Care2 Success! Warren County Fires Animal Control Director

David Hennessee, director of animal control in Warren County, Tennessee, has been fired from his job.

The reasons? The county has received numerous complaints about Hennessee, including some that he needlessly sprayed down dogs in cold weather while cleaning out their pens, and others that in August 2010, the Humane Society rescued newborn puppies from the facility after they were discovered huddled together in waste water unable to get out of the kennel’s sewage drain.

Care2 Victory – Thank you!

Incensed by this, the Warren County Humane Society set up a Care2 petition to demand an end to the animal abuse, and the firing of Hennessee. The petition garnered over 5,000 signatures, and on Tuesday night the county commission’s Health and Welfare Committee voted to fire David Hennessee by a 3-2 decision.

Thank you to all the Care2 activists who signed the petition!

From WKRN-TV Nashville:

“It’s not like we’re happy he is out of a job, but we feel like he was given more than enough opportunities to correct his behavior,” Humane Society board member Clay Lerch told Nashville’s News 2.


“People here don’t view animals the same way they did 20 years ago. I think they think they can go back to how things were, but there is no going back. Things are moving forward,” said Lerch.

Volunteers with the Warren County Humane Society spent the day last Friday in front of the county administration building protesting the alleged abuse.

“Truth And Justice Prevailed”

But the battle is not over yet. Both board members and volunteers have additionally expressed concerns because the animal control facility has been closed off to the outside public ever since those puppies were discovered in the sewage drain. And they are hoping they can convince county commissioners to change the way the shelter is run.

In a post on Facebook Tuesday night, the Humane Society called the county’s vote to terminate Hennessee a “victory,” saying “truth and justice prevailed.”

The post read, in part, “Never again will an animal suffer in Warren County at the hands of David Hennessee, he has been given many chances to stop and he decided he did not want to, thankfully the board did hear the citizens and fired him.”

Hooray for the Humane Society and for Care2 activists!

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Tricia Hamilton
Tricia Hamilton4 years ago

I want to Thank everyone who made this possible I hope he suffers all his life for the shitty choices he made.

Christine Jones
Christine J4 years ago

Thanks to everyone who spoke up, and good luck in the ongoing battle to improve the shelter. It makes me wonder why these sorts of people so often work at shelters. Are they jsuffering from "compassion fatigue"? Do they just want a paying job and don't care about animals one way or the other? Or are they sadists who deliberately seek out employment where they have power over the vulnerable and voiceless?

Stella Nobrega-Garcia

Thank you.

Rhonda H.
.4 years ago

DARE the 1% to step up and state your case!

carole f.
carole Fr,aser4 years ago

He has got his just deserts.

Muriel Servaege
Muriel Servaege4 years ago

Well done!

Donnaa D.
donnaa D4 years ago

Yippee, our letters/petitions has worked. bad people should always be fully punished for such cruelties, and he deserves to be horse whipped doused in icy water, and forced to sleep on cold concrete, then he may feel some remorse for betraying the very animals who looked to him for safety and comfort, and FOUND NONE!!!

Ann Fox
Ann F4 years ago

What a betrayal of people's trust...this man took donated money...given with the hope to HELP animals & this jerk does the opposite. Poor animals...I hope he gives some thought to these animals since now he will now have some spare time on his hands.

Наталья Натал

Очень хорошо, что работа активистов Care2 приносит пользу и дарит жизнь многим животным. Спасибо.

Donna L.
Donna Lober4 years ago

What an Asshole...give me a break, someone hired to care for the animals and he makes them miserable? I can only hope that idiot learns something, in the meantime spray him down and let him sleep in the cold! Jerk!