Chevy Volt Approved For $5,000 Tax Rebate In California

Future Chevy Volt owners in California can breathe a sigh of relief: General Motors will come out with a version of the plug-in hybrid that will qualify for the state’s generous tax rebates in 2012.

The Volt is already eligible for a up to $7,500 in federal credits, but with a $41,000 price tag ($44,600 fully loaded), Chevy hopes eligibility for additional state rebates will enhance accessibility.

According to Green Tech Media’s Michael Kanellos, who recently spoke with the Volt’s vehicle line director, Tony Posawatz, To qualify for the state rebate, GM has to meet the standards of the Advanced Technology Partial Zero Emissions Vehicle (AT-PZEV) specifications.

These specifications require cars in this category to guarantee their batteries will last for ten years and/or 150,000 miles. The idea behind the law is to prevent companies from trying to game the regulations by putting out a car with a small battery or a battery that may not last.

Until it was announced that GM would attempt to build a AT-PZEV-compliant version of the Volt, the Nissan LEAF seemed to have the upper hand in the U.S. electric vehicle market. The current LEAF meets all ATPZEV requirements and has approved for solo access to California’s High Occupancy Vehicle lanes.

Unlike the Nissan LEAF, the Chevy Volt has a range-extending gasoline engine, and experts say that it’s this feature that’s making it hard to fit into current governmental tax credit structures.

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Image Credit: Flickr - kykorvette


jane richmond
jane richmond6 years ago

to save the environment -- YES!

Scott M.
Its wonderful e6 years ago

Why only $5000, these cars could be supplied free to 1 million Californians by just taxing the remaining citizens on average $1500 each. This small cost would allow the drivers to get free cars and put 1 million volts on the road.

Annmari Lundin
Annmari Lundin6 years ago

My dream car runs on electricity and natural (bio) gas (with solar panels on top). The electrcity are produced using renewable resources and the natural gas comes from waste. If this dream car of mine where available (financially that is) it would mean those non-democratic, medieval, womenhating sheiks would go bankcrupt. A majority of petroleum are used to fuel up cars. If there where an affordable car, massproduced, that ran on renewable energy, then it wouldn't take long before the OPEC closed down. And as a plus we would all breathe much cleaner air. The global warming would get slower and it would be a good thing for all of humanity. Well, one can always dream...

Diana S.
Diana S6 years ago

Awesome! I have been giving serious consideration to the Chevy Volt as my next car, and this makes it considerably more affordable (I reside in California) for me.

It also gives me another reason for kicking myself in the ass for not buying GM stock when it fell during the crash-and-bailout a few years ago!!! I should have followed my hunch back then - maybe if I had, I'd be paying CASH for that new Volt!

Sharon L.
Sharon L.6 years ago

Where is CA going to get the Money. They are cutting back on every service that would help the poor. and those that can not support them selves.

Oh I forgot if you can afford to buy the Car you should be paid to buy. one.

Bon L.
Bon L6 years ago

Thanks for the info.

Mara C.
Past Member 6 years ago

Way to go Chevy! Now you need to lower the price so we common folk can afford to buy one.

Sinisa Martinovic

I want one just for the environment

Brian Drake
Brian Drake6 years ago

Wish I could afford one!

Ann P.
A P6 years ago

Tax incentives only work for those who itemize tax deductions. They don't work for many people.