BREAKING: Maryland House Passes Marriage Equality Bill

Maryland is well on its way to become the eighth state in the nation to legalize same-sex marriage.

News out of Annapolis late Friday reported that the Maryland House of Delegates voted 71-67 to pass a marriage equality bill.

According to The Washington Post, the vote came after a day of dramatic and emotional debate. Numerous gay and lesbian families appealed to the House with their stories, as did several legislators.

“We should extend to families, same-sex loving couples, the right to marry in a civil ceremony,” Del. Maggie McIntosh (D-Baltimore) said, passionately recounting her own struggles as a lesbian. “I’m going to ask you today, my colleagues, to make history.”

The bill has now been sent to the Maryland Senate, where it is expected to be approved next week. Governor Martin O’Malley has reportedly agreed to sign the legislation when it reaches his desk.

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Elizabeth E.
Elizabeth E5 years ago

Excellent! :)

Eddie O.
Eddie O5 years ago

Congratulations Maryland! You obviously believe in fairness and you have a compassionate heart.

Debra Van Way
Debra Van Way5 years ago

Good going Maryland. Proud of you.

Sandy Maytham
Sandy Hare5 years ago


Donna Hamilton
Donna Hamilton5 years ago

Good for them!

Lynn C.
Lynn C5 years ago

Thank you Maryland.

Amy Biggers
Amy Biggers5 years ago

Awesome!! Another state does the right thing.

pam w.
pam w5 years ago

How about that? I'm proud of you, Maryland!

Irine L.
Irine L5 years ago

Very good and sad at the same time that people in the States even have to fight for these natural rights. Its 2012 and we are still backwards when it comes to treating our citizens as equals no matter race, gender or sexual orientation. Pathetic.

Dan B.
Dan Brook5 years ago


I support equal rights for ALL!