Canine Cancer Drug Approved

A drug by Pfizer to treat canine mast cell tumors has just been approved by the FDA. The company has been making great efforts to develop new cancer drugs and yielded a breakthrough — for dogs.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved the first cancer treatment specifically designed to treat dogs, it’s called Palladia and is approved to treat canine mast cell tumors.

From the press release: “All cancer drugs now used in veterinary medicine originally were developed for use in humans and are not specifically approved for use in animals, the FDA said. “This cancer drug approval for dogs is an important step forward for veterinary medicine,” Bernadette Dunham, director of FDA’s Center for Veterinary Medicine, said in a statement. “Prior to this approval, veterinarians had to rely on human oncology drugs without knowledge of how safe or effective they would be for dogs,” she said.

Pfizer said it would begin selling Palladia in early 2010, but will make the oral drug available to certain veterinary oncology specialists prior to that. Palladia works by killing tumor cells and by cutting off the blood supply to the tumor. The pill must be taken every other day and the dog will likely have to be on the therapy for several months or longer, depending on tumor response, Pfizer said.”

While we don’t know what the cost of this treatment will be yet, the approval of such a drug brings hope to all dog owners. Pfizer Animal Health has estimated 1.2 million new canine cancer cases in the United States every year. This breakthrough brings many people a lot of hope, both on behalf of their canine companions and hope for a similar drug to be developed for people.

Aimee Gertsch


Nickihermes Celine
Past Member 4 years ago

again about money,money,money.....

Julian T.
Julian T.8 years ago

First, I have a pet who was recently diagnosed with malignant mast cell tumors. No, I don't support animal research as most of it doesn't cross the human to animal line when it comes to its use. And yes, every drug company is in business to make $. However, I also have to say that if it weren't for these drug companies a lot of good medicine would have never occurred. Living a sterile lifestyle with no chemicals, toxins, etc would be ideal, but not likely possible in the real world. I have always chosen foods that were high quality and limited the nasty by-products and unnecessary fillers...but this doesn't always counter genetics!

For me this treatment is on my short list of considerations. I've read a lot on the drug and its crazy to think that it's toxicity is any comparison to the "known" outcome of just sitting here doing nothing. I think that possibly the natural is a choice up front to see if she reacts positively, but you can't rule out a drug just because you don't like a company. Humans and dogs share a lot of common cancer characteristics and who knows what may save my baby girl, may save me down the road!

Janis C.
Janis C8 years ago

I would definately try this treatment, but I only have 2 cats at this time. I've lost 2 cats to cancer. If it works on dogs I wonder if they will be able to use it on cats or if they are trying to develope one for felines.

Eric Expeditionary
Eric Gilmartin8 years ago

Great, now we need some of this same kind of love for cats, too. I lost a lovely friend to feline leukemia last year, this could have really made my current year a lot better if it had existed in some form to save my tom. Still, good news for dog lovers!

Carolyn P.
Carolyn P8 years ago

And if you want a gentle alternative for curing cancer, investigate CV247 - its a natural mineral combination being used successfully by Vets in Europe. At present only authorised for animals, but it is being trialled for humans too.

Itty Bitty
Past Member 8 years ago

Too much is still unknown; Cost, effectiveness, side effects.

Unfortunately, Pfizer has the reputation for caring too much about money, paid through loving owners attempting anything to save their beloved pet. We'll see.
I'd need much more info. before I made fair decision.

Be aware; Boxers, Rotties, Pits, Dalmations, Beagles, Shepards & Labs are highly prone to a variety of Cancers. May I (as a Vet Assistant & strong supporter of homeopathic prevention & aid w/ treatment), suggest Supplementing your pets food w/ Detoxins: Milk Thistle, Cosostrum, & other goodies by @ least age 5.

Prevention through a consistant healthy diet & limiting synthetic chemicals in shampoos, flea treatments, colognes, lotions, etc. has been mentioned & an excellent idea, but not always a guarantee.

Plus, this isn't always in the budget (more-so during these difficut times) when there's multiple pets in the home, or for out of pocket sanctuaries, such as myself.

Even the most health conscience person comes down w/ the dreaded Cancer. Even the richest people do not recover from the most expensive treatments.

I recommend people to do the best they can. Homemade diets, & suppliment if you can. Do your research, especially if person or pet already has cancer, for ways to supplement any treatments you many now be using. Quality can be better.

FYI, anyone on Cordosone meds. should consider Milk Thistle & other liver detoxing; Do U'r homework.

Manuel Antonio Q.

My best friend was called shadow a beautifull rottweiler die for cancer, i be really happy for the new aproved drug, no body would feel the pain of cancer.
somebody please say congratulation to pfizer people for the new aproved drug.

Alex R.
Alex R8 years ago


Please wake up folks! This 'cancer treatment' is surely as toxic and harmful as the ones available to humans. Pfizer only cares about their bottom line, period.


Don't feed pets artificial crap Mother never designed them to eat, read labels! feed raw food if possible, dogs and cats were never meant to eat corn, soybeans, or other grains (neither are humans) and they sure don't benefit from the synthetic chemicals in all those shampoos, flea treatments, colognes, lotions,

Most cancer is preventable if only the patient is removed from the toxic environment.

Mike K.
.8 years ago

i defenitly have mixt fealing's about this,i know that the drug company's over do it there are to meny cash crops out there that is for shure,but when it comes wright down to it how much will you allow your friend to suffer,and will it realy help,exept to only get the rich...richer!

Jennifer J.
Jennifer J8 years ago

Another monster drug from pfizer that will torture animals even more than they have already done with their ridiculous animal tests........