, that is all they need, the majority doing and saying nothing while it all happens.

AbdulAziz A.
AbdulAziz A6 years ago

Do to others what you wish to do to your self. If you find there are Muslim nutters who will mess up for the others, then there are equally mad who are non Muslim and stupid.

This means a small minority of idiots spoil it for the majority of good people. The people on this forum describe how this is the case in Care2 too.

I tolerate a lot of idiots who come in all forms - perhaps others should try to do the same.

Linda Clark
Linda C6 years ago

Mrs. S., if it were not for the radical element of Islam that has, as recently as a few months back, made an attack on people in the U.S., then maybe it would be easier to assimilate Islamic people into this Country. Until such time as this aggression, preached by the Islamic clerics and practiced by Islamic people is put to rest and they make the decision to live in the World and specifically in this Country in peace as is expected of all religions, we will not be able to put the suspicion, as you put it, to rest. No one is trying to isolate you, that is your concept of the situation. It will always be the job of government and law enforcement to protect the citizens of this Country from acts of terrorism and aggression against them; it is this same concern that protects Islamic people from the aggression of anti-Islamics even after the deaths of so many at the hands of Islamic terrorists on 9/11, not to mention Ft. Hood, Texas a little over a year ago and more recently on a U.S. airliner.

John K.
John K.6 years ago

To hate evil is good; and islam is pure evil. All you pathetic losers who are sticking up for islam are totally ignorant of BIG picture of what it really stands for. None of you have lived among those beasts and have no idea what you are talking about. It is first and foremost a death cult that wishes to subjugate the world. Other than that I guess its appropriate for most liberals who don't know how to think for themselves anyways.

Paul B.
Paul B6 years ago

Brian, again, spreading lies? there was NO spitting on Congressmen when they were faux King style marching up to the capital to have ObamaCare enacted. That was such a farce. While they were smiling, laughing and joking around, King and his followers were truly scared of the crowds as they marched. That was a very despicable act they did and should have been condemned for it rather than praised.

No evidence ever arose that proved anyone ever having been spit upon... can you prove it?

As for the signs, they were no worse that all the pictures of Bush that were shown at various rallies during his tenure. And if you notice, anytime a racist or similar appears at any Tea Party rally, they are asked to leave, ala Dale Robertson. Of course there are a few idiots that can't be controlled, but to label a large number of groups by the acts of a few is wrong, just as you stated.

As for the rest of your comment, it is pure Liberal talking points and inaccurate, especially the doubling of the debt to $14 trillion in 5 years, which we didn't reach until this year, just makes the rest of your argument sound like a person who is clueless.

Care2 try again? Clever too. LOL!!!