Brazil Sanctuary Rescues Chimps (VIDEO)

Some 50 chimpanzees and a variety of other animals such as lions, tigers and bears have been rescued from the abusive captivity of numerous circuses and illegal zoos in Brazil. The tormented animals have been moved to a private sanctuary, where they are being cared for and rehabilitated. 

The sanctuary was founded by Brazilian businessman and biologist, Pedro Ynterian, with his own funds. 

Ynterian says, “Sometimes I make a joke saying that this place is not a sanctuary, but a mental hospital because I’m dealing with mad creatures, creatures that were traumatized in zoos following years of public exposure. They carry out repetitive activities, they are aggressive, they eat excrement, they wound themselves…All that stems from their mental disorders from having been displayed in zoos.”

Ynterian, who is Global Chief of the Great Ape Project, is promoting a federal law that would ban the use of great apes and other animals in circus shows. His aim is to make Brazil a global role model for animal rights.

He is currently fighting a legal battle to have Jimmy, a 26-year-old chimp shown in this video, freed from a Rio de Janeiro zoo. The case is still pending.

Photo Credit: Eric Kilby via Flickr 


valda p.
valda p7 years ago

Lovely story ,lovely man ,what miserable lives these poor animals have ,in the circus ,zoo's ,horrific animal testing in medical research,it has to stop ,all this cruelty ,there are of course good people like Pedro who love and care for the animals and make a difference to their miserable lives ,no animals should be caged ,or used in experiments for man,so sad to see how some of them are traumitised.

Carolyn P.
Carolyn P7 years ago

Fabulous - so heart-warming to have a good news story - keep up the good work and a huge THANK-YOU!
Do hope you get success soon with your efforts to get the law changed to ban great apes and other animals in circuses - you are such a good example to the rest of the world and we should all use our votes to elect representatives who really care about animal welfare.

Helene B.
Helene B7 years ago

Pedro, you're an angel sent from heaven, I love you for what you've done. Hopefully, many more will follow your foot steps.

Nellie K A.
Nellie K Adaba7 years ago

They definitely deserve better than what they are getting.

Lesley N.
Lesley N.7 years ago

All animals deserve a life. It´s just humans who want to deny the Irights of every other species--to use them for food , clothes ,fun.
It will stop one day--but, until then, the fight for the animals must never weaken.

Sher M.
Sheryl m7 years ago

THANK YOU PEDRO! YOU ARE AN ANGEL!! Yes Kathleen..we need more people like Pedro in the world !!!
Tears of joy for these beautiful animal neighbours of ours. SAVED!

Juan Pablo de la Torre

A great man, I hope I can do the same some day.

Kathi Brockman
Kathi B7 years ago

Thank God for Pedro and all those like him who help animals in distress! They can't speak for themselves and it's up to us to help in any way possible! Keep up the great work!! :o)

Melinda M.
Past Member 7 years ago

My son hasn't been to a circus since he was 5 now he is 21 and completely not interested in going or taking his kids. My daughter is 5 and has never been and I will never be taking her.

Anja N.
Justin R7 years ago

Such individuals are so rare - I hope that Pedro live another 50 years! God bless you!