Colorado Senate Committee Advances Civil Unions Bill

In a bipartisan vote on Monday the Colorado Senate Judiciary Committee voted 6–3 to advance a civil unions bill designed to give same-sex couples many of the same state-sanctioned rights as marriage.

Introduced by openly gay Senator Pat Steadman (D-Denver), SB-175 gives same-sex couples many important rights such as survivorship and inheritance rights as well as end-of-life decision making rights. It also clarifies step-parent adoption rights as they relate to this legislation and introduces a legal framework for the dissolution of civil unions.

Testimony on the bill saw one Republican lawmaker condemn the legislation as being a “carbon copy” of marriage.

The sate adopted a constitutional amendment in 2006, Amendment 43, codifying an existing statutory ban on same-sex marriages by explicitly defining marriage as a heterosexual union between one man and one woman. Lawmakers opposed to the civil unions bill are arguing that, while the amendment did not explicitly ban civil unions, they are sufficiently similar to marriage that they violate the spirit of the ban.

The legislation also faced criticism from stringent anti-gay voices who said that the bill would lead to unwanted sexual topics in schools.

Advocates of the bill seem cautiously optimistic however, and cite that this is a necessary step to remedying inequality in the state while still acting within the bounds of the constitutional ban on full marriage equality.

From The Advocate:

All five committee Democrats were joined by Republican senator Ellen Collins of southwestern Colorado in their support of the bill. In her closing statements, Collins commended the familial protections included in the bill and cited her experience working in family services, where she said she saw no difference in the love and commitment shown by gay and lesbian parents than that shown by heterosexual parents.

Senator Steadman said of Monday’s vote in favor of civil unions: “I’m elated. This is a very significant event for me personally, and for my constituents, and for the advancement of our laws in Colorado, to make sure that they work equally for everyone.”

Supportive testimony for the state senate bill drew 27 witnesses representing a varied collection of citizens from across the state, including activists, business organizations, and religious clergy representatives.

Testimony in opposition to the bill saw 19 witnesses, including Rosina Kovar, whose testimony was the most provocative of the hearing. In addition to quoting Joseph Stalin, comparing “homosexual fornication and sodomy” to Big Tobacco, and describing the physical composition of the anus, Kovar claimed that this bill would lead to mandated sex education in elementary schools. “If you introduce sexual education to kids [between the ages of 5 and 12], they won’t learn compassion,” she said.

Republican senators Bill Lundberg, Steve King, and Mark Scheffel voted against the bill. Of those voting no, Lundberg, the ranking Republican committee member, was the only legislator to speak. His commentary focused on the similarities between civil unions and marriage, arguing that SB-172 essentially creates a “carbon copy” of marriage.

“Make no mistake,” Lundberg said in his closing comments, “this bill will change the institution of marriage for Colorado.”

Interestingly, among opponents of the bill were a gay couple arguing that the legislation would lead the wider public to think that civil unions offered all the rights and status equal to marriage, which, they pointed out, civil unions do not, whereby they labeled the move as “crumbs, not the cake.” You can read more about that at The Advocate.

The bill will now be scheduled to go before the full Senate where it will likely face further revision.

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James R. Stewart Jr.

I agree with "Civil Unions." BUT: I Definitely SUPPORT DOMA !!!

David P.
David P6 years ago

Sorry--I'm at an age when this isn't enough. I remember Stonewall, and I also remember that "Separate is not Equal."

A few years ago, I would have applauded Civil Unions--but no longer--nothing less than *full* equality will do. I've been with my partner for almost 30 years now. We would like to be something other than a second-class citizens *before* we die.

And don't give me that "baby steps" stuff or "patience" malarky--I also remember Martin Luther King Jr. saying "'Wait' almost always means 'never.'"

This *is* just crumbs--and stale crumbs at that. The time for full equality under the Constitution is NOW! Actually, it was yesterday, but I'll settle for now.

And to those who would bash me upside the head with their Bibles, I'll make you a promise: You keep your religious beliefs out of the law, and I'll do everything I can to keep government out of your church. If you don't, I'll work as hard as I can to see that all churches are taxed. Deal?

Scott S.
Scott S6 years ago

No surprise that those against would quote Stalin. They act just like him.

Wayne M.
Wayne M6 years ago

I find it interesting that an opponent of LGBT equality would choose to quote Stalin of all people. Bizarre!

Sharon A.
Sharon A6 years ago

Another step in the journey towards the goal of complete equality and the removal of any and all bigotry.

Well Done Colorado.!!!!!!!!!!!

A Marina Fournier

Re civil unions vs marriage:
think that civil unions offered all the rights and status equal to marriage, which, they pointed out, civil unions do not, whereby they labeled the move as "crumbs, not the cake."

"Many of" and "all of" are not equal to each other nor can they ever be.

Mike S.
Mike S6 years ago

The republican argument can be summed up as: HATE HATE HATE FEAR FEAR FEAR

Kenny West
Kenny Wes6 years ago

Rarely do Republicans impress me,

Lynne B.
Lynne Buckley6 years ago

Well done, Colorado!

K s Goh
KS Goh6 years ago

Thanks for the article.