Chinese City Cancels Plan to Euthanize Dogs

The fates of tens of thousands of pet dogs in Jiangmen, China, seemed to hang in the balance earlier this week, after city officials announced that they were banning dogs from the most populous urban areas.  Dog owners had until August 26 to take their pets to facilities where the dogs would either be placed with rural families, or euthanized.  Since the ban would affect an estimated 30,000 dogs, it seems likely that a large number of the dogs would meet the latter end.

However, pet owners’ pleas seem to have been successful.  A “fierce wave of protest” inspired city authorities to roll back the ban, although Jiangmen is still requiring some changes.  According to the China Daily, “Citizens will be able to keep their pets but are forbidden from taking them to some public areas including parks, city squares, schools, kindergartens, shopping malls and hotels etc.”  When dogs are found in public places, authorities will, instead of forcibly removing the animals, try to convince the owners to move the pet themselves.

The outrage seems mostly to have come from Chinese dog owners, intent upon keeping their pets.  But it’s clear that China does need to do something to deal with its rabies problem, which was the impetus for the original ban.  Rounding up and killing or removing dogs is a poor solution, as many experts pointed out.  But perhaps Chinese authorities should look into large-scale vaccination and education programs, so that dogs do not become a public health hazard.

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Photo from Nathan R. Yergler via Creative Commons Labs.


naomi cohen
naomi cohen6 years ago

this is really a victory. any animals we can save is one step forward.

jessica w.
jessica w6 years ago


Joy Jin
Joy Jin6 years ago

yay! good for china. one step in the right direction.

Alessandra C.

A happy ending! Yet, I do not understand such tough measures against pets in public places such as parks. Teaching people to be a responsible dog owner (in parks, too) is the best response.

Sheila M.
Sheila M6 years ago

VERY stupid Headline - The Chinese do not EUTHANIZE animals - they beat them to death. BIG difference.

Pat C.
Pat C6 years ago

Good job!

Anna M6 years ago

Great news for those animals and their owners. I also hope this will stop all the stereotyping that all Chinese are heartless animal haters. There are many who love and protect animals, and are going to great lengths to do so, in a country with no human rights, much less animal rights. It's not as easy to be an animal lover in China, especially when you're poor and have no political power, but I'm so glad that is changing. I hope the government will finally understand the importance of vaccinations and the senseless of culling. I'm glad the people's voice was heard this time.

wizzy wizard
wiz wi6 years ago


Deanna Giggles
Deanna Zimmerman6 years ago

nice news in such tumultuous times.

dve d.
aa b6 years ago

i voted yes