Care2 March in London to Protest Badger Culling, Fox Cubbing, Grouse Shooting

Last June,animal rights activists celebratedthe news thatthe U.K. ban on fox hunting would remain in place. The Queen’s speech for the opening of a new Parliament made no mention of Prime Minister Theresa May’s plan for a vote on the fox hunting ban, meaning that it cannot be repealed until at least 2019.

One of the events leading up to this success was a huge demonstration held on May 29 when thousands of people, including Care2 activists, marched through London in protest against the government’s decision to re-open the debate on fox-hunting.

That was a huge victory, but there is still much work to be done. Saturday, August 12, will see another protest, “Make Badger Culling & Hunting History,” headed up by Care2 along with the Badger Trust, the League Against Cruel Sports and the Born Free Foundation.

Thousands of animal lovers united in their determination to stop the government from playing politics with British wildlife will gather in London’s Cavendish Square at 1:30 pm and conduct a peaceful protest march to Theresa May’s Downing Street home.

Grouse shooting season begins on August 12, according to the Facebook group, and badger culling season also begins in August.


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Badger Culls

Care2 has already been working hard to stop the culling of badgers in England, now in its fifth year. Our petition, “Stop the inhumane, ineffective and unscientific badger cull!” has gathered over 170,000 signatures. As the petition explains, “Healthy badgers are being trapped and shot in the UK – for no good reason. Mothers may leave behind cubs, or cubs themselves may be shot.” The U.K. government has stated that getting rid of badgers will lower bovine TB rates in cattle, but there is no evidence to prove this. Meanwhile, 15,000 badgers have been killed at a public cost over 40 million. Take action and sign our petition now!


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Fox Cubbing

The second goal of this protest is to raise awareness of illegal fox-cub hunting, currently going on around the U.K. This is a disgusting practice and needs to be consigned to the history books immediately. Fox-cubs in a woodland area are used to train young foxhounds and the cubs have almost no chance of escape before being torn apart. Any escape paths, including fox earths and badger setts are sealed off, giving the cubs no safe place to hide. All the odds are against these vulnerable young foxes.

Care2 has three petitions demanding an end to this savage practice which kills up to 10,000 fox cubs a year: “Stop the Horrific Ripping-Apart of Fox-Cubs in Illegal Fox-Hunt ‘Cubbing’!” has garnered an awesome 244,509 supporters. A second petition demands “Prosecute South Herefordshire Hunt for throwing live Foxcubs to packs of hungry dogs,” and a third Care2 petition asks that foxhounds be muzzled when outside off-leash.


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Driven Grouse Shooting

Known as “The Glorious 12th” amongst some members of the U.K.’s upper class,August 12 marks the official start of the country’s 121-day-long driven grouse shooting season. The term refers to the fact that red grouse are driven toward the hunters by beaters. A group of hunters stands in line in hides screened by a turf or a wall and sunk into the ground. When the beating starts, the grouse fly very fast and those hunters aim to shoot the birds in flight.

It is a cruel event.

Hen harriers, iconic birds of prey, are also targeted, and a recent government report estimated there should be at least 2,600 pairs in the U.K., but there are only 600. Another victim of this horrible “sport.”

The fact that some humans can take pleasure in the barbarity of killing badgers, foxes and birds is a sad reflection on our species.

However, opposition to hunting has hit an all-time high in the U.K., which is encouraging. Jeremy Corbyn, the Labor Party leader, has also spoken out strongly: “You can be very clear that any government I am head of would not tolerate this kind of barbarity which is called sport in this country.”

If you are in London on Saturday, Care2 has created signs that you can print off at home, and bring to Cavendish Square by 1:30pm.

Care2 expects this important march to protest the cruel effects of farming, hunting and shooting on British wildlfe to be the largest ever such demonstration held in the U.K.

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