BREAKING – Six Officers Suspended After Murder Of Homeless Man – (VIDEO)

Six Fullerton police officers, involved in the deadly beating of a homeless mentally ill man, have been placed on involuntary administrative leave.

On July 5, these six officers brutally beat 37-year-old Kelly Thomas, a reportedly “gentle” man, so ferociously that he slipped into a coma and later died.

The Murder Of A Homeless, Unarmed Man

It began when the police in Fullerton, California, responded to reports of a man trying to break into cars, and soon they made contact with Mr. Thomas. At the end of the altercation, Mr. Thomas, 37, lay unconscious and severely beaten, and he was taken to a hospital. Pictures of him at the hospital show his face swollen, bruised and bloody. He was taken off life support and died five days later.

You can see a photo of Kelly Thomas photo taken at the hospital before he died by clicking here. Be warned, though, that this photo is pretty horrible.

Beaten So Badly, His Own Father Did Not Recognize Him

Kelly Thomas’ father, a retired Orange County police officer, did not recognize his own son when he went to watch him die at the UC Irvine Medical Center.

From The Los Angeles Times:

Thomas’ father, a retired Orange County sheriff’s deputy, has asserted that officers used excessive force to subdue his son, who was unarmed, slight and of medium height.

After seeing his son’s injuries and talking with witnesses, Thomas told the Register his son “was brutally beaten to death.”

“When I first walked into the hospital, I looked at what his mother described as my son … I didn’t recognize him,” Thomas said. “This is cold-blooded, aggravated murder.”

Thomas, citing witnesses, said officers hit his son with the butts of flashlights even after he stopped moving.
He said his son was probably off his medication and didn’t understand officers’ commands.

A spokesman for the Orange County Coroner’s office declined to discuss the case but said an autopsy of Thomas had been completed and the results forwarded to investigators.

The case was initially hushed up, but as more information has surfaced, including a couple of videos, public outrage has grown.

Angry Fullerton Residents Demand Resignation Of Police Chief

At a Fullerton City Council meeting on Tuesday, August 2, hundreds of angry residents  jammed into the overflowing council chambers, assailing their elected officials, criticizing police for the death of Thomas, calling the Police Department corrupt, demanding the resignation of the police chief as well as the recall several council members.

On Wednesday, in response to the increasing chorus of public criticism, the department issued a terse statement: “This was tragic for our community. We are in the midst of an investigation.”

Still, what exactly happened on the night of July 5 remains the subject of multiple investigations, and to date the police have not offered a clear report of what occurred, with the Orange County district attorney’s investigation continuing. The FBI is now also involved in an investigation.

Take Action

Please click here to sign our petition telling Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas to thoroughly investigate and prosecute the officers involved in the death of Kelly Thomas.

You can see video from the night of the fatal beating here:

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Photo Credit: connor395 via Creative Commons


Joy Jin
Joy Jin6 years ago

that's awful. police are supposed to protect people, not meaninglessly main and murder them. i hope this guy's family is ok.

Brian F.
Brian F6 years ago

Of course the police will get off scott free with perhaps a small fine or suspension. The police are all corrupt and never get any punishment. In fact a police officer can retire on disability at any time, and draw a life time pension in order to avoid punishment over an excessive use of force charge. Any other person would go to prison if caught physically abusing another person. The police live by their own rules and are not subject to the laws that would put anybody else in prison.

Michael M.
Michael M6 years ago

Six against one ? Well that's about right for lowlife cowards. Print their names and places of residence so they can be dealt with. We all know it's highly unlikely the law will do anything.

Pat Vee
Pat Vee6 years ago

Again it seems as if some police think they are above the law.

Patrick F.
Patrick f6 years ago

I'd vote for you Don, if I could....

Don Cordell
Donald Cordell6 years ago

This is why I Don Cordell am running for President in Nov. 2012, we have to stop this happening all over our nation. The Cops are out of control, and you haven't seen anything yet, the SWAT teams financed by our Federal Government to keep us under control when things are going to get worse. Folks, there are no jobs to go to. The companies have left America, the factories have been torn down, Whatcha gonna do, when they come for YOU? Remember how Hitler did the same thing, the Brown Shirts, midnight visits, and don't ask questions about those who disappeared, or you are next. Lets ReVote, lets ReStore America.
I want Made in America in our stores, join with me, lets end the homeless living in Motels in Orange Co.CA or anywhere in America. Lets end our kids going to bed HUNGRY. I love America, do you?

Patrick F.
Patrick f6 years ago

Kevin G. That is the stupidest thing said here to date! Do you even know what would happen if you got too close to the scuffle? So they should all jump in and get killed too....or at the very least charged with obstruction of justice and go to jail?

Patrick F.
Patrick f6 years ago

Past Member, That is utter BS. They all defend these "bad apples" and turn a blind eye to their guilt, it is their OWN CODE that they follow, if it were like how you put it, the others would turn them in and they would be charged, and NONE of them ever are.

Shahid L.
Shahid Latif6 years ago

OMG Six police officer brutally beat one poor man what a shame what the people are looking around, no one is helping him Police are placed "TO PROTECT AND SERVE". nation if this go on like this what about others

Linda P.
Linda P6 years ago

The police went to far and they need to be held accountable.