Cain Proposes Electric Fence To Kill Illegal Immigrants

Dear Republican Presidential candidates. Herman Cain will see your border fence and raise you one.

On a campaign tour through Tennessee, Cain elaborated on what will be a central portion of his immigration policy: a big electric fence. Cain’s fence, he announced on Saturday, would be electrified and run the entire course of the US-Mexican border with voltage high enough to kill anyone trying to enter illegally.

Cain’s ideal fence would be 20 feet high with barbed wire on the top with a sign saying “It will kill you–Warning.” In a campaign stop in Tennessee, Cain clarified that the sign would be written in both English and Spanish.

In case the big electric fence wasn’t enough, Cain would add some extra (unspecified) “technology” to cut down on illegal immigration. He also suggested adding American troops armed with live ammunition to patrol the border, indicating maybe that “technology” he’s referring to is something akin to drone crafts armed with bombs.

Brent Wilkes, Vice Chair of the National Hispanic Leadership Agenda said Cain’s remarks reflect the increasingly vitriolic rhetoric coming from the right on immigration, noting that most border crossings amount to a misdemeanor. That means Cain is suggesting death for a misdemeanor offense.

It’s hard to imagine the Republican field upping the ante on the immigration rhetoric beyond these latest statements. But give them time and I’m sure they will.

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Photo from gage skidmore via flickr.


Past Member
Past Member 2 years ago

It’s amazing to visit again n again coming to your blogs the superb effort is here. immigration

Amanda S.
Amanda S4 years ago

How exactly is an electrified fence "murder"?

If you stick your hand into a running garbage disposal motor and lose your hand as a result, whose fault is it?
Blame the garbage disposal?
No. You chose to stick your hand in there. You shouldn't have done that.

If you want to cross a 6 lane interstate and step out into traffic and are struck, whose fault is it?
Blame the traffic?
No. You chose to step out into the traffic of an interstate. You shouldn't have done that.

If you ride a bicycle through a stop sign and into an intersection and are hit by a bus, whose fault is it?
Blame the bus driver?
No. You chose to ignore the "stop" sign and rode into traffic. You shouldn't have done that.

If an aspiring illegal immigrant knowingly attempts to scale an electrified fence and gets fried, he's gotten what he deserves. He shouldn't have done that.

Anyone who disagrees is either:
A: Presuming people from south of our border lack any iota of common sense. (bigoted)
B. Believing that no substantial measure be taken to protect our national borders. (ignorant)

Clifford A.
Clifford A.5 years ago

There is another way to look at fences: they also keep US in. Just because a politician says he wants to keep some people out doesn't mean that is the whole story.

Clifford A.
Clifford A.5 years ago

Get real, dude! Coming in this country illegally is a misdemeanor. I guess we should execute people for jaywalking and parking illegally. Hmmm, I wonder if ol' Herman has ever let his parking meter expire...

Eric C.
Eric C.5 years ago

Fire the bug zapper up u got my vote

Pieter Jacobus O.
Pieter Jacobus O6 years ago

Anyone watch Machete? Life imitating art.

Cathy Noftz
Cathy Noftz6 years ago

~Another example of Cain putting his foot in his mouth!!~

Lorna Y.
Lorna Y6 years ago

I am not supporting illegal immigrants. I believe that anyone wanting to live in the USA should do so legally by going through the necessary procedures. However, an electrified fence to MURDER anyone trying to cross the border - this is unheard of. Cain is one sick person to think this would help. Why not put an electrified fence around the entire USA and keep everyone from entering?

Dany S.
Dany Strakova6 years ago

what a dork!

Ruth R.
Ruth R6 years ago

When a person needs to enter or leave the U.S.A. across the border -- due to an emergency -- having a fence in the way will not help if a person is on foot and far from a road. Now maybe this is something out of a movie -- that the earth gets to hot and then too cold, and we all have to walk, take horses, and get down into Mexico because suddenly the earth get to hot and then later too cold.

PLEASE NO FENCE. It is not useful and is destructive to the earth. Please read the science. There are other solutions to border issues.