Care2′s Jessica Pieklo Speaks Out On Behalf Of Contraception [VIDEO]

The Democrats in the Minnesota state legislature have decided that it is time to ensure women have the same opportunities as men when it comes to both their health and economic well-being.  To that effect, they have proposed that the state have its own contraception mandate, requiring all insurers to offer birth control coverage, much as the president is currently trying to do nationally.

And Minnesota has found an excellent spokeswoman for the event — our own Jessica Pieklo.  Explaining to a room of legislators and media, Pieklo provided details of how family planning services helped her to be a better lawyer, a better wife, and a better mom.

“Contraceptive coverage is not, contrary to some of the characterizations, women ‘asking someone else’ pay for their lifestyle choices. Quite the opposite, actually. As a working mother I not only pay health insurance premiums but I pay taxes. This is very much my money. I should be able to have my health insurance dollars go to care that is relevant to my life. That is all that me and the other women affordable contraceptive coverage impacts.

So, no matter the spin I want to emphasize that affordable contraception coverage is, for many of us, a matter of economic necessity as well as a matter of sound public health policy. My story is not unique, my concerns are not hypothetical, and my request not unreasonable- access to affordable contraception is what makes my middle class existence possible.”

Watch the video of the press conference below (Pieklo begins speaking 8 minutes in).

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Nancy L.
Nancy L6 years ago

Contraception already is inexpensive; it's called condoms. People need to finance their choice of recreational sex themselves. I'm an atheist, and I never wanted kids. It's mine and my partner's responsibility to pay for our own birth control.

Ryana Rogers
Ryana Rogers6 years ago

Again John how extremely naieve are you? so that better include you too not to have sex why are people so freaking stupid when it comes to sex? THEY WILL STILL BE HAVING SEX no matter what only naieve repubs would say somehting so freaking stupid!

Deborah L.
Deborah L6 years ago

Donald T: You are incorrect in the fact that Viagra or other erectile dysfunction are not so crucial to life and only serve 1 purpose. Viagra is often given to heart patients, including my mother, just as birth control pills have other purposes besides contraception.

Donald T.
Donald T6 years ago

not just contraception, various hormones have a number of medicinal uses vital to health care for males of the species and for women. medications for erectile dysfunction, on the other hand, or in the other hand, serve but one purpose not so crucial to life, other than who has the bigger one, and at that age, who cares? oh, it (he) does.

Kathryn M.
Kathryn Mitchell6 years ago

John M.... what about those self-centered males, the ones who seem to think that females are possessions, and will simply ignore that "big fat NO"? You know, the ones with the philosophy of "you'll do what I say or get beaten"...

Michael T.
Michael T6 years ago

Well, John is kind of out "there" with his toy boats and all. As far as his comments are concerned I am going to give him a big "NO" and ask him to abstain from making comments like that to this list.

Dylan Thomas
Dylan Thomas6 years ago

John M. said: With "abstinence",nothing else,except a big "NO",is required!!!

that is a nice thought john isn't it? but be realistic. sex is an animal instinct, homo sapiens are animals. sex is very pleaseurable, it feels great and human beings get horny. contraception is a fact of life so why should a married couple be expected to abstain? for that matter why should consenting adults be expected to abstain? now lets take one more step into reality, there are a lot of immature, irresponsible young people out there that aren't gonna be able to control their urges, the old "it's not gonna happen to me" syndrom, "you can't get pregnant only doing it once" it's irresponsible of society not to protect the ignorance and irresponsibility of teens by expecting abstinence only. what parent doesn't want their kids to abstain from sex? it doesn't work. be realistic john the issue is more complex than a bumper sticker slogan.

Vivianne Mosca-Clark

Good job Jessica...

Women need to have this put through, if we are to be able to have a life that can help raise a child in a good way.

Joan E.
Joan E6 years ago

Glad you spoke up.

Kathryn M.
Kathryn Mitchell6 years ago

Thank you, Jessica...

Unfortunately, as long as there are men who believe that we are their property, this will always be an issue. I had a tubal ligation after my youngest was born, I remember that I had to have my husband's permission to get it! It doesn't seem like we've moved forward much since then, although it does seem like we've gone backwards quite a distance... particularly over the past couple of years.