Condemned Seal Pups Released Into Wild (Photos)

Recently, Care2 members rallied to save two seal pups (Zak and Mika) who were slated to be killed at a Canadian aquarium.  The aquarium was closing, and instead of letting the seals roam free, they insisted the seals had to be euthanized. Last week, we celebrated a success when the Aquarium des Iles decided to release the pups into the wild.  Some readers have been asking for proof that the seals are safe. Well, here are some photos of the little guys being released into the ocean!


Good luck to Zak and Mika!

All photos used with permission from the Aquarium des Iles facebook page


Barbara Erdman
Barbara Erdman5 years ago

Noted and Thnx for the Good News :-0 :

Sue Matheson
Sue Matheson5 years ago

i hope they've adapted and are doing well

Parameswaran Shanmugam

freedom at last, good news

Mandy Vachon
Mandy Vachon5 years ago

Awww, I'm really happy they were's nice to know we can all make a difference with just one click on this site!! Thank you for sharing. =)

Kate A.
Kate A5 years ago

Good luck little ones.

Lois M.
Lois M5 years ago

hopefully these pups will join other seals and follow their lead in hunting and, along with their inborn instincts, learn to survive.

Elizabeth Aldam
Elizabeth Aldam5 years ago

I`m happy they were set free.

Cheriann P.
Ann P5 years ago

Great news. L♥ve ☮ Peace.

Claudia Moreno
Claudia Moreno5 years ago

Thank God they were released! escaped death penalty!

Janine F.
Janine F5 years ago

good news thanks