Cameroon Reportedly Prosecuting 3 Women for Being Lesbians


Three women in Cameroon are being tried for the crime of homosexuality and face up to five years in prison, reports suggest.

Via the BBC:

The case, allegedly involving a lesbian love triangle, came to court on Monday, but has only been reported nationally now due to the remoteness of the area.


Roger Takala, a journalist based in Ambam, about 220km (135 miles) south of Yaounde, told the BBC that crowds packed into the court to hear the charges against the women.

He said the women were arrested in the town, on Cameroon’s border with Equatorial Guinea and Gabon, last week following a quarrel between two alleged lesbian lovers.

One partner accused the other of infidelity with a married woman.

The argument escalated and the husband of the married woman was told of the affair.

He reported the incident to the police.

This case would be unusual because, while men are frequently tried under the country’s anti-homosexuality laws, women are not usually prosecuted under provisions outlawing same-sex relationships.

Sources say the case has been adjourned until March 8. There are some reports offering that over the past few weeks as many as 10 women may have been arrested for same-sex relationships, though these reports remain unconfirmed.

In 2010 human rights group Human Rights Watch issued a report showing evidence that the criminal justice system in Cameroon is engaging in numerous fundamental rights violations. The report demonstrated that authorities have engaged in arbitrary detentions without proper adherence to due process, and that authorities continue to sentence people without proper evidence. In short, the report said, LGBs were not being prosecuted for actual crimes but were effectively being targeted for their identities.

Cameroon’s government said last year that it is in fact considering strengthening  its anti-gay laws.

Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and a number of other human rights groups have called on the Cameroonian government to release citizens detained or imprisoned for being gay, and to repeal laws that criminalize same-sex sexual relations.

Care2 will continue to follow this story for further information and clarification.


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Ginger Strivelli
Ginger S5 years ago

sounds liek they should have punished them under the adultery laws....

Lauren B.
Lauren B5 years ago

These folks have enough of their own problems without the government getting involved!

sheila l5 years ago

I hope Cameroon wakes up to their atrocities and treats all with dignity and respect.

Daisy Correa-Bagnoli

Just let people live their lives as they wish!
Take care of your own life!

Kathy Perez
Kathy J5 years ago

let people love who they LOVE.. it is much more rewarding than hatred!

Laurie Greenberg
Laurie Greenberg5 years ago

This treatment of human beings is shameful!

Eddie C.
Past Member 5 years ago

Why are we paying scientist tons of money to find the missing link? If anyone wants to see humanity in its infant form look at the religious extremists. It is like watching the video on youtube where the monkey gets a hold of a machine gun and starts cutting loose. Actually that was rude, some of the monkeys are far more evolved than these genetic mutants. At least the monkeys aren't hateful and prejudiced against their own brothers and sisters. Humanity is in sincere need of an enema.

Lisa D.
Lisa D5 years ago

live and let live.

John H.
John H5 years ago

What is really sad is that if a few in the USA could do this same thing, they would. We must constantly be on alert for extremists and fanatics who are continually trying to decay our rights and terrorize our citizens. We can look and say how sad it is that these things happen in Cameroon (and it is very sad), but at the same time we can never let down our guard realizing that there are those in our own country who will stop at nothing to achieve similar outcomes (whether through law or through outright violence).

Robert F.
Robert F5 years ago

Why not create laws that outlaw a human being from being a woman, with the attached idea that being a woman is a choice, not a biological fact. Where do we go from there?