China Clones Gene-Edited Beagles for Lab Testing

His name is Longlong, and he was created to develop a debilitating illness. He’ll live his life in a Chinese laboratory.

Isn’t that sad? Researchers actually want a dog fated to develop a heart disease. In fact, they want a lot of those dogs, so they can study them.

Longlong is a beagle puppy cloned in China by researchers for the express purpose of†studying atherosclerosis. According to the American Heart Association, atherosclerosis:

…is a big word for a big problem: fatty deposits that can clog arteries. These buildups are called plaque. They’re made of cholesterol, fatty substances, cellular waste products, calcium and fibrin (a clotting material in the blood).

Scientifically, Longlong is a major achievement. He represents the first time researchers have successfully combined cloning with gene-editing.†The puppy’s reason for existence, however, will break any dog lover’s heart.

Longlong is a cloned copy of Apple, a beagle puppy whose genome was edited to make him develop atherosclerosis.†But†just having Apple to study wasn’t sufficient, of course. China’s scientists decided to use him clone Longlong — and two other†identical beagle puppies, Xixi and Nuonuo — using “gene-edited”Ě Apple as the source.

Yes, they now have four genetically identical gene-edited puppies to experiment on. Let that sink in for a moment. According to CNN, even though the puppies are currently healthy and not showing signs of atherosclerosis, scientists are already giving them atherosclerosis drugs to study their effects.

South Korea cloned the first-ever dog, an Afghan hound named Snuppy, in 2005. Care2 readers may recall that in 2017, South Korea reported success in “re-cloning”Ě dogs – that is, making a clone from a clone. In addition to the money to be made from people†who want to clone their deceased pets, scientists†aim†to study those “re-clones”Ě to see what effect the process has on longevity and health.

Why are dogs such popular research subjects when studying disease? Chinese scientists say 400 out of 900 genetic diseases dogs inherit closely†mirror those same diseases in humans, so they make the most appropriate subjects. Then again, dogs are not humans. Many would argue that enough parallels do not exist to justify the practice.

“Gene-edited dogs are very useful for pharmaceutical companies,” China Agriculture University professor Shi Zhensheng told CNN. “The supply falls short of the demand every year.”

Can you imagine this horror show? Pharmaceutical companies are actually clamoring for puppies so they can test, tinker and experiment with their lives, all in the name of “science”Ě — and, certainly, profit.

beagle with sad eyes

Photo credit: Thinkstock

It seems†that certain drug companies and research groups don’t care that†humans†have†no ethical right to do something like this.

Hold your dogs close tonight. Be thankful they’ll never have to experience what Apple, Longlong, Xixi and Nuonuo and millions of other lab animals will go through. It’s no kind of life.

We should be†moving away from animal experimentation, not creating armies of debilitated animals who are fated to die after living horrible, sad lives in a lab. Yes, we need to find cures for diseases — but do we need to torment fellow creatures to get there?

Photo Credit: Marcus Wallis/Unsplash


Marie W
Marie W2 months ago

Thanks for sharing the info.

KimJ M
KimJ M8 months ago


KimJ M
KimJ M8 months ago


Mark Donner
Mark Donner8 months ago

Animal "researchers" and those that enable them are scum of the earth. They are not "educated" or "scientists", they are hard core criminal sadists who should never be allowed to see anything outside of a prison cell.

John B
John B8 months ago

Thanks Susan for sharing the info. I totally agree we should be moving away from animal experimentation. I'm supporter of the National Anti-Vivisection Society. Here is a link to find out more ===

cristiano torchio
cristiano torchio8 months ago

this is the beginning of another problem

Mike R
Mike R8 months ago

This is very wrong. There is no excuse to keep using animals in any testing. Cloning is also wrong. Appalling. Thanks

Karen N
Karen N8 months ago

SHAME on those that condone, promote, support, participate, spectate & profit in the exploitation & harming of animals in any way whatsoever & SHAME on those in governments & authority for condoning & letting them get away with it, you all not only make life a living hell for animals you make the world a very depressing place causing misery, mental anguish & distress to those of us that empathise with other 'living beings' . . . Society can never truly progress until it progresses morally & stops the exploitation, suffering, harming & murder of animals & others & that can't possibly happen while those in governments & authorities continue to condone the exploitation, harming & murder of animals! . . . Governments worldwide should be legislating & ENFORCING laws to protect the welfare of ALL species of animals, tame & wild, PERMANENTLY protecting them from exploitation, abuse & harm . . . NOT condoning barbarism & the exploitation, suffering, harming & murder of them or the destruction of the habitat of wild animals & the environment for the sake of human arrogance, so-called beliefs, business and profit etc.! . . . Also for the welfare of all species of animals, their habitat, the oceans, forests, environment & human health, governments worldwide should be encouraging, promoting & supporting a vegan lifestyle . . .

Karen N
Karen N8 months ago

Totally immoral and unforgivable! . . . The day mankind evolved on earth with their arrogance and deluded belief of superiority is the day life on earth became a living hell for animals! . . . It is high time those that think up, condone, participate and profit in such immoral treatment of animals were put under the microscope and experimented on to determine what makes them think up and support such vile procedures and experiments which involve animals. If there were no animals or other forms of life scientist would soon come up with alternative ways to experiment. If scientists put their mind to it they could soon find other ways of experimenting which doesn't involve the abuse, suffering and death of another species. Using animals and other creatures is simply an immoral, convenient, lazy and cheap option - hence obscene profits! . . . A life is a life regardless of species and all deserve compassion and respect, it no more acceptable to exploit and subject animals to suffering and harm than it is humans . . . One thing is for sure . . . Mankind's abhorrent behaviour and dependency on animals makes the human species rather inferior and pathetic . . . unlike animals who survived on their own and managed themselves perfectly well long before certain humans evolved on earth making their lives a living hell.

Leanne K
Leanne K8 months ago

Jeepers that is beyond wrong
Its sick