Boycotting BP May Be Tougher Than You Think (Video)

If you’re trying to stay away from BP, be aware that it is a giant company with lots of brands.  In addition to its 11,700 service stations in the US alone, there are thousands more around the world. Not to mention BP owns the ARCO brand found throughout the West Coast.  

Other brands you might not recognize as BP’s include: Castrol Motor Oil, AM/PM convenience stores and Wild Bean Café coffee.

photo credit: thanks to Infrogmation via flickr 


johan l.
paul l8 years ago

It is such a great pity that BP reckons that the new shaft will only be ready by August.
I am a bit behind my care@causes articles, so I am relating what I heard on TV last night.
Apparently they are changing the estimates of spills virtually daily. Last night it was said that the latest revised figure is 100.000 barrels of oil spilling daily!
We must all boycott BP. In South Africa we have about 1000 BP service stations!
Many people are joing the boycott against BP.
Unfortunately, with this action we also boycott the service station franchisees, who honestly have absolutely nothing to do with the oil-spill!

Peter H.
Peter H.8 years ago

Although I hate all results of pollution and thereby sympathise fully with the inhabitants of the gulf of Mexico, I cannot help thinking that the Americans are waking up very late to the dangers of their disasterous policies as regards the petrol industry and I think you should all think a little larger than attacking only B.P. and hit out at all thoser who have been reeking havock in the world on your behalf (refusal to sign Kyoto, wars to enrich the Texan oil lobby etc) peace to all

Sandra Shalaby
Past Member 8 years ago

i am all for the boycotting of BP,no one should support them and their employees should find new jobs too,all they are doing is working hand in hand with the Devil!!

Robert H.
Robert H8 years ago

If you wish to boycott something then boycott this administration. They do nothing for the people. They are like a cancer spreading everywhere . .they wish to take over and control everything. Healthcare and now the cap and trade. .where everyone will pay dearly for their energy. Cap and trade will do nothing to shorten our demand for oil. If the govenment was truly concerned about cutting our consumption then why did they not demand auto makers no longer make gas guzzlers, instead of bailing them out? Mandate making cars that get 30-40 mile per gallon. .who can afford the electic and battery operated ones. Ethanol, in the long run will ruin your car's engine. Get your heads out of the sand and write your politicians to get to work for the peole. Obama lies .. he fed us a line of BS and we fell for it. If you think the Tea Party are domestic terrorists then you had better pay attention to the SEIU and the Black Panthers and also get behind Arizona and close the borders. Terrorists are coming in daily.

Robert B.
Robert B8 years ago

What we need to "boycott" is not BP but the cronyism created by the the GOP which has allowed this climate of corruption and good ol boy environment which has led to the whole breakdown of proper inspection procedures on these oil rigs. We as voters never seem to see the forest for the trees. The good ol boy GOP should not be allowed back in power in November. I am an independent voter and I for one can see the big picture. It's time more voters opened their eyes.

Barb F.
Barb F8 years ago

TY so much for the article, I was unaware of the other companies these heartless greedy bastar*s owned, I am relieved I have not and do not patronize them. More to add to the list already boycotted, KFC, McDonalds, Lowes, PetSmart, Petco, omg, sadly there are more on this list, but am adding anything BP

beverly g.
beverly g.8 years ago

its a a nitemare isnt it?

Rachel Ovens
Rachel Ovens8 years ago

Well I think it all comes down to the public having the bravery to establish rapport with corporates. Specifically this may involve something like well organized and coordinated public visits to oil rigs . If drilling is going ahead off shore NZ I would be up for this challenge.

annelies j.
annelies j8 years ago

BP and US authorities "ignore" Belgian dredging expertise - Dredging News Online
Flanders Today reports thatBelgian dredging companies DEME and Jan De Nul are "struggling to understand" why BP and the US authorities have not called on them in the wake of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Why did our government not force BP to accept the help from these very experienced companies???

Talia P.
Talia P8 years ago

i'll do the boycott thing for sure, just need more research to see what's around me as far as BP.

heck, i already boycott Walmart (haven't bought a thing from them since June 2007 and haven't looked back) because of all the cheap goods from china, home stores going out of business, lack of health benefits, union busting practices, etc. I even boycotted starbucks because of their union busting practices, and haven't suffered any there (as a matter of fact, i get better coffee from home much cheaper now, so i feel really good--gotta double check if they're still busting or if they've cleaned up their act by now--and what happened to the fair trade coffee they used to have, darn it?!)

oh well, if anything, it can help clear your conscience to do it--if enough do it, there'll be a pinch in BP's brain that it can't ignore. isn't it time for realistic "here and now" alternative fuel discussions. bring the electric car back you wankers!!!