Charges Upgraded For Patrick’s Owner

Patrick, the dog who is recovering after being nearly starved to death and tossed down the garbage chute of a New Jersey apartment has no idea that forces have been working on his behalf to get justice for his horrific abuse. 

This week charges against the dog’s owner were upgraded to include “torture and torment of a living creature” which carries a much stiffer sentence.

Essex County Prosecutor Carolyn Murray upgraded the animal cruelty charges against Kisha Curtis to a fourth-degree criminal charge that carries a sentence of 18 months in jail and/or a $3,000 fine if she is convicted.

Curtis is currently being held at the Passaic County jail on $10,000 bail.

Col. Frank Rizzo of the New Jersey SPCA left the following statement on the Patrick’s page on the Associated Humane Societies of New Jersey website.

“Please let this serve as an update on the Patrick the Pitbull case against Kisha Curtis. After careful consideration, we have decided to upgrade the charges against Ms. Curtis from disorderly persons offenses to indictable offense 4:22-17 (b)1 – torment and torture. The public must know that we will not tolerate this kind of behavior towards animals in the State of N J and we will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.”

While all of this legal action took place, Patrick continued with his recovery and reached several big triumphs.

  • On March 29 Patrick began wagging his tail when he saw staff members at Garden State Veterinary Specialists where he is being cared for.  Manager Bruce Sanchez said, “He is truly becoming a real dog again.”
  • On March 30 Patrick gave kisses when his rescuers at the Associated Humane Societies of New Jersey came for a visit. The dog also gained 2 ¼ pounds.
  • On March 31 Patrick was eating enough food for a 50 pound dog, which is what his weight should be. 

During the week Patrick has also had a steady stream of visitors from the media and the public to wish him well and bring him lots of treats and toys.


Photo from the Associated Humane Societies of New Jersey


Haitham H.
Past Member 6 years ago

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Ashley Meyers
Ashley Meyers6 years ago

I am so glad that they found the person that did this to him. Justice will be served Patrick.

Kimberly Bennett
Kimberly Bennett6 years ago

That witch deserve a longer jail time for what she did to Patrick! That fine does not cover the vet bills and she should e paying for his medical for rest of life. If your going to do it do it right!

I am happy to hear Patrick is doing so much better! He went threw a lot in his short life.

Robyn O.
Robyn O6 years ago

Sorry for the grammatical errors in my previous email, but I am so upset by cruelty to animals, children and adults at the bottom of American society I didn't proof the message as well as I usually do.

Robyn O.
Robyn O6 years ago

Judging from the location and deductions about the individual involved, there is so much cruelty to animals in that population because there is so much cruel to that population's humans. We have to make our society better, not just among those who can read and understand what life is about, but especially among members of our society who are incapable of even taking care of themselves. We have urban populations of huge numbers of unwanted children and no understanding of this the problems of this kind of life. They don't even take of their children, much less any poor animals that come into contact with them. Every child is this society should be guaranteed an education and an even playing field even if his or her parent(s) just doesn't care. We need a complete reorientation of the social order, with the best possibilities of a good life for everyone. It's possible, if we really care what kind of society we have.

Tammy McKee
Tammy McKee6 years ago

Charges against her need to be increased.

Olenka G.
Olenka G.6 years ago


carlee trent
carlee trent6 years ago

patrick i love you

Peggy Peters
Peggy Peters6 years ago

I still feel the charges are NOT hefty enough!!!
Bless Patrick's little soul -- he is an amazing little fighter!!!
May he find the best home ever!!!!

Annmari Lundin
Annmari Lundin6 years ago

So glad to hear about Patrick's recovery and that NJ is throwing the book at the abuser. I'm not going to waste time typing its name, only hope it will never be close to any animal ever again!