CAIRO: Amir Eid Music Video from Tahrir Square

Egyptian singer Amir Eid offers the demonstrators “Sout Al Horeya” as his tribute to and expression of solidarity with those in Tahrir Square. The refrain: “I’m Not Turning Around” 

WIRED reports the following translation of an excerpt:

 “We’re dreaming our dreams and tomorrow is coming and it’s ahead of us,” he sings with the crowd, “in every street in my country, freedom, we lift our heads to the sky, and the most important thing is our rights.”  

As our Safa Samiezade’-Yazd has reported, music and art are well integrated into this revolution.

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Gerald M.
Past Member 8 years ago

The people's expressions and the music speak so eloquently of a righteous cause by noble people.

We can all learn a lesson from the unity, dignity and love with which the Egyption people literally changed the world in such a short period of time.

Joyce R.
Joyce R.8 years ago

I fell in love with the Egyptian people watching this video. They are beautiful fellow human beings.

Jillian E.
Jillian Edwards8 years ago

Mabrukh. Such a civilised country. Let's hope the other arab countries have listened and learned. God Bless

Eileen I.
Eileen I.8 years ago

‎"Rebellion is a very silent phenomenon that will go on spreading without making any noise and without even leaving any footprints behind. It will move from heart to heart in deep silences, and the day it has reached to millions of people without any bloodshed, just the understanding of those millions of people will change our old primitive animalistic way." Osho

Liz Edwards
Joan Edwards8 years ago

Freedom looks good on these people.
I am thrilled to pieces!! YAY GOD!!!

Marianna B M.
Marianna Molnar8 years ago


Ahlam Zaid
Ahlam Zaid8 years ago

MabroOoOoOok Ya Masr ... MabroOoOoOk ya shabab Masr...MabroOoOoOok ya sh3ab Masr we al3alm al3rabi ..


freedom - now it can start

Rhonda H.
Rhonda H8 years ago

This is a wonderful song! I could not help but be moved by the music and lyrics; the circumstances surrounding this particular video make the song even more poignant. I cannot wait until CairoKee releases a first album. It is bound to be marvelous.

As for Mubarak finally stepping down and running: I am so thrilled for the Egyptian people. I sincerely pray for the best possible future for the country and for the citizens.

Tim Cheung
Tim C8 years ago

keep peace.