Clinton: More Women Presidents Needed

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been especially busy on recent foreign tours.  But she’s still made time to throw a few zingers into her act — one of them directed at the U.S.’s lack of gender diversity in leaders.

Via The Caucus:

On the eve of President Obama‘s first trip to South America, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton sang praises to the region, saying it had ushered in a period of steady economic growth while consolidating its transformation from dictatorships to democracy.

And in one light departure from her weighty policy talk, she suggested that she wanted the United States to emulate at least one Latin American lesson: its record of electing female presidents.

“I must say,” Mrs. Clinton said with a smile, “I’m far enough away from my own career in electoral politics that I will not take too much heat for suggesting that these women and societies can teach American voters a thing or two.”

Of course, it’s not just South America who has had women in leadership, a vast variety of countries throughout the world have had women elected or appointed as heads of state, leaving the United State woefully behind.

But despite the talk, don’t count Clinton as a possible contender — she’s already said she’s out.


photo from White House Photostream


Joe R.
Joe R5 years ago

Hilary - yes. Bachmann or Palin - hell no!

Erika L.
Erika L6 years ago

We need more progressive women in the forefront becoming better known and building name recognition. I like Hillary Clinton, but there are not many who could achieve that level of recognition without being first lady. The Democratic party should be looking around for good candidates and giving them an opportunity to become nationally known.

Sara A.
Renee A6 years ago

yes & Hilary would be my first thought when it came to this

Michele G.
Past Member 6 years ago

It's not a question of gender, it's whether the person can do a good job :)

Dagmar Bajinski
Dagmar B6 years ago

More than overdue!

Melanie M.
Melanie M6 years ago

As long as it's a good woman. Not Michelle Bachman, Sarah Palin, or any other right-wing nut job.

Charles Webb
Charles Webb6 years ago

Hillary said she doesn't want to be pres or vice pres and isn't going to serve as secretary of state another term. She's out of here, thank goodness. However, I never thought I'd say this, but we would have been better off with her than Barack.

Petra Luna
Petra Luna6 years ago

Women tend to be more fair as leaders, and won't use war as an excuse for anything, only as a very last resort.

Tom P.
Tom Parsons6 years ago

Why are we still looking at candidates' plumbing? We need Competence, ETHICS, & Intelligence.

Joy Mcronald
Joy M6 years ago

what will be will be.. Margaret did a wonderful job for England..