Concerned Women For America Dabbles In TV Ads [VIDEO]


Usually, you only hear about Concerned Women for America when they are fighting for “traditional family” on conservative talk shows and radio stations.  But the group is taking a new approach to public policy, stepping into the debt ceiling debate with their first ad ever.

Meant to target women, the “parody” ad states the groups fiscal position that rescinding Bush era tax cuts for millionaires would “saddle” our children with debt and force us to borrow more from China.  Or something.  After all, it’s a parody.

Watch the ad below:

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Photo: Youtube screen grab


Jacklyn W.
.3 years ago

And the beat goes on - no smile

SeattleAnn S.
Ann S6 years ago

With the level of logic and understanding of economics displayed by this ad, are we surprised that the women in the Republican party are represented by morons like Palin and Bachmann?

Barbara Brown
Barbara Brown6 years ago

Our children, grandchildren and great granchilden will be the ones paying for everything we so took advantage of, our throw away garbage, plastics, paper, elderly...This is a bleak world we live in. Just look where we are today and we caused it all from greed and instant self gratification!!!

Danny Wilson
Danny Wilson6 years ago

The stupid bush tax cuts for the rich. And where are the jobs 10 years after? Raise taxes on the rich to pre-bush levels and problem solved. Oh and throw in a deficit tax on the rich and bye bye deficit!

David J.
David J6 years ago

I would think liberals and socialists would oppose deficit spending more than conservatives. The money that is now pissed away on interest could be going to what liberals view as worthy social causes. To add insult to injury, said pissed away money is going to the rich "banksters" you hate so much. "Taxing the rich" is not going to solve the problem. If we cut spending now (and I certainly would include "defense"- useless and destructive wars that both parties seem to love so much) we will have 33% more money to spend in ways other than enriching bankers.

Lilithe Magdalene

Paul B - yet another who thinks trickle down works. It is clear that it doesn't and those rich are keeping their cards close to their chest - not investing, not creating jobs, but laying people off, and cutting back their own spending.

The rich are not "evil" (ok, some of them are, I'm sure) - they just need some help making sure the whole nation is well off - not just them. When we are ALL taken care of, they they taken care of as well, by a happy society of willing worker bees.

So don't cut back spending that helps people survive (like me still coming out of leukemia at 41 - you want them to take the pitiful little bit of social security I get, that doesn't even cover my rent, while I heal and get back on my feet? Shame on you) . Cut back the bonuses and tax breaks that are being given to rich people who already have enough, and make sure they give a little back to all of the people who helped make them as rich as they are. Do you think they made that money all by themselves, or with the help of hundreds up to hundreds of thousands of workers? Those workers deserve to be taken care of.

It's like saying we shouldn't protect and take care of migrant farm workers - when they make sure we have food on our table!!

Paul B.
Paul B6 years ago

The message is NOT directed at ending the Bush tax cuts, but the OUT_OF_CONTROL spending that the Democrats are promoting. We must do something to curb the 35% increase in our National Debt since Obama took office, with no end in sight. He wants to spend even more, expand government regulation and size. this is NOT the direction we need to be going. All americans agree that we must return our government spending within our means. Dems want to take everything away from the evil rich who create business and job growth through redistributionj policies, while the Reps want to lower government control, allowing free market enterprises the freedom to grow business and expand jobs.

Take your pick. I thought the ad was cute but also to the point. STOP GOVERNMENT SPENDING by taking away the open checkbook. Funny how both sides take it as a slam against the other side, but the problem is still the problem regardless. We can not afford to continue to expand and grow government spending, regardless of how you plan on ending the deficit spending.

Carolina Amena
Carolina Amnell6 years ago

Janie if there`s something wrong with your computer, then mine is failing too!!!! The same happened to me. Odd isn`t it?

Janie Caldwell
Janie Caldwell6 years ago

Okay, I read the article, watched the ad, and read the article again. I thought I missed something. So, I clicked on "taking a new approach to public policy", which took me to a Washington Post opinion page. Found out that this ad is going to run in four states with vulnerable democratic incumbents. Watched the ad again; thought "No group spends more than republicans. The difference is that they don't spend on me. The rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer." Went back up to the article and clicked on the first highlighted item "Concerned Women for America". This link took me to Christian World Adoption. Is there something wrong with my computer? Is this link intentional? If so, why?