British Mother On Death Row In Texas

I recently wrote here before about the iniquity of the death penalty. It is immoral. No one has the right to deliberately take someone else’s life.

Now there’s a horrific story about one of my fellow countrywomen, a Brit, who is facing the death penalty in Texas, where Governor Rick Perry proudly holds the record for authorizing 234 executions, more than any other governor in modern U.S. history.

Linda Carty Faces The Death Penalty

Linda Carty, a mother who holds dual citizenship in the United States and Britain, is currently on death row in Texas. She has exhausted all her appeals, and the only way to save her from execution now is clemency.

Originally from St. Kitts, Carty holds British citizenship as the island was still a British colony at the time of her birth. She emigrated to the United States in 1982 and is a citizen of the United States. Ironically, if this were happening in the UK, the death penalty would not be an option, since it was abolished in Britain in 1969.

Carty was convicted and sentenced to death by lethal injection in February 2002 for the abduction and murder of 25-year-old Joana Rodriguez, allegedly in order to steal her four-day-old son.

Carty claims she is innocent and has appealed against her conviction. Her appeals have been unsuccessful and the appeal procedure has been exhausted. Barring the granting of clemency, she stands to become the first black British woman to be executed in more than a century.

Carty Alleges She Was Framed

From Fair Trials International:

Linda Carty, a British national and dedicated teacher and community leader, is facing death by lethal injection after being convicted by a court in Texas on charges of ordering a murder. Fair Trials International is highly concerned about the circumstances surrounding Linda’s trial in the US. In particular, Linda was denied the opportunity to choose her own representation at the trial and received ineffectual representation from her court appointed lawyer.

Linda reports having previously worked for the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) as a confidential informant to catch drug traffickers. It is her belief that she was framed for the murder as the result of local drug dealers uncovering her true identity. The three co-defendants, found guilty of murder, were career criminals who did not receive capital punishment on the agreement that they would testify against Linda. Linda has now had her final appeal to the federal New Orleans court denied.

However, no forensic evidence exists that places her at the scene of the crime, and the other three co-defendants in the case were given prison terms, but none received a death sentence. During her trial, her attorney failed to call any witnesses to persuade the jury that Carty did not deserve execution. Indeed, her trial attorney only bothered to meet with Carty for one fifteen-minute interview.

Inadequate Legal Representation

Perhaps the most important factor in determining whether a defendant will receive the death penalty is the quality of the legal representation she is provided. Carty’s attorney failed to call any witnesses to persuade the jury that Carty did not deserve execution, and her trial attorney only bothered to meet with Carty for one fifteen-minute interview. Clearly, she did not receive adequate legal representation.

The race of the defendant in capital cases is also a major factor in determining who is sentenced to die in this country.

This is outrageous.

Please Take Action Now!

Click here to sign our petition to ask the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles to recommend that Texas Governor Rick Perry grant clemency to Linda Carty.

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faith v.
faith v5 years ago

Why is the petition for clemency closed although the signature goal has not been reached and the site is till up here?

Or. - - - why is the site still up if the petition is closed?

And - has Linda already been executed?

Why has Texas the last word if she appealed to the New Orleans court?

A quote I love:

to show that
WRONG . . . .

Ryan B.
Ryan B.5 years ago

this is disgraceful, i believe that everyone has the right for appeals to be put in place not just dismissed, im a UK resident and it was abolished here in 1969 because its not politically correct and inhumane. really its as if the Americans treat their residents the same as you would treat an animal, which is something that shouldn't be,, we are all humans and all have the right for a fair trial, obama u should be ashamed of yourself for letting this continue in your country, to let this continue to date makes you as much of an animal as a murderer, "SHAME ON YOU"

Yvonne Fast
Yvonne F6 years ago

No country can call itself a democracy and have death penalty! It's just can't be combined!

Laurie P.
Laurie P6 years ago

Bev G. First and most importantly...Beverly...I wish to acknowledge your pain, your loss of your brother. However, as you and I know...Frying this woman...or a million other people won't bring your brother back to you. This crisis that happened in your life...has never left you...your bitterness and rage are clearly screaming out to the world...Well...I HEAR YOU...I HEAR YOUR PAIN..I HEAR YOUR VOICE...MY HEART HEARS YOU...I FEEL THE ACHE IN YOUR SOUL..
I understand what you went through is unbearable...STILL..........
But will not help to see another find your peace. We have all lived life and seen unpleasant situations unfold...others mistakes...causing losses for us...whether with animals...people..friends....The world takes it's toll on EVERYONE.
HATE and punishment or murder will NEVER...FIX this world. Never...
A NEW PERCEPTION is what is needed for this whole world...We need an UPDATE! (:
Even if you looked at your brother's situation...and were able to clearly see the whole picture...say he played a part you did not know about...and he had a guilty part too....Would it matter in the end...either way....He is gone....
SOME THINGS ARE MEANT TO HAPPEN IN LIFE...for reasons we are not allowed to know.
but I know this....Life goes on....On the other side...We never really die....and if you stopped being so angry and wanting someone to die for their crime....this murderer has stolen your life too...Don't let him steal your joy from you...Even i

Beverly G.
John Bilsborough6 years ago

Laurie P. I guess I have been fried then. Mature Adults know what is right from wrong. My brother was murdered 27 years ago. NOBODY paid for that. They never found his killer. If they had an eye for an eye. My brother was all of 16 years old. Wonderful kid that loved his mother and family. He wasnt allowed to graduate, get married, have children, buy a house. So much more. I would be thinking that person did all of those things.

Robert B.
Robert B6 years ago

Those who are on death row and wealthy, please raise your hand. Any hands?

Robert B.
Robert B6 years ago

@ Gene W. , even if she is guilty, the death penalty is STILL MURDER. What is really funny is that the extreme right is always bleating about taxpayer money being wasted, yet they still uphold the old eye for an eye death penalty crap. A death penalty case costs way more than a life sentence case. Yes life is precious, no abortions, no contraception, no sex education. But let's not help them when they're down and let's kill them off when they're grown up and accused of a crime even when there is doubt. Pure "Christian fundamentalist" HYPOCRITICAl thinking.

Gene W.
Gene W6 years ago

It is a shame that Judy M. does not bother to actually read the trial transcripts of this murderers trial. If you wish to actually learn the truth as opposed to the uninformed writings of Judy, go to the actual Supreme Court of Texas 234 pages of this persons guilt.
One of the first things that she did was claim that she was from American Virgin Islands as opposed to St. Kitts. She also told the attorneys that had been appointed for her that she was hiring her own attorney and would not need them. Her family could not pay the attorney that she wanted and therefore two (2) weeks before the trial the appointed counsel had to take over. The attorney that was appointed has handled over 40 death penalty trials and only 20 are on death row. That is a helluva record for an attorney. Read the transcripts and you will find that this woman was on probation at the time of this kidnapping and murder, she had stolen an auto in 1992 and was allowed probation because she said she would snitch of drug dealers, except she was caught with 300 lbs of MJ and tried to run over a cop that was trying to catch her.
She is not innocent of this crime.

lis Gunn
lis Gunn6 years ago

Too bad she is in Texas. There is very little hope for her there.

The death penalty is state condoned murder. It is not about justice. It is about retribution and vengeance. It does not become an allegedly civilised nation to murder people .
Death is final and no traveller from the other boundary returns to tell us if it is a deterrent. A disgusting and barbaric reponse to all.

Laurie P.
Laurie P6 years ago

Some of the comments here..I question come from Mature Adults...or even true HUMANS. The death penalty is not a deterrent or a cure for stopping violence. As long as governments are ABOVE THE killing in War..or killing animals for experimentation...Killing is A OKAY for them...they can justify it for themselves. They just don't want the public to ever figure that out...they must maintain control of the people at all costs. Violence creates more violence.
Whether this woman is guilty or not is not the question really when you get to the heart of the problem. It is a Humanity issue. Killing her does not make us a better people or weed out the rest of the dysfunctional people of society. As long as Civilization of man and SOCIETY exists...dysfunctional people will exist. To feel normal in our freedomless society is ABNORMAL INDEED. We need to rethink all our old ways that have proven to lead us to no other than more violence. OUR LEADERS SHOULD NOT BE KILLERS....OUR CITIZENS SHOULD NOT BE CALLING FOR MURDER EITHER....ONE DAY..YOU MAY FIND YOURSELF CAUGHT IN THE WEB OF A SUPPOSED LEGAL SYSTEM...AND YOU MAY GET FRIED YOURSELF....BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR OTHER PEOPLE.....THOUGHTS ARE POWERFUL....THEY ALWAYS BOOMERANG BACK TO YOURSELVES EVENTUALLY....OPEN YOUR HEART...IT is the only thing that will saveour EARTH or Humanity.