Cardinal Defends ‘Gay Marriage is Like Slavery’ Comparison


Cardinal Keith O’Brien, President of the Bishops’ Conference of Scotland and Britain’s most senior Catholic, has been forced to defend comments he made saying that the British government’s legalizing of gay marriage is, in human rights terms, the same as legalizing slavery, saying he thinks it is “a very, very good example.”

The Cardinal faced a staunch challenge by presenter John Humphreys on BBC Radio 4′s the Today program on Monday, who said he felt that O’Brien’s words risked being “inflammatory” and devisive. O’Brien remained defiant however, saying that the comparison was ”a very, very good example” and that he was just “doing his best” to hand down Jesus’ teachings.  You can listen to the full interview segment here, but a transcript of that particular part of the exchange appears below:

Humphrys: The idea of introducing the notion of something as grotesque as slavery, and I use the word there advisedly, the ultimate denial of a person’s human rights, in this context will itself prompt many people to think that this is grotesque, that your notion of it is grotesque.

O’Brien: I’m not saying that it’s grotesque, perhaps to some people it might appear grotesque.

Humphrys: But you’re a Cardinal! Should you be using that kind of language? Equating, even as remotely as this, the notion of gay relationships with slavery?

O’Brien: I think it’s a very, very good example as to what might happen in our own country at this present time and I feel I’ve duty, a responsibility to preach and to teach and this is one of the ways in which I do it.

Humphrys: Sorry, you lost me a little here, what might happen? Legalising slavery and the equivalent of homosexual marriage?

O’Brien: It is a perfectly good example as to what could happen in our own country if we go this way. I’m simply handing on the teaching of the Christian Church down through the years.

O’Brien goes on to say that countries and regions that have legalized same-sex marriage are breaching human rights because it goes against “natural law.” O’Brien also says that legalization of same-sex marriage would be the “thin end of the wedge”, saying: “Further aberrations would be taking place and society would be degenerating even further than it has into immorality” and that legalizing marriage equality is “changing the whole notion of what marriage and what a family is. Children have the right to have a mother and a father.”

The Cardinal, writing in an op-ed for the Sunday Telegraph, made a number of baseless claims which we dissected for you here. The comment that has caused the most controversy relates to the Cardinal’s opinion on the British government’s promise of concessions to religious institutions so that the church would not have to solemnize or recognize such unions. Calling this “arrogant,” O’Keith said: “Imagine for a moment that the Government had decided to legalise slavery but assured us that ‘no one will be forced to keep a slave’. Would such worthless assurances calm our fury? Would they justify dismantling a fundamental human right? Or would they simply amount to weasel words masking a great wrong?”

Cardinal O’Brien’s attack on marriage equality follows former Archbishop Lord Cary last month making a concerted, if fact-free, assault on the government’s plans to legalize same-sex marriage while helping to launch the campaign group the Coalition for Marriage, a religious conservative group quietly being championed by leaders of The Christian Institute and other such groups who want to prevent the government from legalizing marriage equality.


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Image used under the Creative Commons Attribution License with thanks to the Catholic Church of England and Wales.


Freda Lee J.
Lee J4 years ago

From Wikipedia (go on - Google "Cardinal Keith Patrick O'Brien" wouldya):
"On 3 March 2013 O'Brien admitted that his sexual conduct had at times 'fallen beneath the standards expected of [him].'"
This fellow is a complete hypocrite and a perfect example of a closet homosexual who condemns other "out and proud" homosexuals for no reason other than to pretend homophobia. Really classic example. Dweeb!

Charles Rae
Charles Rae4 years ago

Wait a minute! Is this the same cardinal who had to step down after the exposure of his "inappropriate" relationships with young men in a seminary? this garbage couldn't possibly be the ravings of a self-hating gay homophobe, could it?

TRUDI GRAY4 years ago

While allowing that 'a child has a right to a mother and a father', what has the ecclesiastical twerp got to say about the woman, denied a partner by happenstance who nevertheless, wants a child/children, and has them by AID? Is this too going onto the slippery slope of slavery, or whatever the hell he is driving at?? And, if 2 gay life partners of the same sex want to adopt a child/children, is this wrong as well???
Maybe he should take his head out of his arse, and join the 21st century.....God's word is not for him alone- if He exists at all, it is for all mankind to hear His words, if so gifted, and to act upon them- it's not just for devout Catholics, and their priestly advisers, kindness, and caring for other human beings seem to be mighty thin on the ground just now, so if two people want to tell the world that they care about one another that's fine by me.
Y'know- not for the first time, I am ashamed of my own species- particularly of those who set themselves up as judges of us all......their pronouncements generally backed up by a wealth of bloodyminded ignorance and bigotry.

Alexander Hay-Whitton

How can one man make a "concerted assault"?

Martha Ferris
Martha Ferris5 years ago

I fail to see the link between slavery and homosexuality unless he is comparing physical slavery to being enslaved by our desires?
In any event why aren't pedophiles in jail for the rest of their natural lives?
The government has no right (in the US at least) to dictate religious doctrine.

Joseph B.
Joseph B5 years ago

Another religious nut!

Charles Rae
Charles Rae5 years ago

And this is from the man who had to resign because of "inappropriate" behaviour towards young seminarians.Sometimes, homophobes are hypocritical self-hating closeted gays.Cliches can be true.Little wonder that Catholicism has a bit of a credibility problem.....

Elizabeth L.
Elizabeth L6 years ago

This is wonderful from a church that embraced the spanish inquisition and the nazi party. Both of who made sure human rights didn't exist for them

Neil A.
Neil A6 years ago

What do you expect from a man who claims to be Christian but is a Catholic, such mucked up people's religion.

Carolyn S.
Carolyn S7 years ago

I hate it when celibate men claim to have knowledge about heterosexuals, gays, transsexuals, etc.