Commentator Keith Boykin — LGBT History Month Day 6


Today’s LGBT History Month icon is political commentator and New York Times best-selling author Keith Boykin.

Born August 28, 1965, Boykin is the editor of The Daily Voice and has appeared on CNN, MSNBC and BET.

Biography via the Equality Forum:

Born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, Boykin became politically focused working on local campaigns while in high school. At Dartmouth he was the editor of the daily newspaper and graduated with a B.A. in government.

After college, Boykin worked on the Dukakis presidential campaign. Thereafter, he attended Harvard Law School and continued working on campaigns, including the 1992 presidential campaign of Bill Clinton. Boykin worked as special assistant to the president and served as President Clinton’s liaison to the LGBT community.

In 1994, Boykin became the executive director of the National Black Lesbian and Gay Leadership Forum and completed his first book, “One More River to Cross: Black and Gay in America.” In 1997, he served with Coretta Scott King and the Rev. Jesse Jackson on the U.S. presidential trade delegation to Zimbabwe.

Boykin wrote two other books, “Respecting the Soul” (1999) and “Beyond the Down Low: Sex, Lies and Denial in Black America” (2005). His work shed light on AIDS, internalized homophobia and black men on the “down low.”

Boykin is a commentator on major political talk shows. In 2004, he starred on Showtime’s “American Candidate” and hosted BET’s “My Two Cents.”

Keith Boykin is working on a fourth book, “For Colored Boys Who Have Considered Suicide When The Rainbow Is Still Not Enough.”

He currently lives in New York City.

Below you can see an interview with Boykin in which he discusses his show “My Two Cents” and his literary work:


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K s Goh
KS Goh6 years ago

Thanks for the article.

Jane H.
Jane H6 years ago

What a wonderful man Mr. Boykin is.

Allan Yorkowitz
.6 years ago

Steve R: You are a scary little man, and should go away. This is the whole point. LGBT achievers are for the most point people you never heard of who need to serve as role models for the generation coming up.That you got right. It's those who will come forward and tell their story. Do you understand?

Christopher C.
Chris C6 years ago

Thanks Margaret C for your comments...I sent a "Green Star" your way! Sorry to say in the beginning I lost it for a moment there with Steve R...I just can't believe anyone can be that densely bigoted! He wants everything to go back to the day where gays, blacks, anyone who is not the "normal white dude" just stayed hidden from society, didn't have any rights at all, and could be beat-up, attacked, or even murdered in the name of religion...and you could get away with it! I bet he'd even like women to go back to the days of no voting...staying home barefoot and pregnant!

He's just jealous because "HE" doesn't get any recognition for anything he might have done. But more than likely, he hasn't contributed anything positive to society and/or mankind.

Margaret C.
Margaret C6 years ago

Thank you Wayne M. and Christopher C. for your passionate and intelligent comments.

And Steve R., what is your problem and what planet do you live on?!! White consciousness month? Really? How about white consciousness lifetime?!!! That's what it is to the people of color in this world and every day they get reminded of it. I'm sorry no one acknowledges you every day for being white and "straight," you should be glad, because people of color and who are gay get acknowledged every day for not being white or "straight!" And usually, not in a good way (try picking up a newspaper and checking it out)! And just so you know, history taught in schools, in this country, is all about white consciousness! Happy now?!

Oh, and by the way, men who tend to have problems with people of a different sexual orientation, usually have those same sexual orientations (just in the "closet"). Thanks, and have a good day :)!

Christopher C.
Chris C6 years ago

Steve R, your such a bigoted, arrogant, selfish a-hole of a bastard..."your people", the bigoted white trash of society don't need "Straight History or Pride Month" or "White Consciouness Month" because you've had your rights all along! Straight, white, hetro's are considered just part of the "norm", so even though you shove your lifestyle and religion into our faces every day of the year to eternity, there are still many white/hetro's, etc throughout history who are honored every time we have a holiday in their honor. Or are you so used to having all this...taking it for granted that you forgot all this?

There are many LGBT individuals who have done great things, but unlike their hetro counterparts, would never get mentioned BECAUSE they are gay or lesbian! The young LGBT's in this world in the past had very few or no positive role models to look up to because it wasn't allowed to tell there stories. In telling their stories, they're not talking about "sex", they are talking about great people who have done great things who just happen to be gay or lesbian. But of course blind, ignorant clods as your self are too blinded by your own bigotry to see that!

Penny C.
penny C6 years ago


John Z.
John Z6 years ago

Steve R can't even see the irony of his comments. Look at his avatar--displaying the fruit of his heterosexuality on his shoulders. Ha!

Dan(iel) M.
Dan(iel) M6 years ago

Thanks for posting Steve.

@ Steve R.
Don't worry there are more then enough LGBT individuals to honor for a month's worth. If you did your homewoork you would already know that the list for the month is already out there and on the internet. And surprise , surprise the LGBT honorees for the month of October have been going on for several years now.

In closing it is not about "Special Rights" it is about "EQUAL RIGHTS".

Wayne M.
Wayne M6 years ago

It is refreshing to hear about African Americans who are from the LGBT community and strong contributors to a better society.

To Steve R.: About heterosexuals, you write: "...those folks quietly go about their business and don't feel the need to shove it in everyone else's face or have their "rights" legislated."

GET REAL!!! Go into any workplace and you will see heterosexuals displaying the pictures of their spouses and close opposite-sex partners and hear them talking about their weekends activities with spouses, families and girl/boyfriends. Frequently, you will hear someone talk about his/her sexual activities with members of the opposite sex. When they marry, there is a big show, including a parade (their pride parade) on the street. Listen to any number of so-called "pro-family" advocates and you will hear their version of family history and family consciousness. This group also wants government to limit who a person may marry, how a person may have a family and what choices on family are available. So who is shoving their sexual orientation in people's faces?

LGBT people want the same rights already enjoyed by heterosexuals – to live our lives openly and honestly without having to hide the truth of who we are. Get used to it!