Colorado Republicans Form Group to Support Civil Unions


A number of Republicans from Colorado have banded together to form Coloradoans for Freedom, a group to advocate for civil unions in the state.

A spokesman for the group, self-avowed “hard-core partisan Republican” attorney Mario Nicolais, spoke to the Denver Post about why the group’s members believe that supporting civil unions is in fact in line with Republican ideas about small government and individual liberty.

“The point is not to create conflict within the Republican Party,” Nicolais told the Denver Post. “It’s to provide resources to people interested in the conservative argument for civil unions.”

The group is holding a “cocktail reception” on Thursday of this week. The key note speaker for the event will be former state Rep. Rob Witwer. He told the Denver Post his reasons for supporting civil unions, saying:

“In my mind, there’s nothing inconsistent with being a Republican and supporting the rights of gay people to live as they choose. I would like gay people who believe in limited government and fiscal responsibility to know they still have a home in the Republican Party.”

Last year Colorado legislators in the Senate passed a bill that would have legalized civil unions, voting 23-12 with the support of 3 GOP senators. However, while Republican support seemed to be possible in the House,  the legislation died in House committee with all Democrats voting in favor and all Republicans voting to kill the bill.

During the Senate debate on the previous civil unions bill, Republican Jean White gave a powerful speech about why she supports civil union legislation, saying that civil unions are about “love, respect and commitment,” something she has witnessed firsthand because she has gay relatives.

A new civil union bill is expected to be introduced when lawmakers reconvene for the new legislative session next week.

Read the full Denver Post article here.

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SeattleAnn S.
Ann S6 years ago

The Repugs are changing their story to win over votes. They do not believe in this at all and have a long, strong history of fighting against LGBT rights. Total and phony change in story because they know that the populace is increasingly in support of LGBT rights.

Ann W.
Ann W6 years ago

Once again, desire for unity and cohesion wins over splinter politics. Pity full marriage rights aren't an option, but then there'd have to be pre-marriage tests for both hetero and gay communities. Neither would come out smelling like roses!

Annmari Lundin
Annmari Lundin6 years ago

The Scandinavian countries started out with something called Registered Partnership. It was a sort of Civil Unions but not as far stretching. Now there are full marriage equality in these countries. I'm not saying people should settle with Civil Unions, but if there's no way there will be a majority for full marriage equality, maybe this could be a step in the right direction? It's a process and by introducing Civil Unions the public will see there's no threat and become more positive towards equal marriage rights. Just a thought...

Leah S.
Leah S6 years ago

Surprisingly there are actually gays who call themselves republicans. Civil unions are better than nothing, but not equal. Where is the equality for all deal?

joe lee C.
Joseph L c6 years ago

"...Republican ideas about small government and individual liberty...." !!!!!!!!

Lies, more lies and bigger lies.
Was W Bush's government 'small'?
What individual liberty?----attacks on gays plus taking away women's choices.

Tom Pearce
Tom Pearce6 years ago

Each state creating different laws is insane! This needs to be a federal issue and the states need to abide by whatever decision is made by the federal government! These state by state laws just cause more road bumps ahead!

Wayne M.
Wayne M6 years ago

Allowing Civil Unions may be a step forward, but they are not equal to marriage. Since there is no reason to ban civil marriage equality for same sex couples or to ban churches and religious groups from recognizing and officiating at same-sex marriages if they so choose, simplify the law and recognize only one type of legal relationship – full civil marriage with equal marriage rights and privileges for any two people who freely choose to marry.

Wendy Johnson

"...there’s nothing inconsistent with being a Republican and supporting the rights of gay people to live as they choose..."

How anyone can be that naive, after looking around at what all the Republicans are saying these days, is beyond me.

Bob P.