China Slated to Ban Cat and Dog Meat

The Chinese parliament will soon have the opportunity to outlaw the sale of cats and dogs for human consumption.  Pressure to end the ancient practice is coming from a surprising source – a newly emerging, pet loving middle class.


The idea that eating dog and cat meat is repugnant to the western world is a concept that hasn’t taken hold in China until recently.  The custom is centuries-old and restaurants abound throughout the country.  Dog in particular, is considered to be a delicacy that is believed to have “warming properties.”  It is popular in the northeastern part of China where winter months are frigid.  Cat meat is more popular in southern China.


The proposed legislation, which will be reviewed by the National People’s Congress in April, is part of a larger bill to stop animal abuse in the country.  If the law is passed, people who are caught eating either domestic animal will be fined as much as $730 and spend up to 15 days in jail.  Restaurants and retailers involved in the practice will face fines from $1,500 to $70,000. 


The law will also obligate legal authorities to respond to hotline calls from the public about violations and force them close down thousands of dog restaurants and butchers. 


In the past several years, the tradition of eating companion animals has become increasingly unpopular in China.  A new middle class of affluent and pet loving citizens has emerged and have become the backbone behind the new way of thinking.


This educated group has become very vocal about ending the practice.  They initiated online petitions that attracted tens of thousands of signatures.  And they posted videos showing the abuse cats and dogs endure in the industry.


This wave of public awareness has spurred the creation of outspoken animal rights groups in many Chinese cities. 


Zeng Li, the founder of the Lucky Cats shelter in Beijing said, “I support this proposal. Whether you judge this as a question of food security or emotion, there is absolutely no necessity in China for people to eat dogs and cats.  We need something more than moral pressure.  Beijing’s dog restaurants get their meat mainly from vagrant and stolen dogs.  In the suburbs, dogs are hung and slaughtered in front of buyers.”


Activists regularly block trucks carrying hundreds of cats to meat markets and break into cages to release animals outside of restaurants.  Their actions have created strong social tensions that have led to several recent murders.


The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences has been studying the changing public opinion for the past year.  “We are proposing that all dog and cat eating should be banned because it is causing many social problems,” said Chang Jiwen, a law professor at the Chinese Academy. 


Chinese citizens who uphold traditional values seem bewildered by the new regard for cats and dogs.  A comment posted by a reader on the Xhinua news agency website said, “This is absurd.  Why only dogs and cats?  How about pigs, cows and sheep?”


The proposed “pet meat ban” has created a lot of controversy, even before Chinese legislators have read it.  It was originally part of a more comprehensive law about animal rights that was scaled back to the prevention of animal abuse.  Many Chinese are more concerned with fixing human rights in the country before tackling the rights of animals.  Experts think there is a 50:50 chance that the ban on cat and dog meat will become law.


Please sign the Care2 petition to help see that this proposition becomes law.  Click Here.


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Lydia Santiago
Lydia Santiago8 years ago

I am proud of this new view on eating our companions and I am all for it, but i strongly believe no animal should be eaten.

Elizabeth Mary S.

68% doesn't seem a lot. It should be a lot more. Eating companion animals is barbaric.

Pauline P.
Pauline P8 years ago

I am sooooo Glad that the people in China are standing up for those that cannot speak. This is a step closer to helping the dogs and cats.

Carolyn Taylor
Carolyn Taylor8 years ago


Jenny Clarkson
Jenny Clarkson8 years ago

Evil acts?

I don't eat meat. Never will. And I really hope you don't.

If you do, what makes a steak different to dog? Bacon to a slither of cat? Dog is just a good nutritious meat as most on the market. And we kill tens of millions of strays a year. So technically, you should probably eat up if you truly cared! One less carcass in the trash. One less dog to make into food they use on factory farms.

Every kind of meat is evil.
Every single person knows that. We just LOVE making another country sound barbaric. (Shh, it gives your government power, but they don't want you to realise that!)

Nita O.
Nita O.8 years ago

The earlier the better, china has to stop that evil acts.

poepiesnoepie k.
Past Member 8 years ago

I'd rather see it be implemented than just hear it.. it might be another heresay again... I still believe "action speaks louder than words"

Paritosh P.
Paritosh P8 years ago

they should take some steps.. and execute it

Paritosh P.
Paritosh P8 years ago

good initiative

Isabel Pereira
Isabel Pereira8 years ago

I would be so happy if they did this!!! Now if we could just get the Koreans to follow suit...