Compromise Reached on Song that Was “Too Jesusy” For School Talent Show

A fight between where the line should be drawn between religion and schools has ended in compromise, after a student was not allowed to sing a song in a school talent show due to it saying “Jesus” too many times. 

Via NBC News:

A Chatsworth fifth-grader who was told he couldn’t perform a song at his school’s talent show because it had too many references to Jesus has reached a compromise with school officials.

Superior Elementary School officials originally denied the young man his performance of the Christian rock hit, “We Shine,” on the grounds of too much “Jesus.” The student was specifically asked to “pick a song that does not say ‘Jesus’ so many times.”

On Wednesday afternoon, Los Angeles Unified School District Superintendent Ramon Cortines released this statement:

The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) is very pleased that all parties, the District, the PTA, and the legal representatives for the student were able to resolve the situation and come to an agreement so that the PTA program at Superior Elementary School can continue as planned on Friday with full participation by this student.

According to original reports, the principal told the boy that his song could cause a potential violation between church and state.

According to the lawsuit, the fifth-grader auditioned for a panel of PTA volunteers on Jan. 14. His parents were informed a few days later that he would not be allowed to perform in the show because of the song’s religious message and content.

The documents claim that Superior Elementary Principal Jerilyn Schubert said the dance routine was “offensive” and would violate the separation of church and state.

So exactly how much “Jesus” is too much “Jesus?”  Watching a video of a dance routine to the song, Jesus is mentioned nine times, and God is sung eight times, all in about three and a half minutes.

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Angela S.
Angela S6 years ago

Eric H:

I couldn't agree more!
[thumbs up]

Barbara Erdman
Barbara Erdman6 years ago

noted :-0

Carolyn Mah
Carolyn M6 years ago

Amber M. and friends.. I have to ask.. if a child had chosen to sing "Give thanks to Allah" by Zain Bhikha (or another of his faith based songs) at a school talent show, would y'all have publicly defended that child's (and by extension the parents') choice of music?

(I'm not Muslim, but it is a pretty song nonetheless)

Michael Hester
Michael Hester6 years ago

In the case of a talent show, I think that the kid should be able to sing any song they want, so long as it abides by the language principles of the student handbook. Edit out cussing and try not to do songs about beating hoes and killing people, and it's generally pretty good. My school once ruled against letting a girl do a rendition of Shakira's Whenever Wherever or whatever it's called because it was too racy for them. The PTA overrulled the school board's ruling on it and allowed the girl to do the song, with the video projected on the screen behind her. In the same talent show another girl sang Amazing Grace, two different groups of kids, third graders and first graders did versions of What if God was One of Us, and another kid did Metallica's One. I don't think any of those are beyond acceptable for a school sanctioned talent show.

Martha Eberle
Martha Eberle6 years ago

This is a tricky one. I firmly believe in separation of church and state. But this is a talent show, and why can't the jesus kid sing what he believes in? It's a tricky concept. Can anyone help me out with the definition of civil rights?

Eric H.
Eric H6 years ago

if only the words to the song were true, and those singing these words and thinking these thoughts to jesus were the ones putting themselves out on the line to shine in love. its the hypcoracy that gets me most. and i cant speak to everyone, as there are many people doing good, but nowadays evangelical christians and jesus folk are one of the largest classes supporting separation between themselves and anyone and anything else. be it the natural world mother earth, the plant people, the jews or starpeople, the muslims or fungus people, the hindus or buddhists or pagans or animal people or bacteria or unseen energies. thats just my perception. and that what we really need is to be brought together with any excuse for love, not isolating one group as those who deserve love and everyone else as lost, as the rhetoric goes. now let us all speak the words of love, and feel the healing embrace of our neighbors.

Natalie S.
Natalie S6 years ago

Agree completely with Amber M. Any other religious song would be OK for them. Just another proof of cowardy hatred to Christianity.

Edith B.
Edith B6 years ago

I think the child should have been allowed to sing the song he chose. We have kids in kindergarten who can recite numerous rap songs with vulgar lyrics. Would they have been allowed?

Amber M.
Amber Beasley6 years ago

P.S that's a really good song!

Amber M.
Amber Beasley6 years ago

that's ridiculous. and the most ridiculous thing is that I'm SURE they would have let a kid sing a disgusting rap song or Lady Gaga song and dance like a slut but noooooo can't sing a song with Jesus in it.

btw, if it had been a Jewish song or a song from another "religion", then it would have been fine. people need to stop attacking Christianity for no reason. especially when it's a kid they're attacking.