Canada Parks Turn 100


Parks Canada celebrates its centennial this week with new parks, accommodations and programs to lure urban Canadians out to see the wonders of their country. Events marking the 100th year of Canada’s national park system take place this coming Saturday in 100 communities across the nation. Part of its annual Park Day event, it includes climbing and paddling lessons along with interpreters in period dress reciting tales of Canada’s past.

Urban Outreach

Part of Parks Canada’s centennial mission targets urban dwellers who are not regular visitors in Canada’s vast protected wilderness areas. In June, the establishment of a new national park near Toronto was announced. According to the Federal government, Rouge Park will be “a sanctuary for nature and the human spirit” and a park easily accessible to the millions who live in and around Toronto. Environment Minister Peter King hopes it will provide an introduction to the park system to those who can’t travel the greater distances to Canada Parks’ more remote natural spaces.

The Future

Much of Canada Parks’ future expansion now centers on the remote North and ocean habitats where wildlife and the environment are in need of protection. Currently in consultation with the Dene to determine boundaries for a park to be named Haats’ihch’oh, north of Nahanni Park in the Northwest Territories, Parks Canada hopes to provide protection for the Nahanni River watershed and surrounding caribou herds. They also have plans for a national park on Sable Island near Halifax to protect its famous horses and seal population.

Let’s Hear From You

My family and I are fairly regular visitors of both the provincial and national park systems in Canada, and recently we traveled south to take in a few national parks in the United States as well, visiting Yellowstone and Theodore Roosevelt National Parks.

Do you make use of the national park system? Where? What was your experience? What do the parks system mean to you and your family? Share your stories and opinions.

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Photo Credit: Banff by Mckaysavage


Myriam G.
Myriam G6 years ago

My favorite National park is Kouchibouguac, New Brunswick; beautiful forest, beautiful beaches, beautiful people

Renato G.
Renato G6 years ago

Great article ... Tks for inviting ....

Past Member
Heather T6 years ago

I would love to visit the parks but too old now. i hope that there will be hundreds more years for them and the wildlife

Valarie S.
Valarie Snell6 years ago

good article

Karen & Edward O.
Karen and Ed O6 years ago

Happy birthday, Parks Canada. We haven't visited as many Canadian parks as we would have liked, we've been busy for the last 5 years visiting our own. What we saw were magnificent. If you visit Glacier National Park be sure to turn left and continue north to Waterton Lakes National Park ---- beautiful. Together they form the Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park.
I can only speak for America's National Parks, but I recommend everyone visit as many as possible. I never would have imagined the variety of beauty and grandeur ever existed. From our magnificent redwoods to the rocky coast of Acadia. From the spectacular Yosemite Valley to the moving atmosphere of Military Parks like Antietam and Shiloh.
If you have no plans for your retirement, seriously consider visiting this beautiful country.

Rita W.
Rita W6 years ago

Our parks are great but they won't be if this dam goverment doesn't stop taking the land and drillin for what ever. Distroying the parks is hurting the wild life which the planet need to keep going. Our parks are beautiful with the lakes, waterfalls, hiking trails, I could go on but there just wouldn't be enough room. I try to visit a park every year but money is getting tight so I will have to see this year. Congrats to Canada's parks.

Mrs Shakespeare
Mrs Shakespeare6 years ago

Congrats :D
Now, show us you genuinely care so we will allow you to live a 100 more years.

Bianca D
Bianca D6 years ago

I have some amazing memories of camping in Algonquin Park :-)

Katherine W.
Katherine Wright6 years ago

I actually won a trip to Banff on a radio station. We stayed at the Chateau Lake Louise and spent 4 days touring the surrounding areas and I have to say this was the most beautiful scenery on earth. Simply breathtaking...I cannot wait to go back and see more.

The experience was incredible. For anyone who can swing it, I highly recommend a trip to a Canadian National Park and especially to Banff and Chateau Lake will not be disappointed.