Christianists Suck Up Media Attention – Again

In an example of Christianist activity, a tiny Christian group is attracting media attention after urging a boycott of Britain’s biggest retailer — and other Christians are saying nothing.

In 2003 the gay, Catholic blogger Andrew Sullivan ‘christened’ the term Christianist to define the minority of protestant Christians who absorb most of the media attention, whether burning Korans or hating on the gays.

Wrote Sullivan:

The number of Christians misrepresented by the Christian right is many.

The term “people of faith” has been co-opted almost entirely in our discourse by those who see Christianity as compatible with only one political party, the Republicans, and believe that their religious doctrines should determine public policy for everyone.

Urban Dictionary defines Christianist as:

A member of the Christian faith who seeks to use a religion of peace and tolerance for political and personal gain.

Like Westboro Baptist Church, the British group the Christian Institute is tiny but its press releases are legion.

It is calling for a boycott of Tesco, the UK’s biggest retailer, this Christmas in protest at a comment about “evil Christians” made by an employee on Flickr three years ago.

Head of research and development for the Tesco website, Nick Lansley, wrote on the photo website Flickr in 2008:

I’m campaigning against evil Christians (that’s not all Christians, just bad ones) who think that gay people should not lead happy lives and get married to their same-sex partners.

Following complaints the remark was removed.

The Christian Institute is only now protesting about Mr Lansley’s comment at the same time as it is objecting to a drink “degradingly called ‘p***y natural energy” being sold as a limited edition by the chain.

Christian Institute Director Colin Hart said:

I won’t be shopping at Tesco this Christmas, and I am repeatedly hearing from other Christians who have already come to the same conclusion.

Mr Lansley is entitled to his opinions, and Christians are entitled to choose not to shop at Tesco.

Mr Hart also criticised Tesco for reducing the amount of money it gives to Cancer Research UK — although five pence from the sale of each can of the drink the Institute objects to goes to the charity — and giving £30,000 (US$ 47,000) to the annual LGBT festival Pride London to fund a family area.

A Tesco spokesman said:

Mr Lansley’s comments, made in a personal capacity in 2008, in no way reflect the views of Tesco.

Our values as a company are such that we abhor criticism of any religion, and we knew nothing about Mr Lansley’s comments until they were brought to our attention.

We are very sorry that anyone might have thought that there was any blurring of the boundary between his personal comments and his work for Tesco. We have therefore asked him to remove the comments, and he has done so.

In none of the reporting of the boycott are other Christians quoted and no Christian organization has come out in opposition to the Christian Institute representing Christian opinion.

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Ashley D.
Ashley DICKENSON6 years ago

I wonder what cancer sufferers and their families have thought about this re-direction of funds from the Cancer Charity to the Gay Pride March - I lost both my father, his brother and their mum to cancer. You do not have to remain homosexual. It can be changed.

Rachel T.
Rachel T.6 years ago

I've got to say that I don't fault Nick Lansley for his comments, nor do I believe them to be unwarranted. All the Christians that I know are anti-gay and turn up their nose at the thought of gay marriage. Granted, I grew up in a Christian bubble, but I still see that this attitude is prevalent.

Mike Barnes
Michael Barnes6 years ago

James 2:1 My dear brothers and sisters, how can you claim that you have faith in our glorious Lord Jesus Christ if you favor some people more than others?

Jesus went on immediately, however, to point out their hypocrisy and commanded the people, “But do not ye after their works: for they say, and do not” (v. 3). He then cited the hypocrisy of the Pharisees. They lay heavy burdens upon the people but would not do anything to make the load lighter. Their own works were done to be observed by men rather than God. They made broad their phylacteries, the Scriptures which they customarily bound to their forehead and to their left wrist, containing the Scriptures of Exodus 13:3-16; Deuteronomy 6:5-9 and 11:13-21. This they did, not only when they prayed in the morning, but throughout the day, for the purpose of being seen of men. They also enlarged the borders of their garments, the tassels referred to in Deuteronomy 22:12, which were tokens that they were holy men.

William Seuffert
William Seuffert6 years ago

who care's ??? Hell I am not shopping there either~ I don't live near one! But really who care's? sometimes you need to ignore these types of people. Real Christians are out busy helping feed the poor and clothe the naked...... at least we better be specially this time of the year. Sure you can do some shopping in there also.

steven a.
steven a6 years ago

have you noticed that when these over enthusiastic Christians start preaching they always preach from that part of the bible that coincides with their own personal prejudices.

Barbara D.
Barbara DeFratis6 years ago

"The true meaning of being a Christain is being accepting of other peoples' beliefs even if you do not agree with them." C.M.P
Amen and Amen.

James D.
James D6 years ago

3) ran out of space...

And, of course, as they will readily complain, if
you don't agree with completely and follow only what
Christianity spoon feeds you, you are picking on/bashing

Ryana - If we are trying to do them a good turn, I think it might be better (and just as much fun in a different way) to invite them to be tied to a chair and to listen to Reason for a couple of years, non-stop. This is the reverse of what happened to get them where they are and might well work. If not, then by all means sprinkle away. ;-)

Barbara S. - Quite right! The new role of the Corporate Media is not inform us but to distract us from reality so that we won't get riled up against the Oligarchy. Kind of like the Roman Games.

"And it harm none, do what you will."

James D.
James D6 years ago


I, we, refer to these folks as "Goodists", as explained
above. they can be Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, etc.

I have no problem with Goodists of any description. They are
usually unlikely to be of any danger to anyone, as well as
usually being more reasonable (when they are indeed using
reason) than those others who are of their same supposed
religious views.

As to not being qualified to judge whether someone is a Good
example of their stated religion: Christians, Muslims, and
others - but particularly Christians here in the West - have
forever made a living of judging the religions of others.
Most often by distorting what they do understand about them
along with spreading the most obscene Lies about other
viewpoints. For, indeed, most of these "great" religions
don't want any other viewpoints. Purportedly because theirs
is the only "righteous" path and therefore it should be the
one to which every living soul is converted. In the case of
Christianity particularly, probably Islam as well, I think
the greater concern is this: whenever there is True choice
and discourse on what other religions teach, Christianity
wanes, as it has been doing in this country for decades.
Introduce knowledge of a Nature oriented religion that
reveres and respects the Natural and you lose adherents to
that view. Introduce a religion that reveres and respects
the Feminine in Nature and you lose adherents to that view.
Etc. etc. And, of course, as they will re

James D.
James D6 years ago


When the discussion turns towards religion - which BTW does
not mean only Christianity, as in when I was growing up,
what religion are you? meant which Christian denomination
are you - and Christianity in particular, the argument
breaks out over Good and Bad Christians. Of course, it
sometimes does and always could head in that direction
concerning any of the more familiar "great", meaning only
"large" I assume, religions.

Having studied most all of these - when you are of a
minority religion it is good to "know thy enemies" - this is
what I and many people I know have come to on this question:

People, in general, Want to be Good. Wherever they are born
and raised there is usually One dominant religion. They are
told, by parents, friends, teachers, etc., that the dominant
religion is Good and Right. So, they (after a proper amount
of indoctrination and slop swallowing) "become" of that
religion so that they will be considered and be viewed as
Good. Now most of the teachings of these "great" religions
(just a generalization, don't break out the bonfires) are
actually not Good. For pity sake Read the Bible and keep it
in context! However, most of the adherents (loosely used
term) are Good people and would never do many of things
their religious writings say they must. They "cherry pick"
want they can stand and do that.

pam w.
pam w6 years ago

I'm with many of you....CHRISTIANISTAS is good! I like it! Thanks!