Congresswoman Recounts Rape, Violence to Introduce Violence Against Women Act

In a bold move, Congresswoman Gwen Moore of Wisconsin introduced the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act by sharing her personal experience as a rape and domestic violence survivor.

Congresswoman Moore begins speaking at the 48 second mark and goes into her own personal history at the 2 minute mark in the video.

The key part here rests on her thoughts pertaining to the male-dominated, Republican-led Senate Judiciary Committee voting against a bill that usually has bipartisan support.

I don’t have enough time to share all these experiences with you but I can tell you that when this bill came out of the Senate Judiciary Committee with all the Republican Senators, all of the guys voting no, it brought up some terrible memories for me of having boys sit in a locker room and sort of bet that I, the egghead, couldn’t be ‘had.’ And then the appointed boy, when he saw that I wasn’t going to be so willing, completed a date rape and then took my underwear to display it to the rest of the boys. This is what American women are facing.

Republicans want to make it tougher for law enforcement to protect women from violence. If they felt otherwise, they would support a bill that has helped drop the rate of domestic violence by 50 percent since its inception in 1994.

“Domestic violence is a cancer that pervades our communities and our homes,” said Rep. Moore. “As a survivor of domestic violence I feel it is my personal responsibility to reach back and help those who have been victimized.”

According to the Rape, Abuse, & Incest Nation Network, a person is sexually assaulted every two minutes. More than half are not reported and roughly 97 percent of rapists will never spend a day in jail.

With those stats, how can the Republican Party deny strengthening the ability of law enforcement to do their job?


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Duane B.
.5 years ago

Thank you for sharing.

Joshua K.
Joshua K6 years ago

Well Morgan. The fact is that the Rethuglucans voted against the violence against women act and the Democrats supported it. The Rethuglicans are supposedly "good god fearing Christians." So you tell mr again how it's not a political or a religious issue.

Morgan Forrester
Past Member 6 years ago

No matter what you believe.......violence & rape are isn't just an atheist,christian or spiritual therefor,it's not as easy as voting in "the right" president etc.--well,if you believe everything an elected official says,then I guess it seems that way.......but what a constant disappointment that is!

William Y.
William Y6 years ago

@ Sandy E. Obama is not a Muslim. Electing any ot eh repub candidates would be worse for women, the elderly, LGBT, workers, veterans and the disabled. The repubs are puppets of the 1% and care nothing for the rest of the people of this country. Muslims may be against women's rights but so are the right-wing Christians, all right-wingers are from the Dark Ages mentality.

Anne Cole
.6 years ago

Joshua, I agree there are too many people telling lies about an innocent cloth. But aside from that, you used too many big words for Sandy, she will not understand your post. And I'm with you on the atheist president - wouldn't it be nice?

Joshua K.
Joshua K6 years ago

Well I don't know about Muslin. I though women liked cloth. If you're saying the President is a Muslim then you've joined the ranks of the right wing ignorant who have no problems with violence committed against women. They support it in fact. The only viable alternative to the President is a Rethuglican whose party hates women even assuming the nominee doesn't. Besides a President's religious beliefs are irrelevant to to me. I'd rather have a President who is a avowed atheist. I'd feel a lot more comfortable that they would respect the First Amendment. But as long as they adhere to strict separation of church and state then I don't care if they have personal religious beliefs or not.

Jez wildmoon
jayne Turner6 years ago

Sandy E. I hate to rain on your parade, but re-electing Obama is the only chance women have of being protected in law. The right wingers just want women stripped of their rights and want to deny them any power at all. And they are not even Muslim - if you believe Obama is, and I don't.

Sandy Erickson
Sandy Erickson6 years ago

Make it worth their while to pass it. Come up with others strong enough to run against them and DO NOT RE-ELECT OBAMA! Muslin are NOT all about the rights of women.

Joshua K.
Joshua K6 years ago

How can Rethuglican legislators vote against a bill that helps police officers investigate violence against women? It's easy for them. They support rape and violence against women. They want to be able to get away with it and have their sons get away with it if the opportunity should present itself.

Jane Barton
Jane Barton6 years ago

Legalize prostitution everywhere. It will drastically bring down rape. Men need to drop a load regularly or they will get sick. It's natural. Give them a legal outlet.