Breitbart’s Latest Target: University Professors

Andrew Breitbart is at it again, this time targeting adjunct faculty at the University of Missouri who, according to the propagandist Breitbart were advocating union violence in their labor-studies courses.

According to reports, a contributer to Breitbart’s web site produced two videos, each about 7 minutes in length that were spliced together from about 30 hours of lecture footage.  After the videos were originally posted the University reacted and initially distanced itself from the statements of the instructors and issued a statement saying they were “looking into the situation.”

But once the university was able to conduct a thorough review it came out in support of the faculty and denounced both the videos and Breitbart.  The University said it was clear that the statements were taken out of context and reordered the sequence of certain statements to change the meaning.

At this point, anyone with even a rough understanding of Breitbart’s usually modus operandi should be suspicious.  Breitbart is notorious for his hatchet jobs and his calling card is the misleadingly edited video.  Past victims include Shirley Sherrod, and ACORN. 

Breitbart even announced his plan to “go after” educators and union organizers in an April 18th interview on Sean Hannity’s show.

But like the response to the ACORN and Sherrod videos, the university initially sided against its faculty, undoubtedly in response to pressure from Missouri Tea Party activists who have called for the suspension of the labor-studies program.  The faculty in the videos also report being barraged with angry phone calls, letters and even explicit death threats.

At this point we really can’t be surprised by these videos, but we can be surprised by the fact that people continue to believe Breitbart and his minions have anything other than malicious intent in their publication.  This latest attack shows that not even a free and open exchange of ideas is tolerable to Breitbart and his Tea Party supporters.  In fact, given the obvious nature of their work and their attacks, a free exchange of information is probably one of Breitbart and the Tea Party’s greatest fears.

photo courtesy of pjohnkeane via Flickr


Steven Brewer
Steven Brewer5 years ago

Vernon W
I agree with the content of your post but you did see the date on this article right? May 2, 2011 and Breitbart is dead...

Vernon W.
Vernon W5 years ago

Why do Breibarters still make these obviously edited and taken out of context mud slinging videos? Because they work! Weak minded officials often react without verifying the accuracy of the charges. Examples are Vilsack (Sherrod), Swiftboat, ACORN, Planned Parenthood, Birthers, Climate change deniers, gas pricing deniers, Pro Life and anti-Abortion fanatics, etc.
Plus there are many in the conservative evangelical Republican base who will believe anything bad about Obama and Democrats. Truth and facts do not matter to them.

Jonathan Y.
Jonathan Y6 years ago

Amazing that anyone anywhere even takes DumbBart seriously for a minute.

Doesn't everyone know about the ACORN frame-up - such a blatant libel that people were charged?

K s Goh
KS Goh6 years ago

Thanks for the article.

Linda H.
Linda h6 years ago

Breitbart and his followers are well funded. He lives in Beverly Hills CA. Some of his commenters also come from Stormfront and are pretty extreme and deluded. I know.I have two stalking me on another website that shares the intense debate platform with him. Why anyone would care about phone calls from his followers is beyond me at this point. A crude man simply out to sell his TV website as you can see for yourself on Bill Mahr's show with out bothering to give him page views.

Tamara D.
Tamara Dreier6 years ago

Consider the source. Consider the source. Consider the source. When will we ever learn?

Doug D.
Doug D6 years ago

Anybody who gives any credibility to Breitbart is an idiot.

Thomas Artman
Thomas A6 years ago

The hope I have is that control is more of an illusion than ever. In this day and age of uncontrollable information and accessibility, bullcrap doesn't fly as far anymore.

Somebody catches on to some serious bullcrap, writes a blog post on it, and within hours, it's spanning continents and oceans. Then, consider that you can access that blog post from your cell phone, iPad, iPod Touch...any computer, really, either through free or paid wifi, or through data access over cell networks.

If knowledge is power, then this unprecedented access to information is the H-bomb.

Susan Campbell
Susan C6 years ago

In the 1930s, Joseph Goebbels wrote "We think of the press as a great keyboard on which the government can play". Expand that a bit to include corporate power and TV and it fits perfectly; and it works even better than it did for the Nazis.

Thomas Artman
Thomas A6 years ago

"In fact, given the obvious nature of their work and their attacks, a free exchange of information is probably one of Breitbart and the Tea Party's greatest fears."

"Probably"? No. "IS"? Yes.

Attempting to undermine education, particularly successful institutions and educators, is a classic propaganda coup.

An analytical, questioning education with accurate, supported history is the enemy of all ruling classes. People need to be smart enough to do things, but conditioned enough to swallow the B.S., thus blindly contributing to their own subjugation (hegemony).