British Couple Barred from Fostering for Anti-Gay Views Want “Political Intervention”

A British couple who were told by Derby council that they could no longer be foster parents due to their anti-gay interpretation of their religious beliefs have said that, under advice from their lawyers, they will not launch a legal appeal against a High Court decision upholding Derby council’s actions, but will instead seek a “political intervention” from Prime Minister David Cameron to overturn what they see as anti-religious equality laws.

From Pink News

Last month, High Court judges Lord Justice Munby and Mr Justice Beeston upheld the council’s decision and ruled that that the Johns’ views could harm foster children.


[The couple's representation] Mr Diamond said in a Christian Legal Centre statement: “The courts are so set against religious freedom for Christians that an appeal is likely to only make matters worse.

“In recent years, there has been a combination of bad laws and a number of poor judicial appointments by the previous government.

“Where there are excellent judges they are restricted by bad laws. Unfortunately, there are also judges making law based on personal predilections. Parliament must remedy this situation as a matter of urgency.”

He added: “The British people have reversed silly laws in the past; the time is ripe for a review of the equality laws. It is time for the ‘Big Society’ to become a reality and to re-strengthen the communitarian institutions such as the church and other such bodies that can build this.

“Finally, the absurd ‘human rights’ agenda needs to be re-visited including the Human Rights Act.”

Mr Diamond and the Johns are to ask MPs to sign an ‘Equalities and Conscience Petition’ which calls on prime minister David Cameron to ensure that laws allow Christians to act on their consciences.

As reported last month, Eunice and Owen Johns of Derby, who in the past have fostered a total of fifteen children and received praise from social workers for their care, were told by Derby council in 2007 that their application to once again be foster parents could not be accepted because there were concerns that their views against homosexuality – which they are adamant are not homophobic but, rather, are in line with biblical teachings – could damage a gay or questioning child if put in their care.

They took their case to the High Court, but, as mentioned above, the court ruled in favor of the council, saying in essence that British equality laws recognize and protect gay people from prejudice in the public sphere.

As such, Eunice and Owen Johns had made a choice to interpret their belief in a way that, the court ruled, could have a negative impact on children in their care because, by their own admission, they would not withhold their views on homosexuality from those children, and as such the council was right to deny them the ability to foster, adding that while religious freedom of speech is to be protected, established laws do not give free speech an unlimited reign.

While PM David Cameron, a self-identifying practicing Christian, has not spoken directly about the Johns’ request for political intervention, he said earlier this week that he believed the High Court had settled the case, commenting: “This matter was decided by a court in the appropriate way and I think we should rest with the judgment that was made.”

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Jack T.
Jack T7 years ago

James P says: "Muslims now represent 27% of England's population and are VERY anti-Gay..."

I think you need new glasses, Jim! Muslims represent 2.7% of the UK population!

Doug D.
Doug D7 years ago

Although they may be good parents, I agree that they could cause severe damage to a child that was gay. And they could also force homophobic tendencies on a straight child, which hurts society.

Jane R.
Jane R7 years ago

All that matters is that they give a loving home to a child. I'm sure they wouldn't force their beliefs on a child in their care.

Glen P.
Glen P7 years ago

Actually Alexandra O. I think perhaps it is YOU who don't know your Bible particularly well.

Tell you what, grab your vile tome and head on over to to verify for yourself the reprehensible disgusting putrid thing it is that you are worshiping.

That's your 'god' baby. Now what does that say about you??

Zoltán B.
Zoltán B.7 years ago

That's the limit! A couple with perfectly normal views on sexual matters (independently of their religious beliefs) banned from fostering children on the pretext of that their views would harm foster children! Would the next step be making homosexuality obligatory?

Carmen n.
Carmen n7 years ago

@ Tom Y: I objected to most of your statement, but this part takes the cake: "that gay subculture is rife with casual exploiters and users..." ... because, of course, straight society isn't... rife with casual exploiters and users... incest, rape, guys in their twenties seducing little girls, kids of all ages disappearing into the black hole of human sex trafficking... no, we straights are soooo pristine!

Carmen n.
Carmen n7 years ago

@ Soundmind: "Don't agree with the couples view of the matter but to deny their adoption rights because of religious belief is just wrong! If the child should turn out to be gay, heaven forbid, the atmosphere of love will probably change their thinking on the matter and be a positive experience for the couple, as well as the child."

First of all, the couple wasn't seeking to adopt anyone, just foster... Couples pay through the yin/yang to adopt; they GET PAID for fostering kids. different dynamic, different motivations.

As for the 'love' that could turn a child that identifies him/herself as gay around, NO SUCH THING! One is born gay, as you should know by now, and no amount of so-called love can change that. I say 'so-called' because most 'loving' methods used to try to turn these unique people are anything but loving.

K s Goh
KS Goh7 years ago

Thanks for the article.

James P.
James P.7 years ago

The Muslim political lobby in Great Britian is fueling the $$ push for these anti-gay laws. Muslims now represent 27% of England's population and are VERY anti-Gay.....they have lots of $$

Ron b.
Ron b7 years ago

Just stop arguing about where and how other people have sex