Child Rape Victims “Pitiful Bunch of Malcontents”: Catholic Group

Catholic League President Bill Donohue has called victims of priest abuse and their advocates and supporters a “pitiful bunch of malcontents” and “professional victims.”

He made the comments on the League’s website in response to a conference organized to mark a decade since the Boston Catholic Church abuse scandal emerged. The comments are illustrated with an image of a crying baby.

He also said that Catholics had “moved on” and were not “wallowing in negativity.”

Donohue has been criticized multiple times for comments seen as lacking any sensitivity towards the victims of abuse by the church.

He characterized as “hysterical” the response to the Ryan Report, the result of a lengthy inquiry into the abuse of children in Ireland over decades. He called the abuse “homosexuality.”

Last April the League took out a full page advert in the New York Times which blamed the abuse crisis on the media, scammers and gay people.

Other figures, including Rick Santorum and Rush Limbaugh, have attempted to place the blame for the abuse anywhere but with the Church.

Santorum said in 2002 when the scandal broke that it was “no surprise that the center of the Catholic Church abuse took place in very liberal, or perhaps the nation’s most liberal area, Boston.”

The Boston Catholic Church itself has issued a report on the tenth anniversary of the scandal detailing what they had done in response.

“Since the time I was named Archbishop of Boston in July of 2003 our highest priority has been to provide outreach and care for all the survivors of clergy sexual abuse and to do everything possible to make sure this abuse never happens again,” Cardinal Sean O’Malley said.

“As an Archdiocese, as a Church, we can never cease to make clear the depth of our sorrow and to beg forgiveness from those who were so grievously harmed,” he said.

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Natasha Salgado
Past Member 6 years ago

This is not a Church of faith but rather a Satanic cult sucking the sweetness and kindness out of humanity. Just bloody GRIMM.

Martha Eberle
Martha Eberle7 years ago

Donohue is beyond insensitive. Many of the abuse victims took decades before they could admit publicly, what happened to them, because of the shame. I don't know what the Catholic League is about, but the whole Catholic Church is corrupt, from the Pope on down. Women who choose to be nuns, seem to do the best they can by their students. But it is the whole deification of priests, of families inviting them for dinner at their homes, as if they're the "best" men on earth, that has kept victims from identifying them for decades. Being a pedophile (which has NOTHING to do with being homosexual) is shameful, and a disease of sorts, but the whole putting these men up on a pedestal in Catholic homes, is the problem -- Catholics have no perspective to judge these priests as human men.

BMutiny TCorporationsAreE

A thing most people don't know, is Rick Santorum's close connections with the extreme and cult-like Catholic group, Opus Dei. {Yes, like in the Da Vinci Code - which was based on true factual research into controversial Opus Dei.}
The organization Opus Dei paid for a trip to Rome while Santorum was a Senator {as part of his "official duties"}; Senator Santorum was accompanied on this trip by an Opus Dei priest; and the occasion for the trip was the canonization {raising to Sainthood} of the founder of Opus Dei. Santorum even gave a speech at that event -- the transcript of Santorum's speech is public and available -- in which Santorum declared that his entire life and Political Agenda were inspired by Opus Dei's founder. Opus Dei, by the way, has had close ties with many Fascist dictators -- this can be researched -- and is one of the reasons it is so controversial.

Another thing to say here, is, that money people give to the Church DOES NOT GO TO CHARITY; but to the Church's Political Agenda, at this time an ENORMOUS amount going into fighting Marriage Equality for Gays. And, of course, money given to pay off victims of abuse for their silence; and much, much money for the best sneaky slandering lawyers that money can seduce. Money for Catholic Charities actually comes from money the U.S. Government GIVES to the Catholic Church for its "social programs". OUR taxpayers' money! Please, Catholics, stop giving ANY of your money to the Catholic Church. They are LYING about w

Jennifer Knight
Jennifer Knight7 years ago

For Catholics, non-Catholics, and non-Christians, please understand that Bill Donohue does NOT speak for the Catholic Church; does NOT represent Catholic or Christian values; and is an embarrassment to the entire Church.

Satan has a stronghold around his neck, and everything that comes out of his mouth is 20% truth and 80% lie, which is how Satan works - just enough little bit of truth to make the unknowning convinced that he speaks all truth. That's the way Hitler was, Stalin was, Hussein was.

Donohue is little short of evil, but as Catholics, we are required to keep him in our prayers. We pray for his conversion of spirit, and apologize to those he has wronged.

Joan Mcallister
7 years ago

This guy is a complete idiot what does he know about it, so the Catholic Church has moved on, I don't think so, all they have done is swept it under the carpet in the hopes that it will go away, surprise it is not going anywhere. All the victims out there deserve to be heard. People like Bill Donoghue and all the others supposedly dogooders out there who don't have a clue what they are talking about should just sit down, shut up and go away

Jackie Agusta
Jackie Agusta7 years ago

Put this idiot in a room with the survivors and we'll see what he thinks about it then. When are these fools going to realise that homosexuality and paedophilia are two completely different things? This guy should just shut up and sit down because he clearly has nothing useful to say on the subject, what a tool :-(

Sarah M.
Sarah M7 years ago


Lika S.
Lika P7 years ago

The Bible does NOT condone having consensual sex with children, much less raping them. I say these types of Catholics and other religious people who agree will probably find themselves a date with the devil for that.

Kathy Perez
Kathy Johnson7 years ago

It's a sad day when a "christian" says things so heartlessly, especially one of his stature

Deborah L.
Deborah Lashever7 years ago

The "Anti-Christ" is not one person but all these people that use the Church for their own ends and pervert the beautiful teachings of Christ.

And do it in His name!

Pride before God? Ya' think?