Meet These 4 Professional Library Cats

Cats first became domesticated when came together with humans as a natural, very happy form of pest control. It was a mutually beneficial relationship, as cats had a constant supply of food, and humans didn’t have to worry about rats diminishing their grain stores.

This relationship has been ongoing for thousands of years, and continues to this day. At some point — exactly when is up for debate — cats and humans decided they liked to spend time together off the rodent-eating clock as well. This bond is evident not only in daily life, but also in one of the longest-serving bases of human knowledge: the library.

Experts have traced the origins of cats living in libraries to ancient Egypt, where temples housed resident cats who took care of the rodents and snakes that would have otherwise destroyed the preserved papyrus scrolls.

This relationship continued through to the Middle Ages, when monks happily coexisted with cats in monasteries in order to keep their manuscripts safe. The materials and the circumstances changed and evolved, but the concern about destroying precious repositories of knowledge never faded.

In the 1800s, the British government even paid libraries to house cats — for the same reason as before, except that the information was contained in modern day books.

And the practice, though not necessarily well known, remains today. There are hundreds of library cats living around the world — and many in the United States.

Now, however, many places pride themselves on the cats’ ability to keep customers relaxed, happy and coming back to visit. They often serve the purpose of being excellent PR gurus, of course, mostly through looking adorable. While they still do their part in keeping the mice and rats at bay, most of these felines have begun to live a much more sedentary life.

And their primary responsibility is to be loved and appreciated — which is, after all, exactly what cats are made for, if you ask them.

Here are some of the modern day librarian cats, living out their happy lives as they receive attention, accolades and, sometimes, their very own chair.

1. Stacks, Litchfield Public Library, Illinois


Stacks, photo courtesy of Litchfield Public Library

Stacks was adopted in 2009 from a shelter, and she quickly set to work doing what her ancestors did: getting rid of the resident mice. Once she had done a thorough job, Stacks sat back, relaxed and settled into her new duties — namely, sitting on laps.

2. Trixie, Independence Public Library, Kansas


Trixie, photo courtesy of Independence Public Library

Trixie was dropped off in front of the Independence Public Library when she was just a kitten. The librarians took her in, and she’s been enjoying the spotlight ever since. Trixie even has her own Facebook page!

3. Miko, Texas A&M University Libraries, Texas


Miko has an official title at the Medical Sciences Library of Texas A&M University. She has been officially deemed the Pest Control Specialist. She is also, somewhat less officially, the libraries’ mascot and occasional model. Miko doesn’t seem to mind.

4. Kuzya, Novorossiysk, Russia

Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 1.22.33 PM

Kuzya wandered into the warmth of a Russian library one day, rubbing up against people and winning hearts, food and a nice place to sleep. Seeing his potential, the staff worked to get him an actual cat passport, which required an ID chip and a rabies vaccination. After that, he was good to go. Kuzya was promoted to assistant librarian, which earned him a certificate — and a bow tie to wear at work.

Photo credit: TLCshac via flickr


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Great stories. Cats and books kinda belong together.

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Cats were never domesticated by humans, it was the other way around.

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They all sound like they are very loved and well looked after, so beautiful a story. Thank you very much.

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