BP Faces New Round Of Citations For Gulf Oil Spill

On Wednesday, the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) served BP with five new citations for regulatory violations arising from operations during the spill that sent over 200 million gallons of crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico.

Although businesses and ecosystems along the Gulf Coast are still in shambles, BP is trying to put the whole nasty ordeal in the past. In fact, the company has already resumed deepwater drilling operations in the Gulf of Mexico.

Although BP would love to forget its role in the worst environmental disaster in American history, it’s legal trouble stemming from the Deepwater Horizon explosion are far from over.

The newest violations were issued as Incidents of Non-Compliance (INC). A total of five INCs were issued by faxed letter to BP; four of the INCs were violations of one regulation in different sections of the well.

“Our federal regulations exist to ensure safe and environmentally-responsible activities.  We will continue to be vigilant in enforcing those regulations,” said BSEE Director James Watson. “Further review of the evidence demonstrated additional regulatory violations by BP in its drilling and abandonment operations at the Macondo well.”

BP spokesman Scott Dean said the British company would appeal all the violations. He said the issues raised in the latest citations “played no causal role in the accident.”

Earlier this year, regulators concluded that while Transocean and Haliburton shared some fault, it was BP’s continued violation of federal regulations, refusal to heed crucial warnings and an inattention to safety measures that was ultimately responsible for the Deepwater Horizon explosion that killed 11 rig workers.

BP has 60 days to appeal the citations, after which the BSEE will consider the imposition of civil penalties.

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paula eaton
paula eaton6 years ago

BP does not care about these citations. They are still making huge profits.

Gloria Morotti
Gloria Morotti6 years ago

Make BP pay. Then make them go away.

Raymond Gruber
Past Member 6 years ago

The sad thing about this BP oil spill is that some of the comments made from their top executives were pretty heartless towards those comunities affected and just plain old blattent disregard for our waters is that you still see people pulling into Gas stations owned by them, even when they are charging a much heftier price than those around them up to 40 cents more per gallon in my city. And still buying other oil products owned by BP. any additional cost to them will only be passed on. Don't buy from BP and read your labels when purchasing other products that may contain BP oil.

Katherine Wright
Katherine Wright6 years ago

What good will these citations do for the animals who lost their lives???? NOTHING.
What good will these citations do to prevent this from happening again???? NOTHING.
What good will these citations do to help those who lost their business or home???? NOTHING.

B/P and the other big corporations will just resume {and have resumed} their "business as usual" attitudes because nothing has been learned and nothing has changed. Shame on them.

The animals will pay again with their lives because there will be another oil spill. And what good will these citations do???? NOTHING................................

Marie W.
Marie W6 years ago

Citations my ass, when are the CEO, Board and all the VPs in BP going to jail?

Gayle J.
Gayle, J6 years ago

The Gulf is still a mess. People who are there report oil and dead animals continue to wash up on the beaches. And the Obama Administration is green lighting oil drilling in the Arctic. Obviously, the dirty energy companies are running this country. We're totally screwed.

Troy Why
John Why6 years ago

Each and everyone involved should be fined so they have no precious money left.
Also we do not need Oil we can run on seperated Water Browns Gas H2 and O. you can do anything with it you do with oil and coal gas ect.

Laura M
Laura M6 years ago

BP will never face the punishment they truly deserve. Our planet is paying the price....not them.

Marilyn L.
Marilyn L6 years ago

If we just fine them they will continue because they pass on their costs of fines to the consumer of their products. What we need are laws that say this or that violation and this or that operations closes, one oil spill and the operations is close not to be open again.

Joan S.
Joan S6 years ago

I don't get why they've let them start drilling again. Damn oil and all it's demons. One thing that set me on edge was a commercial I kept seeing the other night about Tourism on the Gulf and it was funded by BP. First I thought that this is good they're helping businesses get back on their feet but then I thought about the amount of money it takes to make a commercial like that and all those poor "lower on the food chain folks" fisherman etc whose lives have been trashed by this travesty. I could scream.