Building Community Bridges with Further the Work


Further the Work bills itself as a full service consultancy providing nonprofit organizations with strategic planning, organizational development, grant writing, fundraising and project management. However, it is so much more. This B Corporation is a bridge builder: from goals to dreams, from community members to organizations and most of all, across sectors. With a focus on partnerships, they reinforce linkages between community structures, foster significant conversations and match needs with skills, all towards the greater good.


Recognizing that it takes a village, President Rebecca Brown redirects focus onto that village rather than separate entities. In this way, resources are re-distributed to those most in need. Profit is a means to continue, rather than an end. Located in the volatile neighborhood of Richmond, CA, Further the Work holds itself to a high standard, from pay practices to hiring, from conflict management to scheduling. No matter the topic, accountability is key. Highly visible in this small community, they work to counter the constant competition and scarcity dynamics that control everyday life. The B Corp has released the first specific, data-based information for Richmond on violence, re-incarceration, re-entry and recidivism. This is open to all, so that the community can educate themselves. In furthering discussion, the organization created an online forum as Richmondís shared thought-space. With an open door invitation and the hope of providing important document access, shared calendaring and general knowledge, this is an amazing opportunity for the neighborhood to progress.


With such focus and integrity, becoming a Certified B Corporation was a no-brainer.†The entire process, from learning of B Lab to becoming certified, occurred within 72 hours. It is so important to stay focused on mission and find partners who support this. Rebecca Brown sums it up perfectly: ďEvery business would be a better, happier business if they thought about the issues that are at the heart of the B movement. I think that you can redefine profit and value- Yes, you still have to pay the bills. But how really do you want to define profit, how really do you want to define success?Ē


Further the Work will continue to push to increase visibility and build more bridges. Bringing in those with a variety of often overlooked skill sets, they do everything possible to improve local justice, develop connections with leading thought partners and most importantly, build relationships. Why donít you build your own bridge and Better Know this B through their site?


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Sophi Z.
Sophi Z6 years ago

This is a marvelous idea. I hope Further the Work is successful with it.

K s Goh
KS Goh6 years ago

Thanks for the article.

kathleen b.
kathleen benbow6 years ago

I'm not sure exactly how you quantify how effective an organization is that has social justice as its central focus, but I'm all for anyone who is actually trying to make a difference. If it helps even in a small way, just as John b's rehab program must have helped at least one person, then it makes a big difference. Any action taken is much better than none at all.

Amanda K.
Amanda K6 years ago

great, thank you

Danuta W.
Danuta W6 years ago

Interesting article - Thanks

Rebecca B.
Rebecca B.6 years ago

Hello, all. I'm Rebecca, Founder and President of Further The Work. I'm happy to see this note of appreciation from Katie K. as well as the follow-up comments you have all offered. In response to John B: Yes, we work only with clients that have demonstrated effectiveness, that take social justice as a central element of their missions, and that manage funds well while constantly focusing on program quality and effect. For example, our longtime client Young Musicians Program has now been recognized as one of the top ten afterschool arts programs in the country. Our client Urban Tilth has just won a three-year Community Foods grant from the US Department of Agriculture, one of only 24 such awards in the country, as well as a Stewardship Council award and a grant from The California Endowment, recognizing its effect as a transformative leader in food justice. Our client Pogo Park has been recognized by the Federal Reserve Board as a leading innovator in transforming the dynamics between municipal leaders and the communities they serve. We do not get a percentage of any funds raised; we are paid based on customized packages of client need, size, and duration of the partnership. We are committed to constant learning, for both ourselves and our clients, and as organizational development consultants, we are constantly encouraging our clients to ask themselves: What is our purpose? Do our actions reflect and further that purpose? How do ensure that we're continually striving to impro

Marilyn L.
Marilyn L6 years ago

I love this idea of B Corporations.

Rachel Beckford
Rachel Beckford6 years ago

Corporations that "do good" should have a higher place in stock portfolios than they do now for most folks. By investing in these corporations things can change for the better.

Lynn C.
Lynn C6 years ago

Great stuff. It's so good to hear about someone doing the right thing and doing it so well.

Suzanne H.
Suzanne H6 years ago

Implementing a black list for Corporations is a very good idea.....Corporations who heed the call of our society can then be moved to a green list....Those Corporations who do outstanding work in conservation, recycling, using natually sustainable products etc could then compete for the gold list......Bonuses! Let's change the paradigm and return to our birthright....Our Eden!