Chinese Animal Lovers Save Hundreds Of Dogs Being Trucked To Slaughterhouse

Nearly 200 heroic animal lovers in China saved the lives of 580 dogs that were being trucked to a Beijing slaughterhouse for their meat. 

The courageous rescue demonstrated how a new middle class in Chinese society is changing how the country regards companion animals.

The Associated Press reported the event began when a man spotted a truck at a highway toll booth, “packed with hundreds of whimpering dogs.” The animal lover swerved in front of the truck to block it and then put out a plea for help on “Sina Weibo,” a popular Twitter-like microblogging site.

Nearly 200 people responded to the message and surrounded the truck for 15 hours.  The group was finally able to negotiate with the driver to release of the dogs when they paid out a sum of $17,606.

Most of the money was paid by a pet company and an animal protection foundation.

The dogs, which were stacked on four levels of metal crates in the truck all showed signs of dehydration and wounds from scuffles with each other in the tight quarters.  Some had severe injuries and others showed signs of contracting the deadly virus, Parvo.

“They were squeezing and pressing on each other and some were biting and fighting, and I saw some were injured or sick,” according to Li Wei, who is the manager of Capital Animal Welfare Association and one of the people who participated in the rescue. Li said at least one dog had died in the truck.

The dogs were brought to the Dongxing Animal Hospital in Beijing.  On Tuesday 68 dogs remained in the facility, filling every room and corridor.  Many were bandaged or had intravenous drips hanging from their limbs. Dozens of volunteers have collected at the hospital to clean cages and mop floors.

One dog even had a litter of puppies since being rescued from the slaughterhouse truck.

The rescue mission was a very remarkable statement about changes in Chinese culture.  Historically dogs have been considered food in the country and there are no laws banning it.

But in China, “as people became well-off, they had money to raise dogs, and while raising these dogs, they developed feelings for dogs,” said Lu Yunfeng, a sociology professor at Peking University.

Another interesting aspect of the standoff was the reaction by police that were called to the scene.

At first they told the driver, who had all of his papers in order, to continue on his way. But when the man who originally started the blockade told them he thought the dogs might be stolen, the police permitted the group to surround the truck.

Still not everyone was pleased with the demonstration.  The AP said an editorial in the Legal Daily newspaper “accused activists of breaking the law and putting animals’ rights over people’s.”

The dogs that were healthy enough to travel have been moved to a property on the outskirts of Beijing where volunteers from Capital Animal Welfare will care for them.


Click Here to see the AP Video of the rescue.




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W. C
W. C7 months ago

Thank you.

William C
William C7 months ago

Thanks for the information.

Mary Cromley
.4 years ago

Finally, Chinese people saving dogs, not torturing and eating them.

Joanna M.
Joanna M4 years ago

I myself always liked dogs but never owned one, til fate intervened, causing me to cross paths with a severely neglected, abandoned pup who was dying of parvo three years ago.

It was the best decision I ever made! Now I advocate for others to do the same.

Please sign my petition, pledging to adopt at least one rescued dog or cat in your lifetime. So many animals need YOU to give them a second chance at life!

Androod Yao
Androod Yao5 years ago

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I am setting up the page to share the pets eating situation in China to the public, in order to make more pressure to the Government of China so they may ban pets stealing and illegal pets killing.
I never ask for any money and will not accept any donation. I will list the pets loving territory and pets eating territory so if you would like to travel in China, you can avoid the pets eating places. Latest news about pets stealing/eating and pets saving will be posted too.
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Please notice this is not against China or Chinese people, I am a Chinese in both race and nationality.

Terri Harris-Downing

A horrible, tragic situation all around.Beyond words.. Eating dogs or cats is so sick, so wrong & so unbelievable! But it's true. I'm glad that all Chinese don't do this & these individuals aided & rescued these dogs.

sofia d.
Sofia D5 years ago

im sorry but eating cats and dogs in China and other Asian countries is wrong. Especially, with the cruel and inhumane normally shown toward all animals in the God forsaken country. But there is hope that some will stand up and do the right thing and show compassion and a heart

Caitlin D.
Caitlin D.5 years ago

Honestly, I am personally concerned, not with the dogs going to the slaughter house (because eating what we call pets is acceptable in China), but with why the people who eat this meat weren't concerned. Like, if I were chinese and ate dog, I would want to know why my food was being sent off to harvest with diseases that I would eventually be eating. Its in our DNA to eat meat but we arent supposed to be packing these animals into unhealthy and stressful situations so that we eventually become unhealthy and stressed... Its Karma!

Fi T.
Past Member 5 years ago

I wish more animals were helped

katarzyna phillips

i remember hearing about this a while ago, it's good to see that there are some chinese who stand up to such treatment of pets, knowing what their end outcome will be if they don't intervene. those people are heroes foe these animals. i hope in time [sooner rather than later is wishful thinking] that all of china will appreciate their pets and give them the unconditional love and respect they deserve, like they give to their human 'masters'