China and Malaysia Ban BPA in Baby Bottles

The Chinese government announced yesterday that bisphenol A (BPA) in baby bottles will be banned. Starting June 1, 2011, it will be illegal to manufacture bottles with bisphenol A and starting on September 1, it will be illegal to import or sell them. According to GreenBiz, Malaysia has also announced a ban on BPA in baby bottles starting in March 2012.

The Chinese and Malaysian bans follow similar bans of BPA in the European Union and Canada in previous years. Canada is the first country to have declared BPA a toxic substance. Although the Government of Canada does not believe current dietary exposure to BPA via food packaging poses a risk to most Canadians, there is sufficient uncertainty stemming from some animal studies to warrant limiting the exposure of infants (especially those who are fed primarily pre-packaged formula) to BPA.

The United States still does not have a nationwide ban of BPA, despite a major BPA investigation conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency. Eight states, however, have banned BPA in some form and twelve more states (California, Hawaii, Illinois, New Jersey, South Dakota, Kentucky, Maine, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Tennessee and North Dakota) are currently considering bills on this issue.

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Jeanne Rogers
Jeanne R1 years ago


Claire M.
Claire M5 years ago

I went to a global source site to look for baby bottle manufacturers and pretty much found mainland China as the source. If they are not putting the substance in the products then who is? If they are then why would they be ok with exporting it but not using it them selves?

Cheryl B.
Cheryl B6 years ago

great news

Sonny Honrado
Sonny Honrado6 years ago

Not only in baby bottles.

KrassiAWAY B.
Krasimira B6 years ago

Agree with Clara.

clara H.
Clara Hamill6 years ago

China bans harmful chemicals before the U.S? Odd

Ruby W.
Ruby W6 years ago

Just ban plastic eating utensils and dishes altogether. From what I've read plastic that does not contain BPA contains similar chemicals that are just about as bad. Glass is the way to go.

Bernadette P.
berny p6 years ago

AT last something GOOD that china has done...for once we could learn from them!

Loo Samantha
Loo sam6 years ago

safety first, so glad my country, Malaysia is on the list.
thanks for sharing.

Jonathan Y.
Jonathan Y6 years ago

Now if they would only regulate all their other industrial activity which is among the most unsafe in the world!