Colin Firth Pleads for Uncontacted Tribe’s Survival (Video)

Oscar-winning film star Colin Firth has launched a campaign to save ‘Earth’s most threatened tribe’ – the Awá of the Brazilian Amazon.

The Awá are a small tribe whose territory has been invaded by a vast army of illegal loggers, ranchers and settlers. The situation is now so critical that several Brazilian experts have spoken of a ‘genocide’ and ‘extinction.’

There are around 360 contacted Awá. Many are the survivors of brutal massacres. It is believed that 20-25% more are hiding in the rapidly-shrinking forest, desperately seeking a refuge from the constant destruction.

The campaign aims to persuade Brazil’s Justice Minister to send in federal police to clear out the loggers, ranchers and settlers, and keep them out.

Firth says:

“The Awá’s forest is being illegally cut for timber. When the loggers see them, they kill them. Their bows and arrows are no match for guns. And at any other time in history, that’s where it would end. Another people wiped off the face of the earth, forever. But we’re going to make sure the world doesn’t let that happen…”

Last year I reported on how a Brazilian NGO had alleged that Amazonian loggers had ‘burned alive’ a child from uncontacted members of the Awá.

Watch an amazing short film, featuring an appeal by Colin Firth and music by Grammy-winning composer Heitor Pereira. It features unique footage of the Awá, who rarely allow outsiders in to their communities, showing their extraordinarily close relationship to their pets, the moonlit ritual in which the Awá talk to their ancestors’ spirits and the devastating destruction caused by loggers and ranchers, who set whole hillsides alight.

Find out more about the campaign which Firth is heading here.

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Photo credit: courtesy of Survival International


A Marina Fournier

This burning of a living forest is just wrong.
Burning people is too wrong--how do the loggers live with themselves?
Genocide lessens all of us--a whole culture's voice is stilled, and we will never know what we are missing.

Apparently, I signed a petition about this in January. Too bad that Care2 won't let us vote "early and often"!

Jane R.
Jane R5 years ago

This was disturbing to watch. There has to be a way to save these people!!

Yulan Lawson
Yulan Lawson5 years ago

Thanks for bringing such an important issue to our attention. Geez are we really getting that bad that we are now prepared to wipe out races for products. What are they doing with the timber? It's possible it's going to a mill to make charcoal for China.

Paul S.
Paul S5 years ago

You have to kill the people so you can get to the trees. Once you start killing the trees you get logs, which sell for MONEY, which is the corporations' god. Just ask a cathslick priest: "Miguel Piovesan, who is Italian, has been vigorously promoting the highway in his parish magazine, on the parish radio and even during mass in the local church".
Now THAT'S some good preachin' there, pardre..

Allan Booyjzsen
Allan Booyjzsen5 years ago

The destruction of rain forest anywhere in the world is bad enough, and who really knows what devastation this may cause to our planet. Most rainforests are destroyed not by natural causes, but by the ignorance and greed of men who are raping the forests of the world for the wood, to plant palm oil or from the results of their mining activities. In all these cases the bulk of the materials obtained, are destined for richer countries and do little to promote growth of the citizens of the country of origin - in this case it is PERU.

What makes matter worse in the scenario of Peru, is the blatant killing off of the Nahua - a small tribe whose territory has been invaded by oil and gas companies whose exploration in Peru has resulted in violent and disastrous contact with isolated Indians. The situation is now so critical that several Brazilian experts have spoken of a ‘genocide’ and ‘extinction.’

Read more:

Peru’s government is ignoring new UN guidelines on the protection of un-contacted Indians in the Amazon. The Peruvian government continues to approve oil and gas projects despite previous exploration leading to the death of half the Nahua tribe.

Instead of backing the UN.’s landmark report, which supports the tribes’ right to be left alone, Peru is allowing the country’s largest gas project to expand further into indigenous

Elaine A.
Elaine Al Meqdad5 years ago

I hope Colin Firths voice gets the attention that is needed to protect this tribe of peoples!

Sheree Silverman
Sheree Silverman5 years ago

These people are living the right way. Someone please help them before all is lost.

Diarmuid Hanley
Diarmuid Hanley5 years ago

Of course money helps alot and signing petitions also, but it needs real people out there on the ground. Everytime, there is some kind of recognition of the problems and some solution,it all goes to pot as there are always people taking bribes and others turning a blind eye. This is the biggest problem. Illegal logging, it's the same all over Africa, India, Thailand, Indonesia. Because there is always a market for it and not enough education about the truth. And, there are millions of people who don't ever think about anything, except their latest Gucci bag or the latest Merc on the driveway. It's not going to change until people realise, and care what we are doing to eachother and the planet. And it will be to late, maybe it is already. The trouble with humans is, we don't realise what we have until it's too late!

I cannot sign the petition for some reason!

Diarmuid Hanley
Diarmuid Hanley5 years ago

This is so sad but only so believable in this day and age! It's happening exponentially for hundreds of years and now WE have to save the rain forests and these ancient peoples. It is wonderful what Colin is doing and many, many other people nut it seems that we all need to do more. Need more people on the ground putting their lives to this work. It also needs so much money and most of all, education and the support of the governments. They don't give a damn and never have. Brazil has a terrible track record and has destroyed so much. It is now one of the wealthiest countries and all on the back of the forests, it's animals and it ancient people. People who really care and know, should get off their arses and do some real work to save these forests. Not sitting at a PC and sending money and signing petitions. I'm going to Colombia soon and I will go to Brazil also and see how I can help in any way I can. It breaks any good persons heart. It makes me ashamed to be human.

David Nuttle
Past Member 5 years ago

In many nations, tribal peoples have been killed (over a period of many years) in the name of progress or because those with the power wanted lands held by the tribes. Attacks on Hmong, Montagnard, Tai Dam, and other tribal peoples in communist Vietnam & Laos are again under attack by their own governments. In Brazil, government simply allows the illegal loggers, ranchers, and settlers to exterminate tribal populations. This act is not much different than the government killing them directly.