Care2 at the Rally to Restore Sanity!

I’m sure all of you fine folks are quite aware of Saturday’s Rally to Restore Sanity, the brainchild of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. And although there are mini-rallies and meetups popping up throughout — not just the country, but the world — I’m still bummed I can’t attend the main event in D.C. But because I live in San Francisco, which is just about 3,000 miles shy from the National Mall, hanging with Jon and Stephen for the day just isn’t in the cards for me. But I find some solace in knowing this is the case for most people. 

Enter Care2′s plan to bring you the latest breaking Rally info from someone fortunate enough to be there on the grounds in D.C.

Care2′s very own political blogger extraordinaire, Aaron Pendell, is flying to D.C. for the mega-event. Aaron’s going to be tweeting about all the exciting happenings taking place throughout the rally, so be sure to follow along. Although the grand event will be televised, it’ll still be great to get a firsthand perspective from someone experiencing all the action live and in person. 

The rally starts at noon, EST, but I’m sure Aaron will happily keep us up to speed on all the pre-rally chaos, too. So if you’re not already, make sure you’re following us on Twitter at @care2causes to get all the juicy details on the pure, well, insanity of it all. 

Have fun, Aaron!!

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Photo Credit: thanks to D.C.Atty via flickr


Barbara Erdman
Barbara Erdman7 years ago

I'm definitely for restoring sanity! (since I am a little crazy,he,he,he) :-)

Patricia S.
Pat S7 years ago

Oh, we do know, Julie, and we can't wait!

Julia W.
Julia W7 years ago

It was a beautiful sunshine-y day! Full of humor and people dressed up in costumes and holding funny signs and taking pictures of each other and man was it crowded!

I am so glad I went!

Grace B.
Grace B7 years ago

Tori, I agree with you. That is why I think we need to work hard to overturn the Citizen's United ruling and get all money out of politics. I think advertising - political ads should be outlawed. Only actual debate about issues should be allowed. I also believe we shouldn't let either side slant the truth. We ought to have fact checkers on hand and come right back at the candidates with a rebuttal if they are not getting their facts right.

julie c.
julie c7 years ago

It was a great day. A day of intellegent humor, sillyness, seriousness, and emotions. Being in that crowd made me realize that America was truly meant for all walks of life to be able to be together. That was a strong message that Stewart was trying to point out.

I had all kinds of people surrounding me; obvious college students, ladies in their late 60's, men that for sure needed a shave, and well dressed professionals. All there for a reason. The love for Stewart/Colbert was obvious.

I find it so pathetic to read such bitter/jealous remarks regarding this rally from the haters. If only these bitter haters knew what will be coming their way if their side wins these elections.

Thank you Stewart and Colbert.

Tori W.
Past Member 7 years ago

I read these comments and it's clear that our political system has become the slimiest profession. Perhaps some of the less trusted prior professions have been replaced by the politician. Does anyone have faith in our elections any more? Does anyone even listen to the other person or just call them names? Even here on Care2 calling others names when you don't agree with their comments is quite common. While many of us may want honest open debate, it appears that many are on here to cause trouble and only want people who agree with their point of view. Sorry, I do think for myself, like so many here and I am saddened and disappointed that our political system has become the bast*** child of the advertising Madison Avenue types. We no longer elect people. We elect a product and that is not working for us.

Seabert B.
Seabert B7 years ago

Yes many people where there but not enough to make us all be heard, if you could not attend them go to your local government offices and let your voice be heard. Yes, I agree it is time for America to pull together and stop all this stupid arguing over stupid things. It the people against major corporations and lets make them all far and fall hard, stop spending your money on these fools. Money seems to be the only thing that talks these days.

Olivia Schlosser
Past Member 7 years ago

Thanks..was there in spirit.

Geoff W.
Geoff W.7 years ago

Barb F wrote:
"Why is it impossible for overpaid, pompous, supposed representatives of the ppl to conduct themselves like mature, rational, intelligent adults who retain the ability the communicate calmly with one another is reasonable discussions?"

Barb, I'm afraid the answer might be that half the population is below average intelligence nad they have a vote. It is easier to persuade, bribe, threaten, the dumber half to vote for you than to earn the votes of intelligent, educated people - the same is true of TV advertising, sadly.

Doris Mason
Past Member 7 years ago

After watching and hearing our President sharing his comments,I was very disappointed with the hecklers, that are sent to create a disturbance. These kind of tactics are being used at all rallies, which shows you the amount of intelligence in our country. The positives outweighed the negativities.