Butt Grab Could Lead to Lashing for Iranian Soccer Players (Video)

Two Iranian soccer players who used “inappropriate” behavior to celebrate during a nationally televised game on Saturday may face lashings and imprisonment.

Iranian media have been up in arms over the celebratory scene captured on camera after a Persepolis goal, ending the team’s losing streak, in which one player touched the others’ buttocks.

The Washington Post reported that the action could be construed as a violation of public chastity, punishable by two months in prison and a public 74-strike lashing, taking place in the same soccer arena where the situation occurred.

Iranian media reported that Perspolis chairman Mohammad Royanian fined one player $194,000 and the other $230,000, who was also fired.

Royanian also criticized the Iranian football federation as well as the head of the Iranian Pro League for hyping the ‘unpleasant incident’ in front of news media representatives.

A judiciary official has called for the two men to be flogged and imprisoned.

Members of the National Soccer Team, however, have issued a statement in support of their colleagues, insisting that the affair was not intentional.

Both players have also issued public statements saying they committed no indecency, and all the negative interpretations of the scene are misunderstandings.

Former national team player Mehdi Mahdavikia said Iranian media were making a big deal out of the incident.

“When I was playing in Germany, such things happened all the time,” he said.

Watch what happened:

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TERRY R7 years ago


Christina B.
Christina B7 years ago

I can't even wrap my mind around this piece of news. In the 21st century, no less.

patrica and edw jones

Words fail me.

pam w.
pam w7 years ago

Carola....that link is astonishing! EVERYONE should take a look at "The Little Green Book."

Carola May
Carola May7 years ago

And this the country, that claims to be so moral, where it is legal to get a permit for a 'temporary' mut'a 'marriage' - an infinite number, in fact - and all just for the purpose of having sex. And that's on top of men being able to have 4 'wives' to satisfy their lust with already! (Of course, women can only have one permanentish husband, but, being the progressive country that it is, women are allowed one temporary 'marriage' at a time for adulterous affairs.)

Ayatollah Khomeinii said more than Islam has no sense of humour, Rob and Jay. He also said men could have sex with breastfeeding babies, even ripping them apart with anal intercourse, but it immoral to penetrate them vaginally before the age of 9. Such a Saint!

He even brags himself of having had sex with a little baby and what a turn-on it was. This is moral? And they say the West is decadent? What diseased minds and what diseased ideology/theology could twist morality so perversely?

Read Khomeinii's 'Little Green Book' inwhich he gives all of these sickening sexual 'morals' and others like killing gay people - the terrible sin of two people of the same sex actually loving each other, unlike those who can 'morally' have unlimited numbers of sex partners in 'temporary' marriages': http://www.scribd.com/doc/57040439/The-Little-Green-Book

Rob and Jay B.
Jay S7 years ago

What a sick theocratic bunch. Ayatollah Khomeinii, that evil-looking sadist, pedophile, mass murderer, made the seemingly very appropriate statement that Islam does not have a sense of humor. That it soooooooooo true.

May the oppressed and brutalized Iranian people soon gain their freedom and kick these bigoted 7th century tribal idiots out and enter the modern world. Iran was the ancient empire of Persia and one of the greatest world civilizations, until they were conquered by Islam & 100,000 Zoroastrians were beheaded in the 7th century. It's been downhill ever since for these Aryan non-Arab people.

There's a reason that people are fed up with Islam in Iran where it was just recently reported that only 2% of the population attend mosque worship anymore.

Hopefully the Arab Spring countries will take a lesson from Iran who overthrew their US/UK backed dictator years ago and ended up with something much worse - Islamofascism. Egypt, Tunsia, Libya etc seem to be heading the same way. They too may end up some day missing their old dictators and the few freedoms they had under them once the Muslim Brotherhood Theocracies strip them of all the rest, just like in the Islamic Republic of Iran. Poor people.



Marilyn L.
Marilyn L7 years ago

It looks like to me he wanted to steady the fool who swatted his hand away and in the process his grip got the guy not in the butt but closeer to 'home'. It seems clearly an accident. But, of course, when you live in a Theocracy you can get punish for just about anything sexual or precieved as sexual.

Laurie Greenberg
Laurie Greenberg7 years ago

May get LASHED? Have we gone back in time? Good heavens, people! Let's remember: this is a SOCCER GAME!

Cheyenne Wagi
Cheyenne Wagi7 years ago

Why should it matter if they were gay? They would still be the same soccer players, and even more so, the same human beings. I just don't understand the thought-process of these people!