Books Banned For “Contradicting the Bible”


After reviewing a complaint made by a community member, school board officials in Republic, Missouri determined that two books were inappropriate for high school students.  They removed one, Sarah Ockler’s Twenty Boy Summer, from the school’s library, and another, the literary classic Slaughterhouse-Five, from the school’s curriculum.

Although school board members claimed that the books were banned because they were not “age-appropriate,” the original complaint was filed by a Wesley Scroggins, Republic resident who argued that the books “teach principles contrary to the Bible.”  Scroggins also went after Speak, Laurie Halsey Anderson’s young adult novel about date rape, but the school board decided that it was not sufficiently offensive to be removed from shelves or syllabi.

“I congratulate them for doing what’s right and removing the two books,” said Scroggins (who, according to UPI, didn’t attend the board meeting). “It’s unfortunate they chose to keep the other book.”

Notably, only one school board member had actually read all three books.  Twenty Boy Summer, a young adult novel about a girl who struggles with moving on after her boyfriend suddenly dies, was deemed inappropriate because it “sensationalizes sexual promiscuity.”  Slaughterhouse-Five, a classic which was included on the high school’s upper level syllabi, had too much profanity for high school students to handle.  Superintendent Vern Minor said that he thought it was a better choice for college students (because, you know, that summer after high school graduation makes all the difference in terms of maturity).

Students who want to use the books for a school project can get their parents’ permission to do so.  Given this loophole, it’s highly likely that there will be many more book reports on Twenty Boy Summer in the coming school year.  Perhaps someone will even investigate how, precisely, these books contradict Biblical teachings.

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W. C
W. C3 months ago

Ridiculous, thanks.

William C
William C3 months ago

Thank you for the information.

Paul Carter
Paul Carter3 years ago

I am against any form of censorship, except possibly for age related material. I also believe that no-one should even comment on a book they haven't read. I tend to believe that anyone who claims to have divine inspiration and therefore is allowed to control everyone else is a freeloading charlatan. In the UK we had such a man (King Charles 1st) fortunately we got rid of him. We had loads of miserable puritans who hated anyone to have any fun. We got rid of them to America (sorry about that). We had a self appointed censorship committee who reviewed everything and wanted to protect us from "corrupting influences". When it was pointed out that they watched more porn than anyone else and were not corrupted they lost all credibility. Now, for the most part, anyone claiming to be "holier than thou" and wanting to ban a book or anything else on biblical grounds would be ignored at best. What is more we actually have an Established Church (which most of us only pay lip-service to) while the USA has separation of church and state enshrined in its constitution, and too many people seem to wish that was not the case, as long as it was their church that was favoured .

Jeff Neff
Jeff Neff3 years ago

Someone should force these cretins to read the Constitution. We have separation of church and State for a reason, and this school board is the prime example of that reason

Richard D.
Richard Davis3 years ago

Book banning is probably the most effective form of book advertising ever invented.

William Eaves
William Eaves3 years ago

The only book that should be banned is that third rate fantasy novel - The Bible !

Lady Kaira
None None3 years ago

Thanks for the info

Lone W.
Lone W3 years ago

Banning means never ever, and that should not occur. There is the obligation to protect children from innapropriate readings, innapropriate for their age. However, higschool students are adolescents, and with guidance, they should start to be exposed to the real world, which is not always nice and happy. Parents should be encouraged to discuss this type of books with their adolescents when assigned for homework or if their daughter or son wnats to read them. If parents think the content is wrong, how are they going to show their children that if they do not show them why.

janet t.
janet t3 years ago

Are these schools going to ban kids from the news or the internet or movies. They get quite a bit of profanity in those places and science class must contradict the bible all over the place! Then there is history which with all the wars and pre marital baby-birthing must be too horrific for kids. I guess math and typing class might be acceptable but what would you do with that?

Nikolas K.
Nikolas K3 years ago

With the Scroggins of this world its no wonder the children are so easily dumbed down. The bible is full of misinformation/misleading information, promotes incest, but ok in a bible so why is it not banned. But to educate the young about their sexuality is not ok but what really make me laugh is that the banners did not even read the books just shows what morons we have running our childrens lives.