Brock Turner Is Back, and He’s Appealing His Conviction

Remember Brock Turner? Yeah, that Brock Turner — the rapist made infamous by the chilling, thorough statement his victim read during his sentencing. Well, bad news: After a slap on the wrist, he’s back.

After months of skulking in the shadows, Turner has reappeared to announce that he plans to appeal his conviction, claiming that his trial was “unfair.” He’s not worried about the length of his prison sentence — after all, he already served. But Turner is upset about having to remain on probation for three years, as well as being included on the sex offender registry for life.

Turner’s status as a registered sex offender can interfere with where he lives and his eligibility for certain kinds of jobs. And that’s kind of the point; we don’t want sex offenders living next door to schools or working in health care settings, for example.

Turner’s appeal has to be answered by California Attorney General Xavier Becerra before it can be heard by a panel of judges who will then decide whether to overturn the prior conviction or uphold it. And there’s a potential for Turner to take the case to the California Supreme Court if he doesn’t like the outcome.

In court, Turner’s defense relied on a great deal of victim blaming – and it’s in full force in his appeal as well, with the lengthy document dwelling on issues like how much alcohol his victim consumed. The appeal also complains that prosecutors sensationalized details of the case as “propaganda” to leverage a conviction.

Turner might want to think carefully, though. If the court determines that his trial didn’t meet legal standards for fairness — and even rapists deserve fair trials — the district attorney could choose to refile charges in the case.

This time, Turner is unlikely to get a soft treatment from judge or jury, and he could end up facing serious penalties. Those wouldn’t include the enhanced penalties the state established for certain kinds of sex crimes in the wake of Turner’s trial, as those laws weren’t in force at the time he committed the crime.

At the time of the trial, Turner established himself as remorseless — and nothing he’s said in the intervening months suggests that he’s reflected on his actions. It’s clear that Turner remains frustrated and angry about his inclusion on the sex offender registry.

But if Turner hoped that waiting for the attention to die down before reapproaching the case would be successful, he may be in for a surprise. The memories of anti-rape activists are long, and Turner’s name has become synonymous with “injustice” — for victims, that is, not the men who assault them and walk away with minor penalties.

What Turner’s not discussing is the real injustice he’s perpetrating with this demand: Attempting to appeal the issue will no doubt be difficult for his victim, Emily Doe. Should he succeed, the pressure for the DA to hold a new trial will be intense, and the resulting community and media scrutiny could create a judicial circus that will only exacerbate Doe’s stress.

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Marie W
Marie W9 months ago


Chad A
Chad Andersonabout a year ago


Marigold A
Past Member about a year ago

Nonetheless, he has constitutional rights too. All criminals do.

Jen S
Jen Sabout a year ago

Petition signed; this kid is as appealing as the crud at the bottom of a garbage can. He still sees his behavior as acceptable. Poor baby doesn't want to register as a sex offender. He should have gone to prison for an extended period and was extremely fortunate in the judge who adjudicated his case. His victim will live with this the rest of her life and he thinks any penalty is too severe for what he did. In some cultures, he would have been summarily neutered, a most effective punishment for the crime of rape. He sounds, instead of penitent, like a threat to women in the future.

Laura R
Laura Rabout a year ago

Petition signed. Thank you for the post.

Stephanie s
Stephanie Yabout a year ago

This excuse for a man should be thrown back in jail. Previously signed, thank you

Janis K
Janis Kabout a year ago

Signed previously

Elaine W
Elaine Wabout a year ago

Petition signed. His judgement is a danger to others

Karen H
Karen Habout a year ago

Okay, Brock, our justice system may owe you an appeal. Go for it. But consider this. According to your father, you had "20 minutes of action" and your victim (the woman you assaulted but said you wouldn't be able to recognize in a lineup) has a lifetime of trauma. Your attorney asked the victim how much she had to drink because she was incapacitated and unable to consent. How much did you have to drink, Brock? Were you in full control of your faculties? If so, why did you commit such a heinous act? If it was consensual, why did you run and leave her barely clothed behind a dumpster? True, you didn't "rape" the victim because California law defines rape as penetration with the penis, and you didn't do that. Maybe the FBI should've been involved, because their definition of rape is "penetration, no matter how slight, of the vagina or anus with any body part or object...without the consent of the victim", and you did penetrate her vagina with your fingers, along with pine needle and debris. Wow, wouldn't any girl love to have pine needles shoved into her vagina by a swimming champion. So, Brock, you don't want to carry the stigma of being on the sex offender registry. Too bad. Shoulda thought about that before you took the young lady out of the party. If you get an appeal, be glad I don't live in California, because if I were on your jury, you'd get a hell of a lot more than three lousy months behind bars. And it wouldn't be in the c

Irene S
Irene Sabout a year ago