Change Comes to

Progressive social movement companies have permanently changed activism.  Now two, Salsa Labs and, each now changing its path.

As reported by the Huffington Post, has decided to change its advertising policy and will now allow for corporate advertising, astroturf campaigns, anti-abortion and Republican Party solicitations. It’s a turn away from the progressive politics that founded the company and one that will not likely sit well with the progressive base.

The policy shift is effective almost immediately, starting on October 24th. According to the Huffington Post had no plans to reach out to its user base or the media about the shift, presumably because sponsoring petitions and building lists for anti-abortion, anti-envrionment causes is not likely to be popular.

In response to the reports has suggested the change in their advertising policies is good because it will empower more people to lead to positive change. And while transparency and access are always laudable goals, one does have to question whether taking on astroturf campaigns like those run by the Koch brothers actually supports those very goals.


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Tim Paich
Tim P5 years ago

I have a couple of petitions on that site. They are "movies allowed on public transportation" and "reshaping the world to improve our lives".

James W.
James W5 years ago

Melissa W.
Melissa W5 years ago

With over 8,000 signatures and 12,000 recruits - I am done. Good bye I hope we have made a difference in the past because I feel we are not making any "Change" now.

DORIS L5 years ago

Bad idea.

Olivia S.
Past Member 5 years ago

Holy crap! Some change is good.....but this..NO.

Mary T.
Mary T5 years ago started out being a great site for petitions, starting and sharing them, until about a year ago they made a change that we could only share our petitions to our friends on Facebook instead of our friends on which takes away our chances of getting any names on some of them, They also only allow you to send a few invites even to Facebook, Now they are selling out their members to greed, When started it was a progressive site and their members are what made this site what it used to be not what it is now, To many changes for me and not for the good, Shame on you started selling its progressive soul for the corporate dollar when they implemented a decision during January of this year to route any member who wants to share a petition through Facebook. Below are the links to four petitions that outline how low the site had sunk before the latest clandestine sell out.

Power to the peons aka the 99%!

aj E.
aj E5 years ago


Jelica R.
Jelica R5 years ago

I was not doing much at this year, since they adopted FB as the primary sharing option. I am not on FB, and even if I am, my FB friends may not be interested in petitions unlike my friends. Besides, has become very slow since merging with FB (are you listening, care2!)

Now, I am going to read my messages, sign forwarded petitions, invite my friends to join me here at care2 and close my Change account. Should have done this months ago.

Danuta Watola
Danuta W5 years ago

Important information.

Shan D.
Shan D5 years ago

"I have found some of the corporate advertising and sponsorship on Care2 'click to donate' rather disturbing as well." (Monica K.)

This is why I no longer "click to donate." I don't know who is trustworthy anymore. I've become rather particular with my Butterfly Credits, too.

As for, I won't be helping them out with any more page views. Let Mitt Romney and his buddies support them. I wonder how much the payoff was?