Care2 Success! No More Fox Culling at Moseley Golf Club

Lisa Blackburn lives close to Moseley Golf Club, in Birmingham, U.K., and until recently she found it idyllic to have the beautiful greens of the golf course right in her backyard.

That changed when the Club noticed that foxes were coming on to their property, defecating upon their greens and burrowing into their sandbanks.

Claiming that golfers objected to the sight of foxes, the Club decided to get rid of the animals by luring them out in the dark and shooting them. According to Blackburn, the fox cries and shots are so loud that they wake up her daughter in the middle of the night.

Blackburn created a Care2 petition, asking Moseley Golf Club to stop shooting the foxes immediately.

Numerous Care2 activists and animal lovers agreed with Blackburn that this cruelty to foxes had to stop, and over 38,000 Care2 members around the world added their signatures to the petition.

That’s not all. After reading and signing Blackburn’s petition, numerous people from around the world were so outraged that they called and emailed Moseley Golf Club to express their disgust.

Amazing Success!

It took just one week before Blackburn’s petition was successful. She updated her petition with this statement from Moseley Golf Club:

“Following a meeting here at Moseley Golf Club 22/9/16 between MGC representatives, local residents and the police animal welfare officer MGC would like to state that the practice of culling foxes has ceased and will no longer continue. We will work with animal welfare organisations and other local golf clubs to look at alternative methods of controlling problems associated with foxes.”

Congratulations to Lisa Blackburn and all the Care2 members who signed her petition and also expressed their opinions directly to the Club. This is the power of Care2 petitions.

Culling Foxes Is Cruel And It Doesn’t Work

Not only is the culling of foxes cruel in the extreme, it is also ineffective. As Blackburn wrote in her petition:

“Foxes are a self regulating population, reaching their own equilibrium within the carrying capacity of their habitat. When one territory is vacated, another fox simply moves in. If more are shot, more vixens reproduce.

Culling was tried in London boroughs, but ceased in the 1980s, as it was discovered it took but four days for a new fox to appear.”

Many wildlife experts agree that culling simply doesn’t work.

Last October, Hackney council in east London announced a fox cull that was made necessary, it said, by the severe risk posed by foxes to local deer and the potential risk to humans. But wildlife experts objected that the cull would have little effect on conflicts with human or deer, and that instead humans should stop feeding wildlife and interacting with foxes to avoid conflict.

Two days later, the council was forced to suspend the scheme without a single fox being killed, thanks to the outpouring of protest from several animal rights groups and wildlife experts.

If you are inspired by Lisa Blackburn’s success, and you have an issue that’s important to you, create your own Care2 petition. Get started by checking out these guidelines, and pretty soon you’ll find the Care2 community signing up to support you.



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Everything Isabella has written is true. Yet, this is still allowed to continue under any name they want to call it, I'm sure that the men in government who are allowing these cretins to get away with it must be sympathisers. It stands to reason that if the cows are injected to prevent TB, it would be unnecessary for the badges to be culled, and, the cows would be protected. Unfortunately, it does mean that the poor bloodthirsty cretins would not be able to play with their guns, perhaps, they could practice on them selves on a very dark night. I think you must know where my sympathies are.

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